Best Way to Track Your Expenses

Budget & expense tracking apps help people save money every day. Read ahead for an informative guide on the best way to track your expenses in 2021.

It is common knowledge how the first step of effective financial planning is managing your expenses. To manage your expenses you must first be able to track and log/record them. This process was previously done either longhand or via computer spreadsheets but the best way track your expenses in 2021 might be using an app. 

Popular and convenient budget and expense tracking apps are available for use today. Tracking your expenses is sometimes tedious and requires more focus than some people are willing to give. The best-rated budgeting apps provide many benefits including convenience and timesaving features. What does it cost to get the best budget and expense tracking apps today? How do these apps help individuals and families save money? Read ahead for an informative guide on the best way to track your expenses in 2021.

Why Budget & Expense Apps?

U.S. consumers are grappling with more changes in 2021 than most have in their entire lives leading up to this year. The best-rated budget & expense tracking apps available right now help make sense of your finances in convenient and easy to use ways. This is more important than ever for many individuals and families who suffered great losses in 2020 and are still experiencing financial challenges due to COVID-19 related unemployment and other issues. 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic American consumers were relying on smart-technology apps on their cell phones, tablets and other devices for everyday purposes. Grocery delivery, ordering clothing and even scheduling lawn services is all done using apps in 2021. Extensive financial planning apps are also available so it makes sense for budget & expense tracking apps to also be trending in modern times.

Tracking and logging expenses is necessary for effective financial planning and saving money. It is conversely time-consuming and even unpleasant to do for some people. The most popular budget & expense tracking apps make budgeting and tracking expenses convenient and easy to do for even the people who enjoy doing it the least.

Budget & Expense Tracking Apps – Average Costs

The costs for each budget & expense tracking app varies greatly from one to the next. Free trials are available for some apps before charges are debited. Other budget & expense tracking apps are completely free albeit with limitation and possible adware installed. Is paying for a budget & expense tracking app worth the price? The only way to determine this is to conduct comparison research between various free and paid apps. This is possible to do if you activate the free trials on paid apps and compare them with other free and paid apps simultaneously or consecutively.

Weighing out the pros and cons of paid budget & expense tracking apps is important. Does the money you save using the app outweigh the app’s costs? Is tracking your expenses so crucial the cost of using a paid app is inconsequential as long as your other expenses are logged and controlled? These questions are highly personal and only answerable by you.

Some budget & expense tracking apps include credits score features. Others offer real-time intuitive expense tracking and financial guidance. Budget & expense tracking apps range in price from $9.99/month to $16.99/month through $83.99/year depending on features and available plans.

Best Rated Budget Apps Available Right Now

The best-rated budget apps available right now offer a combination of user-friendly features, money-saving benefits and more. The best apps are popular with private consumers and business customers alike because they are also accurate and affordable. A list of the best-rated budget apps available right now includes:

Budget & Expense Tracking Apps - Benefits

The primary benefit of using a budget & expense tracking app is the time-saving convenience it provides. For example, you want to track your expenses but do not have spare time in which to do it. Using an app solves this problem. Tracking your progress as you reduce your spending habits and save more money each month boosts personal morale and motivates you to save even more money by keeping track of your expenses. Tracking expenses by hand and even via computer spreadsheet allows for the possibility of making numerous mistakes. One purpose of tracking your expenses is eliminating those money-draining errors. A major benefit of using a budget & expense tracking app is the availability of automated features, which prevent mistakes by connecting directly with your bank, PayPal and other accounts. Your expenses are literally logged by the app without requiring any steps by you.

Budget & Expense Tracking Apps – Popular Features

Some of the most popular features included with modern budget & expense tracking apps are also the most beneficial. Automated logging of your expenses eliminates human-error mistakes. Notifications sent to your cellphone and/or email also alert you to all information logged in real-time so you know what you are spending every time a debit is made. This real-time information is provided from all your attached accounts as well, giving you complete awareness of your total expenses in one convenient location. 

Intuitive categorization of how, when and on what you spend your money is another popular feature. Knowledge of how your money is spent helps you curtail extraneous purchases in the future. Progress reports help keep you on track with your savings goals. Investment and money management advice is also a popular feature when available, as are credit score and bill due date notifications.