6 Best Online Associates Degrees to Earn at Home

In a time where things are uncertain, you may also be determining if you want a career change. While it is hard to start a new career now, it is the best time to jump start your efforts to earn that online degree you’ve always wanted to obtain. Associate’s degrees are normally programs that can be completed in 2 years and set you up for starting a new career depending on the profession. Find out more about the best online associates degrees to earn right now and what type of salary you can expect from each.

1. Associate's in Business Administration

It’s no surprise that an associate’s degree in Business Administration is one of the highly sought after online degrees currently. An Associate’s Business Administration degree helps you become familiar with the foundations of business which includes specifics like economics, finance, account, business plans, project planning, inventory, management and so much more. Business Administration involves a wide array of professions you can enter into with a degree in it, but you will be set up with the proper business foundations to be successful. It is also a good stepping stone towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Most students with an associate’s degree in Business Administration can expect to earn a salary of $34,000 to $49,000. This is all dependent on what type of career the degree is utilized in.

2. Associate's in Paralegal Studies

A career in law can be a commitment in terms of the amount of years of schooling required. This can be up to 4 years or more than one would need to be in school to complete a law degree. An associate’s degree in Legal Studies opens you up to a career in law. It also allows you to get your feet wet before deciding if you want to commit fully to a career in law. An associate’s degree in legal studies gives students valuable skills in legal research, contracts, torts, criminal law, legal research and more. With an associate’s degree in legal studies, most can expect to find a position at a private law firm. Some of these career positions include being a legal assistant or paralegal. According to data research, most with an associate’s degree in legal studies that are currently working as a paralegal or legal assistant can expect to make anywhere between $32,000 and $51,000 depending on the law firm. This career field is expected to continually grow over the years.

3. Associate's in Computer Information Technology

If you’re one that is interested in working in the different facets of technology, an associate’s in Computer Information Technology might be your best choice. An associate’s degree in computer information systems will open up plenty of career opportunities. Computer information systems is a rapidly growing field to work in. The estimated time it takes to complete a degree like this is normally around 20 months to a year. You will find yourself studying subjects such as system analysis, Java programming, and even C++ programming. Some who have earned an associate’s degree in computer information technology had a salary starting as high as $65,000 in the first year. Make sure to check out more career fields that you can enter with an associate’s in computer information technology.

4. Associate's in Nursing

With the current global situation, nurses are need more than ever. Most associate’s nursing degrees can be completed in 18 to 24 months. An associate’s in nursing could land you in the medical field working with different types of medicine including pediatrics to intensive care to even emergency care. If you are already a licensed vocation nurse, then it will not take you as long to complete a degree like this. If you earn an associate’s degree in nursing, you could even complete the program in as little as 12 months. The average salary of a nurse with an associate’s degree is around $48,000 a year. Find out more about what job prospects you could have if you earn an associate’s degree online.

5. Associate's in Web Programming

Do you enjoy studying the technical application of the web? In only 18 months, you can earn an associate’s degree in web programming all online. This degree in web development will open you up to learning concepts such as HTML5, Javascript, SQL databases, CSS, and Virtual Basic. Most online web programming degree programs take anywhere from 18 to 21 months to complete. Many students who earn an associate’ degree in web programming can expect to earn a salary of at least $60,000. It is a rewarding career that pays off very well with time.

6. Associate's in Early Childhood Education

If you love working with kids, an associate’s degree in early childhood education might be the best fit for you. By earning this degree, you open yourself up to career opportunities like becoming a preschool teacher, a childcare/daycare worker, or even working in education administration. This is also a stepping stool for advancing your education. After earning this associate’s, you can then go onto earning a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education which would open up more possibilities. This degree can be completed in 18 months and offers schooling in different subjects such as childhood education, teacher preparation, child development, classroom management and much more.