Best 5 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

So, you’ve come to the ultimate decision that it is time to sell your home. The one thing standing in your way to moving to a new home is actually selling the house. Unfortunately, in these unprecedented times, a home sale could take weeks, months or even a year. If you’re unsure what to do to sell your home fast, check out these 5 best tips for selling your home fast.

Best Steps for Selling Your Home

Pick Your Selling Strategy: Before you decide to actually go through with selling your home, you’ll need to decide how you want to sell it. Homeowners who are confident in their ability to market and negotiate the sale of their home can do the “sale by owner,” option. However, if you’re short on time, going through a real estate agent may be best. Using a real estate agent also assists you in the smaller details that you may miss trying to do it by yourself. Once you decide, you have to stick with this strategy as any inconsistency may look bad to buyers.

Tidy Up: The best way to make your home sell fast is to get it in the best shape possible. This includes decluttering your home to prepare it for proper staging. Most realtors suggest paying attention to common “junk magnets.” These items include kitchen counters, bathroom counters, fireplace mantels, laundry room shelves, tabletops, and other shelving and storage racks. The best way to make your home sellable is to create the idea that there is space for furniture and everything else a new homeowner might desire.

Hire a Photographer: It is reported that the photos of a listing are more than 85% the reason most buyers are interested in physically checking out a home for sale. You want to hire a photographer that knows how to get the best angles as well as including all the ins and outs that make a home unique. Some real estate brokers actually cover the costs of this service.

Remove Personal or Family Memorabilia: When it’s time to list your house, you’ll want to remove all family photos or memorabilia. Buyers want to look at a home that they can envision living at. It is hard to paint a picture like that when there are photos of the current homeowners. This can also include any type of religious items, toys, figurines etc. that may personalize your home.

Be Flexible: It is extremely important that you be flexible with showings. Nothing will turn a buyer off more if they are limited on the times that they are allowed to view the home. If your home can be shown with little to no notice, you may be able to get more buyers looking at your home.

Sale by Owner Resources

So, you’ve made the decision to bypass a real estate agent and sell the home on your own, now where do you start? Check out some of these helpful resources to check out.

Real Estate Agent Resources

Most homeowners decide to go through a realtor to save some of the headaches that come with selling a home on your own. Check out some of the top real estate agent services nationwide below.

If you want to go with a local real estate agent, make sure to check offices located near you when you start your search!