Best Adjustable Beds

Whether you are looking for more comfort when you sleep, better quality of sleep, or more mobility when getting in and out of bed, an adjustable bed may be right for you. Read here to learn more about the cost and features of adjustable beds today.

An adjustable bed is made up of an electronically operated bed frame and compatible mattress that allows you to adjust the positioning of your bed in various ways. You can lift your knees or adjust the back of your bed to an upright, reclined, or flat position. Adjustable beds are a great option for general comfortability but are also very helpful if you have a medical condition, disability, or are elderly with limited mobility. Adjustable beds can be a very luxurious option, as many also come with an automatic massage feature. There are many such beds on the market, so how do you narrow down your search to find the perfect one? Use this guide to find the best night’s rest you have ever had. 

Types of Adjustable Beds to Buy 

If you are looking to buy an adjustable bed, the good news is there are many options for you that are budget-friendly. Here is a list of some of the best adjustable beds currently on the market. 

  • The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed is a budget-friendly option that is compatible with all bed frames and mattresses. This option comes with a 10 year warranty and many features to improve sleep quality. 
  • The Zoma Adjustable Bed The Zoma Adjustable Bed is budget-friendly, with many sleep enhancing features. You can save on this adjustable bed by buying the matching Zoma mattress. 
  • Ghost Bed The Ghost Bed is a U.S. made luxury adjustable bed that includes USB ports on both sides of the bed frame, and independent foot and head movement for maximum comfortability. 
  • The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ This plus option to the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed family is more expensive than the basic Amerisleep Adjustable Bed, but it comes with amazing added features. It comes with luxuries such as a wireless remote and full body massage feature. 
  • Purple Ascent Purple Ascent is a budget-friendly option, which comes with a zero-gravity luxury feature, and an anti-snoring feature to reduce noisiness during slumber. 

Benefits of Buying an Adjustable Bed 

Adjustable beds come with many benefits besides luxury. Adjustable beds increase mobility for the elderly who have trouble getting in and out of bed. With an adjustable bed, you raise or lower your head or your feet, which can relieve pressure from chronic conditions such as migraines, temporary conditions such as injury, or feet pain from a long day’s work. 

The adjustable positions offer relief to those who suffer from sleep apnea by adjusting the body’s positioning. This lessens the pressure on breathing passages. Adjustable beds can be especially beneficial to those who suffer from fibromyalgia, helping to reduce painful pressure in different parts of the body.  Adjustable beds are also known to help decrease snoring by helping to find the correct position to support breathing patterns while sleeping. The reclining position of an adjustable bed can allow somebody with nightly acid reflux to get a peaceful night’s sleep. Those with edema can also benefit from the lifted knees or feet feature of adjustable beds, which decreases pressure on the extremities relieving the fluid build-up in your feet or legs. 

Best Adjustable Beds for Seniors 

Adjustable beds can be especially helpful to help senior citizens regain mobility in their home. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the best adjustable bed options for elderly mobility. 

  • TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Base is an adjustable base made by Tempur-Pedic that offers sleep tracking and anti-snoring features and offers an all-in-one option for elderly sleepers. This option can be used with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Play and is great for somebody who needs to sleep at a specific bed height each night. 

  • The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame offers a 50-day sleep trial and delivery for those who want to test out their sleep in the bed option before committing. The Nectar Adjustable Bed offers comfortability in choosing your exact sleep position with independent feet and head positioning features. 

  • Saatva Adjustable Bed Base is great for people who often experience pressure points during sleep and need help setting up their bed. This option offers a remote controller to control position and sleep settings, and a zero-gravity function to reduce pressure for those experiencing chronic pain. 

  • Dreamcloud Move Adjustable Bed Frame is a great option for couples who want to adjust each of their sides of the bed to different positions. It also offers a zero-gravity function to reduce chronic pain and pressure in the back and a massage setting. 

Power Required for Adjustable Beds 

Adjustable beds do not require a lot of power to function, so they can be plugged into a regular wall outlet. It is important to get a surge protector for your electrical adjustable bed to protect the wiring of your bed from being damaged by a power surge. Adjustable beds are powered by small electric motors that can be damaged if there is a power surge. 

Most often, there is a small motor at the top of the bed frame to support head movement functions and a small motor at the base of the bed frame to support foot and knee movement functions. If you have a split bed frame for two people with independent movement, this means you will have four motors in total on your bed frame to protect from surges. 

Average Cost for Adjustable Beds 

Adjustable bed frames come with so many features, you may think they would be very expensive. The good news is adjustable bed frames do not have to break your budget and run cheaper than you might expect. Adjustable bed frames tend to cost anywhere between $900 to $2000 dollars on average. Bed frames with mobility for your head and feet will cost on the lower range of the spectrum, and you can get this feature without exceeding your budget. Features such as zero gravity and full body built in massage will cost extra, but overall, for an electronic appliance, adjustable bed frames are well within the range of most budgets. Keep in mind that not all mattresses work with all adjustable bases, so make sure when shopping that the frame is compatible with your mattress set.