Associates Degree

I can assure you if you don’t have any form of higher education an Associates Degree is what you want to earn. Your knowledge, confidence, maturity, social skills, time-management, self-worth, and, your financial net worth will all increase. It’s also relatively affordable. Ok, so let’s start at the beginning. What is an Associates Degree? Simply put, it’s a two degree. To be more technical an Associates Degree is a two-year post-secondary degree. It’s two years of a bachelor’s degree. Now, you’re going to ask many questions, and that is good. Typically, most questions are: What do you do? Where you do start? Other questions you may have are practical such as Where is the school physically located. What is the address? How much is the cost, cash and time? You’re somewhat confused and unsure about where to begin. We all were.

            First things first, find a school of higher education that offers a program of study or trade you like and want to learn. Now there are many choices available. There are online schools, community colleges, and some four-year colleges and universities offer two-year degrees. Any choice is a great choice, you need to make one. After you decide on a school, you’ll have to apply. As part of the application to the school, you must state whether you’re a resident or not, this factors into your tuition. You most likely are, anyway. Some online schools may waive this and not factor it into your tuition, check and see. After you’re accepted, you’ll have to pick a major. Each school should have its listing of majors. Then comes financial aid. Each school will have its requirements and process for this. Check and see if you qualify, it’s well worth it.

            Now, you’ll want to schedule your classes. This can be tricky for the person pursuing their first degree. Are you a morning person or a night person? Pick your schedule accordingly. Can you find the best instructors? Are they available on your schedule? These are some of the questions you want to answer. Many classes can be done online, so check if that option is available. Attend every class and you should always remember: YOU ARE PAYING FOR THEM. It’s your money you’re spending to earn YOUR Degree. Do not waste your money by neglecting the education you will receive. Do the work!

This is all simply wrote and informal, but the value of the knowledge you receive while pursuing a degree is deeper than the income you can earn. You’ll learn more than the skills and knowledge taught during classes and lectures. Although you will increase your earning power significantly, you will also increase your self-pride. You’ll walk different knowing you have set your mind to a task and accomplished it. It’s money well spent. An investment in you! All you must do is start. Pick a school. Pick a major. Schedule classes. Complete every assignment, project, task, and paper. Do your best. Go get started!

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