Alcohol Rehab Centers

Dealing with an alcohol addiction can be lonely, but you do not have to go it alone. Find alcohol rehab centers near you that can help!

Alcohol rehab centers are treatment centers that are available for treating individuals that have drinking disorders. It is a facility that is used to treat alcohol addiction and help individuals to live an alcohol-free life. Alcohol addiction is prevalent in society and differs in different individuals. It can be a life-threatening disease if the person involved is unable to function without alcohol in their system. Going to an alcohol rehab center can be scary for some individuals especially if it is their first time. On the bright side, it can help one live and maintain a sober life. There are different types of alcohol rehabs, and you can identify one that you are comfortable with. 

Types of Alcohol Rehab Centers

12-Step Alcohol Rehab: this type of alcohol treatment rehab utilizes the 12-step philosophy that is used in Alcoholics Anonymous. This type of program has worked for people with alcohol addiction since 1940 when it came into existence. It is appropriate for inpatient alcohol rehab a well as outpatient alcohol rehab. This type of treatment uses “sponsors” who help you work through the 12 steps and stay on track.

  • Holistic Alcohol Rehab: this type of rehab focuses on the patient's emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical wounds as a result of addiction. It focuses on the healing of these wounds through different therapies to identify deeper reasons for your addiction. Some holistic treatment options utilize the 12-step program.

  • Religious Alcohol Rehabs: this type of rehab focuses on your spirituality to cure your addiction. Different religious alcohol rehabs depend on your religion. There are Muslim, Jewish, and Christian rehab centers. Such rehabs follow spiritual guidance that provides you as an addict with a positive outlook on life to assist you to build a strong foundation in life without the use of alcohol.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Options

Treatment options differ depending on whether the person is in an inpatient alcohol rehab or outpatient. The treatment options also vary depending on the rehab for alcohol addiction. Some of the basic alcohol addiction treatment options that alcohol rehab centers utilize are:

  • Behavioral therapy

  • Group sessions

  • Educational sessions

  • Psychological treatment

  • Support groups

Most patients are allowed to identify a treatment option that works for them and provides them a conducive environment for staying sober. Before beginning treatment, the first step that a patient takes is to detox. Detox is not a treatment for alcohol addiction but the first step in getting alcohol out of your system. After detox, many alcohol addicts experience withdrawal symptoms because of the dependence on alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms may be extremely severe or mild depending on your level of addiction. Some of the symptoms include depression, anxiety, shakiness, hallucination, vomiting, high fevers, and seizures. When detoxing it is essential for one to have inpatient care or stay with someone at home that can look out for them. The first step to being sober is deciding to stay away from alcohol.

Ways to Afford Rehab Treatment for An Alcohol Addiction

The time has come for you to decide that your health is more important, but you have been hit by a road block once you see how expensive alcohol rehab treatment is. Luckily, there are different resources to look into as far as finding ways to pay for fees and costs of an alcohol rehab. Unsure where to look? Start with this helpful resource to find treatment for little to no cost to you.