Best 5 Meal Kits

For those looking for an easy way to prepare meals, meal kits may be the answer. A meal kit delivery is a subscription-based service where the customers receives all of the ingredients to make tasty meals.

Signing up for a meal kit delivery is easy. Customers just need to pick a meal plan and then the meal will be delivered to them. In no time, they will be enjoying an incredible meal. The average cost of most meal kit services is about $8 per a meal.

Here is some more information about the different types of meal kits.

Home Chef

Home Chef prides itself on offering affordable meal kits that drastically simplify dinner. The company offers several delicious entrees including southern fried shrimp tacos, chipotle ranch fajita salad, peanut-crusted chicken, and many more. There are also several different diets available such as vegetarian, carb conscious, and calorie conscious. In addition to providing tasty meals and several diets, Home Chef offers the following benefits: many customization options and easy to follow recipes. The meals start at $6.99 a serving.


  • Learn new cooking techniques
  • Excellent quality of ingredients
  • Several different meal choices


  • Boxes sometimes arrive a day late
  • Occasionally an ingredient may be missing

Sun Basket

Sun Basket is most known for its fresh and clean meals that make customers feel great. The meals are made with organic produce, wild-caught seafood, and antibiotic and hormone-free meats. The company offers customers the opportunity to customize their meals with these options: diabetes friendly, carb conscious, gluten-free, lean and clean, pescatarian, vegetarian, and paleo. One benefit to choosing Sun Basket is that customers get free shipping on their first order. Sun Basket dinners start at $10.99 a serving.


  • Quick 20-mintue meals
  • Many add on items like snacks and specialty meats
  • Offers oven ready and pre-prepped meals


  • Can be hard to reach the company by phone
  • Sometimes the fruit is not ripe enough to use


Often referred to as America’s most popular meal kit, HelloFresh has revolutionized the cooking experience by offering fun, easy-to-follow recipes. One major benefit of this company is that it tests each recipe 45 times to ensure that every meal is delicious and nutritious. There are a couple of diets to choose from including low calorie and veggie. The starting price of this meal kit is $7.49.


  • The ingredients are well-proportioned
  • Nicely insulated box
  • Easy-to-read recipe cards


  • A lot of plastic in the packaging
  • Meals can be labor intensive

Blue Apron

For those who would like to experience the magic of cooking, Blue Apron doesn’t disappoint. The company offers several meal kits that customers absolutely love such as ginger shrimp, chipotle-gazed meatloaf, savory-gazed tofu, and many more. Blue Apron has two diet options: meat and vegetarian. Prices for this meal kit start at $7.49 per serving, which is definitely a major benefit of this plan.


  • Extremely creative recipes
  • Recyclable ice packs and packaging
  • Premium ingredients that are responsibly sourced


  • Some meals may be delivered late in the evening
  • Not many meals with fresh, raw veggies

Green Chef

Green Chef is the meal kit of chose for those who want to eat healthy. The primary advantage of this company is that it boasts several diet options for a wide variety of lifestyles including paleo, plant-powered, keto, and balanced living. Many customers love that every meal comes with organic ingredients. Green Chef is extremely affordable, offering meals for as low as $9.99.


  • Fresh ingredients and simple cooking
  • USDA certified organic company
  • Many diet options available


  • Packaging is sometimes disorganized
  • Some meals have small portions