Best Software for Financial Planning

What financial planning method works best for you? Read tips on software for financial planning & the benefits of in-person financial planners now.

Financial planning has evolved rapidly in recent years. The process now includes state-of-the-art technology and software programs. Digital strategies and methods are intuitive and often automated. Conversely, in-person financial planners, also referred to as financial advisors, are also still popular and highly beneficial to many U.S. investors and consumers. What is the best software for financial planning? Is it better to use an in-person financial planner or a modern investment app on your smart phone?

Investing, saving money, planning for retirement and managing debt are all parts of the financial planning process. Do I need to be rich for financial planning to work for me? What are the benefits of using financial planning software? A diverse amount of high-quality options are available to help manage your finances properly. Read ahead about the benefits of using an in-person financial planner and the best software for financial planning in 2021.

General Tips for Investing Money

Investing money requires strategy and planning. Methods available in modern times are significantly advanced and diverse. It is therefore crucial to understand your financial planning options in order to make the best financial decision for you. First, however, it is important to have knowledge of some tips for investing money.

Investing in modern times includes much more than purchasing stocks and/or real estate. While these are common and often successful methods, they are not the only ones available for your investing needs today. For example, debt management is sometimes part of the investment process. Yielding returns on a stock investment might be negated by the interest you are paying on high amounts of revolving or other personal debt. Investing also includes setting up college funds for your children and restructuring your accounts to earn the most interest possible. What are some other general tips for investing?

  • Evaluate your portfolios for strengths, weaknesses & needs.

  • Set goals & assess the attainability of your financial pursuits.

  • Invest based on based purpose, experience & financial facts (not just for the sake of doing it).

  • Research investment options/trends prior to making investments.

  • Research the benefits of investing in property.

  • Research various investing apps such as Stash, Acorns and ETrade.

  • Consider investing in Silver and/or Gold.

  • Start small, diversify & build intelligently based on data (for example, try micro-investing).

  • Purchase top financial planning software and/or hire an in-person financial planner. 

Top Financial Planning Software to Use

The top financial planning software to use in 2021 offers a combination of customization, affordability and profitability. Evaluate your needs and do some comparison-shopping and research to discover the program or programs capable of offering you the most financial benefits. For your consideration, a list of the top financial planning software to use in 2021 includes:

Financial Planning Software - Benefits

The numerous benefits of using financial planning software cannot be overstated in modern times. Are you running a startup business? Financial planning software helps guide you through the early process to know how to best use your working capital. The tools provided in most financial planning software programs are high quality and capable of use by profession financial advisor firms. Both CPAs and CFOs use financial planning software to help do their jobs more quickly and efficiently. 

Financial planning software also has intuitive and automated features, which are great for beginning investors. Trends, suggestions and hot-tip notification alerts are common in many smart-technology investing and financial planning apps in 2021. Financial planning software often includes multiple dashboards to help you visualize the entire picture of your investment possibilities. Convenience, accuracy, stopgaps, fail-safes, real-time stock alerts and collaborative capabilities are just some of the additional benefits you get by using financial planning software today. 

Financial Planning Software – Average Costs

The average costs of financial planning software range greatly based on company pricing policies and your needs. Many financial planning software programs have free versions with less features and specific limitations. Many also offer free trial periods, which let you explore the programs without limitations for a specific period of time. Some programs allow you to purchase the program outright. Others such as Quicken and YNAB (You Need a Budget) allow you to pay via monthly or annual subscriptions. For example, Quicken charges approximately $41.59 per year for its Deluxe plan and approximately $62.39 per year for its Premier software package. YNAB charges $11.99/month (no contract) or $84 per year.

In-Person Financial Planners (Financial Advisor)

In-person financial planners, also referred to as financial advisors, are not obsolete in the modern world. In fact, in-person financial planners also use the best financial planning software to help you make the most of your money. Professional financial planners help you plan for retirement by investing your money in the right places. Professional financial planners are also experts in various areas of national and global finance. Are you in significant debt? A financial planner is capable of navigating you through the issues and getting you back into the black as quickly as possible. A financial planner understands tax and investment laws as well. Leaning on the advice of a certified financial planner in combination with using some of the best financial planning software in 2021 might be the best way to get you the best investment results in the end.