Save Big On A Bathroom Remodel With Bathtub Fitting Services

Find out the different methods to fit and install a new bathtub in your home. Learn about how to find the best bathroom remodeler in your area. 

Whether you choose to take a bath or shower may seem like an innocuous decision, but there are actually several differences between the two options. There are many health benefits associated with taking a bath. Submerging your body in warm water makes your heart beat faster, without causing a strain. The warm water also helps improve your lung capacity and oxygen intake. Warm water is commonly used to treat stress and anxiety, as well as relieve your muscles, joints and bones. It can also help when you have a cold, with the warm water getting rid of germs and improving your blood flow, strengthening your immune system.

If you want to get all the health benefits from taking a bath, you need a comfortable tub. For many homeowners, the biggest concern is finding a sizeable bathtub, with enough room to stretch out. There are also other considerations, including the material, shape and whether your tub has extra features, like heaters, speakers or water jets.

Fitting your Bathtub

If you want to get a new bathtub or replace an existing one, you must get the new tub fitted. Part of the fitting process is making sure the new bathtub will fit in your bathroom. Fitting also determines how difficult it is to move the new tub into the bathroom. This can be especially tricky depending on where your bathtub is located. In addition to whether the bathtub fits, you must also consider where your pipes are located so you can connect the bathtub’s drain pipe.

While it is possible to remove and install a bathtub on your own, it is a difficult process that requires both construction and plumbing experience. You need many tools and must be willing to put in hours of labor. The quickest and safest way to get a new tub installed is to hire a bathroom remodeler. Bathroom remodelers can replace your tub in around three to four hours. You are also guaranteed that everything is installed correctly, and your old bathtub is properly removed and disconnected without causing damage to your plumbing.

Installation Methods

There are three primary methods to install a new bathtub, drop in, alcove and undermount. Which method works best depends on the size of the tub and where you want to install it. The fitting process is slightly different for each method. With the drop in method, you create a raised space for your tub. The tub is dropped into this space. The drop in method is most popular with new homes, since it requires pre-planning to create a large enough space for the tub. It requires precise measuring and careful installation to make sure all the pipes are connected once the tub is ready to be placed.

With the alcove method, your tub is installed between three walls. The alcove method is one of the most common installation choices for a tub, since most bathrooms are built with space for the alcove. It is also easier to install and connect the pipes with the alcove method. The alcove method is typically the least expensive option. However, you are limited by the overall space between your walls. You can push the walls back, but this is a much larger remodeling project.

The final method is undermounting. An undermounted tub is installed beneath an existing covering, typically made out of stone or marble. These are often the most luxurious looking tubs, but it requires crafting the tub around the covering. In terms of customization, undermounting provides the most options, but it is typically the most expensive remodeling option.

Choosing a Bathroom Remodeling Service

There are several methods to find a contractor to remodel your bathroom. First, go with word of mouth.  If you know anyone who had their home remodeled, ask for recommendations. If possible, take a look at their bathroom so you can see the quality of the remodel. Some remodeling companies even provide additional benefits if you say you were referred by a previous customer, such as a small discount.

If you do not have any local recommendations, you can search for contractors in your area online. Websites like HomeAdvisor, Angi and Thumbtack are excellent sources to find local contractors. If you find a potential contractor online, make sure you look for reviews and confirm they have the necessary certifications. Some certifications to look for come from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) or the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).

A good contractor will provide a free consultation. During the consultation, your contractor should take measurements and go over all of your options. Based on the scope of the project, your contractor should provide a general quote, so you have an idea how much the project will cost. Do not commit to a project before a final price has been agreed upon. You should also ask when your contractor can complete the project and how long it will take.