Discover Affordable Housing For Travel Nurses

Traveling nurses are in high demand to bulk hospital staff since the start of the pandemic. Fortunately, there are many websites offering full furnished housing options with flexible leases for traveling nurses. Read here to find out more about these options today.

Travel nurses are nurses that are hired by short-staffed hospitals to work for a limited amount of time while the hospital seeks out permanent staff. Travel nurses are often employed by agencies and are getting paid up to $5000 a week thanks to the emergency service they provide. Due to the upswing in pandemics around the world in the past few years, travel nurses have been in high demand by hospitals who have lost their staff to employee burnout and overwhelm. 

Housing for travel nurses can be difficult to come by, since their stay at any given hospital can be short term like a few weeks or months, for up to 9 months or a year. Thankfully, there are rental companies that cater specifically to travel nurses’ needs for housing and seek out landlords who are willing to rent for the as-needed period travel nurses require. These rental websites often offer mostly fully furnished housing options ranging from single bedrooms inside a house to efficiencies to full apartments. Some rentals offer pet friendly amenities.

Furnished housing websites for Travel Nurses can be helpful for those who are in between permanent living situations, interested in moving to a new place but still searching for their dream home or perfect apartment, needing to stay for an extended period in another city but don’t want to run up expenses with hotel stays, or work remotely and like to travel and experience different cities. The good thing about travel nurse housing is that there are many options when it comes to length of stay, and housing type. Many landlords rent out extra bedrooms in their homes, basement studios, condos, or townhouses to travel nurses. 

Travel Nurse Rental Websites 

There are a wide range of travel nurse housing websites that can help you find short term furnished housing easily, with all the specs of each housing location laid out on a list that allows you to know exactly what is being offered before you coordinate with a specific landlord. Most of these websites are almost like social media platforms that allow you and landlords to chat, plan, and confirm your booking all on the same website. Here is a list of the best travel nurse housing websites and what you can expect out of each site. 

  • Furnished Finder: Furnished Finder offers a search-engine based platform where you can search for housing based on location, budget, dates, and desired amenities. Furnished Finder allows you to make an account on their website where you can refer to saved housing listings, message potential landlords, and finalize your housing plans with the agreement of a landlord. The Furnished Finder website contains extra info to help you plan your move like a statistics calculator showing the housing demand for travel nurses in every city, and a stipend calculator to help you calculate how much to request for your housing cost stipend from your employer. Furnished Finder has a user-friendly interface which allows you to see housing options within your budget laid on one page, with bullet point listed specs beneath image thumbnails of the spaces such as whether they are pet friendly, have their own entrance, have a kitchen, the minimum length of stay, and whether they are furnished or not. 

  • Travel Nurse Housing: Travel Nurse Housing offers a search engine with a database of housing options from a minimum of 30 days. The search engine allows you to search by location, budget, and move-in date for housing options. Much like Furnished Finder, the search engine shows a page with thumbnail images of each available location, as well as bullet points of the provisions at each location beneath the image. It also shows a map with pins displaying each location on a map so you can gauge how far your housing location will be from your job. Travel Nurse Housing allows you a platform to communicate with your landlord about dates of rental, amenities, and payment. The landlord will arrange and decide upon the payment method privately through the chat. 

  • Nestpick: Nestpick is a housing platform site that has listings of furnished housing options worldwide. Nestpick has a similar interface to AirBNB but is meant for longer term rentals, with the minimum stay often being 30 days to a month. Nestpick boasts the largest database of furnished housing options in all the top cities in the world. Nestpick also offers specialized housing indexes, like vegetarian city index, climate change 2050 city index, and the best lgbt cities. With Nestpick, you will be redirected to a third-party website for the location you are interested in to communicate with the landlord about availability, eligibility, and to make sure you are a good renter match. There you will confirm with the landlord your housing agreement and make payment plans with your landlord.

  • Anyplace: Anyplace is a furnished housing catalog website which offers flexible term furnished housing options internationally. Anyplace focuses on offering housing that caters to home workers with home office amenities and the like. Anyplace has luxury housing listings in the nicest neighborhoods in locations such as New York City, San Francisco, and Tulum Mexico. The Anyplace search engine allows you to search for furnished housing by location, length of stay and number of guests. Some locations offer video-conference desk setups with greenscreen background perfect for content creators. With Anyplace, you fill out an application for the housing of your choice and they run a credit and background check to make sure you are eligible for the location you desire. Anyplace offers a secure payment platform on their website, so all your arrangements can be made and finalized in one place.