Best Weight Loss Apps

Weight loss apps are available for men & women with varied prices, features & smart-device compatibility. Read a guide on the best weight loss apps today.

Modern weight loss apps are based on scientifically verified approaches to fitness and nutritional intake. Some apps are designed for men, while others are designed for women, but what are what are the best apps for each biological gender? How are the best apps compatible with other smart devices?  Many weight loss apps offer free trials, and some are even available at no charge at all. What are the best available app prices? What weight loss app programs offer the best features? Read ahead for an informative guide on the best weight loss apps available for your fitness goals in 2021.

Weight Loss Apps 101

Defining what a weight loss app is presents certain challenges. Each weight loss app has unique features in addition to those common across the platform genre. Essentially a weight loss app is a digital tool helping you to log steps, fitness activities/reps, food intake and make dietary purchases/decisions. Some apps are interactive and capable of syncing to other smart-technology-enabled fitness devices. Other work on their own functioning as GPS monitoring and tracking systems for caloric intake and fitness goals. The goal of all weight loss apps is transparent, however – to help you lose weight in a healthy, fast & effective manner.

Weight Loss Apps & Gender-Specific Needs

Physical/biological bodies of men and women have different scientific needs pursuant to burning calories and processing carbohydrates, protein and fat. While losing weight involves caloric intake, planning meals, exercise and discipline for both men and women, certain weight loss apps focus on specific fitness & nutritionary needs for each biological gender. Weight Loss Coach by Fooducate helps men bulk up, while simultaneously burning fat. Calorie Counter by Fatsecret provides a virtual support group full of other women on similar journeys in addition to food logging/weight monitoring features. Additional top weight loss apps geared for men include Freeletics Bodyweight, Map My Walk and Instagram. Additional top weight loss apps geared for women include MyPlate Calorie Tracker, Happy Scale and The Complete 5:2 Diet.

Purchase Options

Purchase options for weight loss apps in 2021 are available based largely on device/system compatibly. The Apple Store sells and offers free downloads for all iOS compatible devices. The Google Play Store sells and provides free downloads for all Android compatible devices. Certain apps require hardware devices, which are purchasable online via Amazon, Walmart and many other major retail outlets. Weight loss app hardware devices are also purchasable via fitness stores, certain gyms and directly from applicable manufacturer’s websites.

6 Top-Rated Weight Loss Apps

Whether designed specifically for men or women, certain weight loss apps rise above the competition to provide the best results. The best programs keep you motivated, safe and on-track with your goals. The 6 top-rated weight loss apps for 2021 are:

  1. Noom

  2. Weight Watchers

  3. Future

  4. Reset

  5. Beachbody Nutrition+

  6. Lose It!

1. Noom

Noom uses verified viable psychological methods to induce actual daily behavioral changes conducive to weight loss and better overall health. Daily sessions include actual weight loss coaches. Sessions are limited to approximately ten minutes per day, keeping activities simultaneously interesting & effective. Compatible with iOS and Android systems, the Noom app also works with Peloton systems and syncs with Garmin, iHealth, MisFit, Runkeeper and more. Noom costs only fifty cents per day for the first seven days before converting to either a $59/month or $199/year subscription billing plan.

2. Weight Watchers (WW)

Weight Watchers changed its name to WW but still provides the same effective weight loss and dietary management system as always. WW utilizes a SmartPoints system to help keep you on track with your goals. The less points you accumulate, the closer you are to achieving dietary/fitness success. For example, healthy ZeroPoint foods including fruits, vegetables and lean proteins add nothing to your daily caloric point tabulation. Top features include a food logging barcode scanner, interactive workshops, social networking and live coaching (available full-time seven days a week). The WW app is compatible with Fitbit, Apple Watch/Health Withings, Daily Burn and more. Pricing varies but starts at approximately $3.22/week for the base app and $12.69/week with an added personal digital coach.

3. Future

The most popular feature provided by the Future weight loss app is easily the availability of a fitness/wellness trainer assigned based on detailed personalization of your needs. Future focuses on the unique fitness needs of each unique individual body, which allows you to have a workout experience customized to your specific weight loss challenges and goals. Every app user receives a Facetime call from his or her personal Future trainer. The Future weight loss app is designed to integrate specifically with the Apple Watch and costs $150/mo. On-site person trainers cost approximately $25 to $125+ per hour, involve commutes and extra expenses. The Future app provides a money-saving customized real-life personal trainer in your smart-device for a fraction of those prices.

4. Reset

The Body Reset Diet app program is organized as three distinct five-day phases. The common goal of the different phases is for you to lose weight in a healthy effective manner, although each phase approaches the goal in a unique manner. Phase one requires you to walk/jog/run a minimum of ten thousand steps per day, while replacing all meals with smoothies plus two in-between meal snacks. Phase two brings one solid meal back to the table and adds three days of resistance training to the ten thousand steps requirement. Phase three adds another solid meal to the plan and requires daily resistance training. The Reset website first asks potential users to answer questions to a gender-based quiz and provide an email address prior to revealing pricing information. Using the app costs $6/wk billable in twelve-week installments of $72 each. Consult the website FAQ or chat feature, Apple Store and/or Google Play Store for updated specific device compatibility information.

5. Beachbody

The Beachbody Nutrition+ app provides access to the various fitness/nutrition programs offered by the Beachbody company. The Nutrition+ app taps you into proprietary Beachbody programs such as Ultimate Portion Fix, Shakeology, Plate It and 2B Mindset. Features include portion control, meal tracking, customizable meal planning and weight monitoring. Beachbody Nutrition+ strategies for long-term weight control are also available through programs such as Ultimate Portion Fix. Memberships are purchasable via the Nutrition+ app or directly at, although it requires clicking on several links to find the actual pricing. Information on Beachbody Nutrition+ device compatibility and proprietary Activity Syncing is also available HERE.

6. Lose It!

The Lose It! weight loss app formulates a weight loss program customized for you based on the food intake activities you log into its system. A plan is created based on the data you enter, which taps into a database containing more than thirty-three million food items from brand websites, stores and restaurants. In similar fashion to the WW app, the Lose It! app provides a convenient barcode scanner to help you accurately log your food intake. Additional features include daily/weekly caloric intake information, a weight change graph and a proprietary Snap It feature. The Snap It feature allows you to upload pictures of your food, which it uses to calculate calories and portion sizes. Lose It! also offers fun and inspiring challenges in a virtual community of people on similar journeys. Downloading the app is free and premium features are available on a limited basis for $9.99 or annually for $39.99. Lose It! syncs with Peloton, Amazon Alexa, MyFitnessPal, Trainerize and more.

Best Free Weight Loss Apps 2021 (including NuMi by Nutrisystem)

NuMi (by Nutrisystem) is perhaps the best free weight loss app on the market today. Users receive a free gift after downloading the app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android systems/devices. Perks and features of the NuMi app program include one-touch tracking, scanning/logging meals, smart reminders and access to integrated (and purchasable) ingredients and meals. Additional completely free top weight loss apps with no upfront costs include:

  • Nike Run Club

  • Fitbit

  • BetterMe

  • Sweatcoin