7 Tips for Having the Best Home Landscape

One of the best things that you can do for your home is improve its landscape. Not only will a gorgeous landscape enhance your home's curb appeal and attractiveness to others, but it'll also be a tremendous source of beauty for you as you look out upon it from inside and as you come home after a long day. These tips will help you create the best home landscape possible.

Plan Ahead as Much as Possible

As with any creative project, it's important to plan before you start taking concrete steps. The landscaping process is simpler when you first draw out a design and make a list of the items that you're expecting to need to complete it. Although no plan is ever completed exactly as originally intended, and you should be flexible as the landscaping process proceeds, having as detailed a plan as possible beforehand will cause the following steps to go much smoother.

Consider the Sun and Clouds

Take into consideration which areas are sunnier and which experience a greater amount of shade. In many cases, your front yard and your backyard will receive considerably different amounts of sun, particularly if one faces the north and the other faces the south. Account for that as you decide which types of plants to use where. Some need the sun to thrive while others will grow just as well in the shade. You also want to account for rain and other water-related differences. Are there areas that are flooding risks? Be wary of those.

Also consider where you want to have a patio or other place for people to gather on summer evenings. The west side would be good for watching sunsets, but it might be so hot there at those times that the greater comfort of cooler temperatures on the east side might make it a better spot.

Another climate-related aspect that you should analyze are your year-round temperatures. You're likely going to want to go about this process differently if you live in a climate with hot summers and cold winters versus one that is more temperate year-round. Most will want to use plants that fit the climate. If you live through frigid winters every year, use shrubbery, plants and trees that can withstand that unless you don't mind your landscaping not looking as impressive in the winter due to snow cover or otherwise.

Use Water-Based Features

As long as you avoid any flood-prone areas, you're encouraged to install water-based features. They're generally not difficult to install and can make your yard stand out. And the benefits are not just visual as many are soothed by the sound of flowing water, which reduces outside noise pollution as well.

Differences Between Your Front Yard and Your Backyard

As you go through the design process, ensure that what you have in mind for your front yard and your backyard works best for those areas. You want the front of your property to show it off, to have curb appeal and to provide an enviable arrival experience for guests and yourself. Conversely, your backyard should be focused more on relaxing, entertainment and engaging in fun activities.

Focus on the Passageway to Your Front Door

Although curb appeal provides much of the focus for many homeowners looking to improve their landscaping, an often overlooked element is just as important: the walk to your front door. You want that to be a pleasant experience for yourself and for those you invite into your home. Take a look at your landscaping plans through the eyes of someone making that walk. Also ensure that it's functional as well as beautiful, that there's no chance of first-time visitors getting lost on the way.

Your Home is an Important Element

Don't discount the impact that your home itself has on your landscaping. It serves as the backdrop for those viewing from afar. Do you want your home to be painted blue to provide a sense of calmness? If so, consider using pink, purple and white flowers as well. Is red more your style? In that case, orange, yellow and red flowers will better accentuate it.

What Can You Get for $100?

You can have quite an impact on your landscaping for a reasonable price. For example, $100 can get you a couple of large plants to beautify the passageway to your entrance. You can get a birdbath for within that price range as well. Buying seeds and planting things is another affordable option. You could also trim your trees, plants and brushes, and rake and pull weeds for minimal cost.