Earn an Accredited Degree

These days, with almost unlimited worldwide internet access, there is more than one way to get an accredited degree. Some students want to get ahead of their peers into their careers and spending a lot of time in brick-and-mortar classes usually does not lead to that. There is no one way to accelerate to your degree but here, we will discuss some options for doing so.

Opportunity to Test Out of General Requirements

The average college student spends at least two years working hard at passing general education requirements such as composition, math, and introductory courses to various other subjects. You can ask your school if they provide an opportunity to test out of them completely, which is a confirmation as to whether you can move ahead. Believe it or not, some schools award credit for those who already have some work or volunteer experience, especially if it’s related to the field you’re aspiring to get into. If your school awards that, you will need to provide proof such as your resume or a letter from your employer. 

Fast-Track Programs & Self-Designed Degrees

Fast-Track programs are primarily targeted for students who would have a lot of difficulty completing their degrees in the traditional time set. These programs allow students to earn an Associates Degree in one year or less and a Bachelor’s Degree in three years or less. Some let students earn three credits in as little as eight weeks or less. Especially for older students looking to get refreshed in their careers, taking courses for personal use, to complete something unfinished, or simply to increase their marketability, it may be the best way. They usually available only at universities that have Bachelor’s programs. Formal Degrees are usually not available for that at community colleges but they usually have self-design available. These students are usually looking for something specialized or interdisciplinary. They usually know exactly what they want beyond just an accredited degree and how to plan around it.

It does come with a lot of extra perks, such as extensive counseling, laying out a personal roadmap, weekend and evening classes. It also often allows the student to go ahead and skip a semester in case something else becomes a priority.

Accelerated Online Classes

If you are comfortable taking classes online and are confident that you can go at an accelerated rate, this may be a good option for you. Most programs offer for you to complete one semesters’ worth in five, six, or eight weeks. However, the actual time it takes can vary a little depending on the number of credits you already have and how many simultaneous classes you can handle. On average, however, it takes two instead of the traditional four years.

Where Is There A Need for an Accredited Degree?

Some fields, such as computer science and social work, require a higher education and there’s no getting into those careers without a completed higher education. However, for those who would have difficulties or don’t need to take a traditional path, there are several options, listed above, available for a faster track.