Blood Pressure Monitors to Check Out

Home blood pressure monitors are increasingly popular every year. Read information about various top-rated blood pressure monitors to check out in 2021.

Home blood pressure monitors are increasingly popular every consecutive year. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. in early 2020 Doctors are recommending people check blood pressure at home to avoid possible exposure to the virus. Home blood pressure monitors were popular even before the coronavirus was active, however. What are the benefits of having a blood pressure monitor at home to use? What are the top-rated brands and where are the best places to buy them? 

Most home blood pressure monitors cost an average price of $100 or less. They are available online, at medical supply stores, dollar stores, pharmacies and more. Why is the importance of maintaining healthy blood pressure emphasized so significantly in modern times? Read ahead for detailed information about top-rated blood pressure monitors to check out in 2021.

Benefits of Having a Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use

Benefits of having a blood pressure monitor for home use go beyond the obvious in several ways. Starting with the obvious, however, checking your blood pressure at home reduces the amount of visits made to medical facilities, supermarkets, superstores and/or pharmacies where free blood pressure machines are commonly available. Are you a senior citizen or someone with limited ability to drive? A home blood pressure monitor keeps you simultaneously in-the-know and off the road.

White Coat Hypertension

Extending beyond the obvious are several other important benefits associated with purchasing a blood pressure monitor for home. Displaying higher blood pressure at a doctor’s office than at home is a common occurrence referred to as white coat hypertension. White coat hypertension is experienced by nearly twenty percent of modern patients and is influenced by various factors. Some people are anxious during medical appointments and anxiety causes blood pressure to elevate. Traveling to a doctor appointment also introduces numerous stressors including traffic, punctuality and leaving pets at home unattended. Stress also elevates blood pressure. Finally, as careful/skilled as doctors and nurses are, using a stethoscope occasionally introduces outside noise into the readings, which interferes with accuracy.


Checking your blood pressure at home provides the benefit of comparison testing between various alternating/fluctuating scenarios. For example, checking your blood pressure at home allows you to compare readings to those taken during medical appointments. Since you can check your blood pressure at home on a daily basis (or more) it is possible to record the impact of changing medicines/doses, reducing alcohol intake and changing diet/exercise routines on your blood pressure.

Around the Clock

Another main benefit of using a home blood pressure monitor is the ability to check your blood pressure around the clock. Is your blood pressure higher immediately after you wake up? Does your blood pressure spike at specific times during the day and diminish at others? Knowing when your blood pressure changes (and in which direction) makes it easier and more effective for your health providers to diagnose issues and prescribe effective treatments faster. 

Blood Pressure Monitors – Types

A stethoscope is perhaps the most familiar type of home blood pressure device available. As described above stethoscopes have flaws pursuant to external noise-bleed interfering with reading accuracy. While all home blood pressure monitors have pros & cons, many different reliable styles are available from which to choose.


Electronic/digital blood pressure monitors are available for home use in fully automated or semi-automated styles. Fully automated devices inflate the cuff using an electric pump and have minimal operational requirements. This makes them ideal for seniors or people with certain disabilities. Semi-automated devices require manual inflation of the cuff similar to conventional types of monitors. Readings in semi-automated devices occur the same as in fully automated units, but these devices are better suited for travel and in scenarios where the availability of electricity/power is not guaranteed.


Scientific studies show readings taken by manual blood pressure monitors are commonly higher than readings taken by digital devices. Other studies indicate manual units such as those sold by the American Diagnostic Corporation are highly accurate. Do you put credence into studies conducted by companies who do not use independent research committees? The truth is, manual blood pressure monitoring devices (also referred to as sphygmomanometers) were in use since between 1881 & 1896 depending on the source. Their accuracy was only called into question as rapid advances in technology became more prevalent in modern times.

Arm vs. Wrist vs. Finger

Wrist-based blood pressure monitors are capable of significant levels of accuracy if high-quality devices are used properly. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends arm monitors over wrist or finger monitors because the most accurate readings are taken with the monitor (and attached body part) at heart level. Studies by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in correlation with the National Library of Medicine and National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) indicate finger monitors also do not parallel results in readings obtained in arm monitors. High-quality wrist/finger monitors do exist in 2021 but it is advisable to take yours to your doctor to compare results in his or her office to assess accuracy. 

Top-Rated Blood Pressure Monitors for 2021 (including features, costs & purchase options)

Finding the best home blood pressure monitor for you is easy to do with a little research. Be sure to compare features and accuracy ratings in addition to prices. 5 top-rated home blood pressure monitors for 2021, their main features, costs & links to purchase options are:

  • Omron Platinum Upper Arm (high accuracy & storage capacity; $81.28 @ Amazon)

  • Withings BPM Connect (portability; unlimited cloud storage; $99.99 @

  • Omron Evolv (multiple users; large cuff size range; $69.99 @ Best Buy)

  • Greater Goods Bluetooth (highly accurate; Bluetooth-capable; $39.88 @ WalMart)

  • LAZLE Automatic Upper Arm Machine (high storage capacity; large display; from $31.30 new on eBay)

The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Blood Pressure Level

The AHA states approximately sixty-six percent of U.S. residents with high blood pressure never correct the problem. Modern times are creating an unprecedented level of stress in everyday life for everyday people. High blood pressure causes heart attack/failure, stroke, kidney failure, fatigue and more. Purchasing a home blood pressure monitor is capable of more than keeping you healthy – it is capable of saving your life.