Online Degree Programs for Seniors

As you get older, it can feel like your best years are behind you. That is not the case as you still have lots of live to live and skills to learn. One thing a senior will never stop doing is learning. No matter what your plan may be for after retirement, there is always room to grow, learn and even obtain a new degree online!

Once you have decided to go back to school in your older years, it is best to find an online degree program that works best for you and your learning style! Check out online degree programs available for you. Whether you’re a senior looking to pick up some extra job skills or pursue a new passion, going back to school is never too late for seniors! Make sure to decide what you want to go back to school for as that will help determine which senior online degree program to go with. Online degree programs for seniors that are most popular are finance, accounting, and even technology related fields.

Best Rated Online Degree Programs for Seniors to Consider

As we hit a new normal in our everyday life, many seniors have decided to go back to school. There are many online degree programs tailored specifically for seniors. There are plenty of programs for seniors to choose from. Check out the top 5 online degree programs that have been rated the best for seniors.

1. Southern New Hampshire University: SNHU has been rated one of the best online degree programs for seniors. With over 200 online degree programs available, it provides a wide variety of specialties to study. SNHU offers 24/7 online classroom access and is awarded with having one of the most affordable tuition rates in the nation.

2. Colorado State University: CSU is one of the most affordable online degree programs for seniors as they provide a tuition guarantee for every student. The Tuition Guarantee promises that your tuition rate will not increase over time and will instead same the same rate for the duration of completing your degree with CSU. As an extra way to be flexible for online students, monthly class start options are available.

3. Saint Leo University: Saint Leo University offers convenient and accessible online degree programs to fit the lifestyle of a busy senior’s life. There are six available class start dates throughout the year so a senior can essentially learn on their own schedule. Saint Leo has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report to be one of the best colleges for Veterans and Best Online Degree Bachelor’s Programs.

4. Ashford University: Ashford University offers affordable tuition for seniors looking to complete an online degree program. With 5-6 week classes, seniors are able to create their own class schedule throughout the year and decide which class schedule they are able to work with. Ashford offers a 24/7 library and writing center providing to seniors and other students alike. Ashford offers degree programs for Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degrees. Classes start every two weeks.

5. Grand Canyon University: Grand Canyon University offers over 200 academic online programs which makes it easier for a senior to obtain a well-rounded education. GCU has a financial aid team that will work with seniors to find financial aid that is available to those who qualify. Their financial team can help seniors create a plan that best works for them.

Benefits of Going Back to School for Seniors

As a senior that may or may not be retired, the thought of going back to school can probably be overwhelming but also exhilarating. There are many both social and health benefits for a senior to return to school Check out the top benefits below.

Active Mind: Going back to school can actually help seniors stay more sharp and keep the brain healthy. Continuing education can help prevent serious diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Companionship: It has been proven that learning environments (whether in person or virtual) can provide the opportunity for seniors to work collaboratively and form bonds with others. Online schooling can provide meaningful interaction with others for seniors.

Advancement: The job market can be difficult for a senior that may need to continue working. Going back to school can actually help a senior individual become more employable for a career change or advancement within a current job.

Reduced Tuition for Seniors: Many online degree programs actually offer a reduced tuition or some type of financial aid for seniors looking to pursue more schooling. 

Affordability of Tuition for Seniors

One of the most overwhelming factors when a senior decides to start an online degree program is money. Retirement funds can be sparse so there may not be enough to afford the tution of an online degree program. Many online degree programs offer reduced tuition rates for seniors as well as grants/scholarships available. According to AARP, there is an extensive list of states that currently offer free or cheap online course for seniors. Check out this list here.