How To Build an App

Do you want to expand your business or offer a new mobile phone-based service? Find out how to build an app to increase your business reach.

There was a time when getting online was only associated with sitting at a desktop computer. However, today most people want to go online whenever they want, regardless of their locations. They often do so using smartphones. According to Pew Research Center, 97 percent of Americans carry smartphones. Many people worldwide also enjoy accessing information through mobile phones, such as by downloading various phone apps.

If you own or want to start a business, creating an app is an excellent way to increase your sales and visibility. However, you may find the process intimidating if you do not know how it is done. There are several app building tools available to help. Learning what they do and how to select one can allow you to build the app you desire as quickly and easily as possible. Here is more information on how apps are built and how much it typically costs to build one.

What is App Building?

The term “app” is short for “application.” An app is a type of software used on an electronic device. Apps come in several forms. Some are gaming apps. Others are used for online shopping, dating, fitness training, or other purposes. App building, which is also sometimes called app development, is the process of creating such a software program. App builders often create those programs specifically for cell phones. However, many apps are also available on most other devices, such as tablets and laptops. 

What Types of App Builders Are Available?

When selecting an app building tool, you must make sure it meets your needs. There are different types of tools with varying specializations. For example, some are designed specifically to make apps for the Apple operating system (Apple iOS). Those apps typically only work on iPhones and some other Apple brand products. Similarly, there are apps that can allow you to produce Android OS-specific apps. Those apps may work on some or all devices that use that operating system. Hybrid development tools to create apps that work on both operating systems also exist.

Is App Building Difficult?

There are times when app building is difficult. For example, apps for Android devices present certain challenges due to the wide range of devices that use that operating system. Establishing security and multi-device functionality can take time. Development of Apple iOS apps is often easier and less time consuming. However, having the proper app building tools and programs at your disposal can make creating any app far easier.

The language or languages used to create mobile apps can also impact the difficulty level. Having some knowledge of web development languages ahead of time can make creating your own app easier. However, it is not always necessary, depending on the app builder you opt to use. Commonly used development languages for apps include:

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • C++

  • Kotlin

  • Dart

  • Swift

If you are creating an app by yourself using such programming languages, your choice of languages is important. For example, Kotlin and Java are compatible languages. Therefore, you can use both together to achieve your app building goals more easily. Another option is to use low code app development (LCAD) to speed up the app development process. One of the features of LCAD is guided scripting to assist you with app creation.

Do You Need to Know Coding Languages to Build an App?

You do not need to know coding languages to build an app. Such knowledge helps, especially if you want your app to have in-depth features or multi-platform functionality. However, no-code app builders exist that can do most of the work for you. If you have never built an app previously, such tools are ideal. They typically present a step-by-step development process that includes selecting a name and visuals for the app. 

What Are Some Top App Builders?

If you want to start developing an app, selecting the right app builder tool to help you is key. Some provide functions, features, and suggestions specifically for business owners. Features also vary widely, so you need to select the tool with the features you want. Use the following list of top app builders to start your search:

  • Bubble is a drag-and-drop app builder. The no-code app design tool allows the creation of desktop and mobile apps. Traffic, data storage, and user numbers are not limited on Bubble. The app also includes automatic handling of hosting and deployment. Bubble also features a forum where users can share knowledge and advice regarding app creation and Bubble usage.

  • Appy Pie offers no-code functionality and data integration. Applications are easy to customize and modify using the Appy Pie platform. It is also possible to create initial app layouts in as little as five minutes using Appy Pie tools and templates. Additionally, users can take advantage of other related services, such as chatbot and website builder tools offered by Appy Pie.

  • GameSalad is a top app builder specifically for business owners wishing to create game apps. Its easy tools allow users to quickly incorporate music and artwork into their apps. GameSalad game apps are playable on multiple operating systems and platforms, including Apple, Android, and Windows.

  • Zoho Creator is a low-code app builder. The platform is designed to assist business owners with brand expansion through app development. Its tools are designed for multi=platform app development. The Creator custom app development tools allow users to create completely original and individualized apps for their businesses.

  • Retool is an app building tool designed specifically for experienced coders and developers. Form, chart, and table templates are available for use in seconds with drag-and-drop technology. Using queries and accessing databases is easy with the Retool platform.

How Much Does Building an App Typically Cost?

It can cost thousands of dollars to produce an app from scratch. However, the use of an app builder like those mentioned above can significantly reduce your costs. App builders do a lot of the work for you. Therefore, they save time and money. Most app builders do require subscription fee payments. However, those payments are comparatively low. Often, the amount you must pay is based on the features you desire. For example, Appy Pie offers four membership levels starting at $16 per month for each app. Check the pricing and feature options of any app you consider ensuring the fees fit in your app development budget. Also, make sure you select the best membership option for your needs.