Buying A New 2021 Ford Ranger

The Ford Motor Company has a storied history of savvy marketing moves and production of reliable American classic vehicles. The company rarely misses when making these moves and had anticipated success when unveiling its Ford Ranger line. The 2011 discontinuation of Rangers in the U.S. is perhaps one example of a move Ford would like to have back, albeit one it thought at the time was prudent based on consumer trends.

If you are considering the purchase of a new Ford Ranger then taking the time to understand what went into making the vehicle is important. Rangers tend to hold their value and have a reputation for solid durability. However, they are an investment, and like any investment you must be certain of the pros and cons. The following gives you a good overview of the Ford Ranger and offers solid information you will need in order to make your decision. Read ahead to learn all you need to know about buying a 2021 Ford Ranger including prices, features and differences between recent outgoing models.

The Ford Ranger's Long History

The first Ford Ranger was brought off the line and into showrooms in 1982 for a price of $6,203. Rangers were created to replace two other Ford models, both of which were inadvertently competing with incoming or preceding models. The Ranger was the first compact/mid-size pickup manufactured by Ford. Simultaneously, Ford was also campaigning the ever-popular F-150, its smaller brother the F-100 and even smaller cousin, the Ford Courier. F-100 customers flocked to the F-150 and the Courier needed a makeover. The original Ford Ranger supplanted both the F-100 and Courier and became an affordable alternative to drivers not needing the F-150 size.

Ford pulled the Ranger from production in 2011 largely for financial reasons. Bringing the Ranger back for 2019 was also due to financial reasons, even if the exact nature of those reasons was different. Ford was struggling in 2018. Its line of compact cars was not as successful as envisioned. Consumer trends were turning back toward pickup trucks, crossovers and SUVs and Ford saw an opening in the market for the re-launching of an advanced feature Ranger line. 

The 2019 Ford Ranger Re-Launch

The 2019 Ford Ranger was re-launched by Ford as an effort to boost sales, increase value in Ford stock and grab a foothold in a market where consumer trends were pointing to pickup trucks becoming family, all-purpose vehicles. The truck was larger than its predecessors but still sized smaller than the rugged F-150. The goal in 2018 was actually for Ford to replace over 75 percent of its inventory, manufacturing pickup trucks, crossovers and SUVs instead of compact cars and sedans.

The 2019 Ranger came out with four doors, which was its first step in becoming family friendly. It was priced starting at $24,300, which was higher than previous Rangers because it included advanced features appealing to modern consumers. The 2019 Ranger was designed as a lifestyle truck to complement the working F-150 line, not compete with it. Consumers wanted rugged capabilities combined with an appealing exterior and smooth city driving. Ford wanted competition for the Toyota Tacoma. The 2019 Ranger offered just that. How has Ford changed the Ranger heading into 2021?

Comparing the 2021 Ranger to Outgoing Models

The new Ford Ranger lineups have a lot of similarities between them. The 2021 model adds a few extra features as Ford adapts to customer needs. Ford is also introducing the Ranger Tremor off-road package, which is designed to aggressively handle any type of terrain without compromising comfort or smooth handling during every day use.

The 2020 model starts at $24,410, just $110 higher than its 2019 brethren. Starting price for the base 2021 mode is expected to be similar or just slightly higher. The Ranger Tremor off-road package is anticipated to have a much higher price tag starting in the $44,000 range. This upcoming off-road package is already being compared to the popular Ford F-150 Raptor series. While it is not a Raptor, the Ranger Tremor will offer similar terrain capabilities.

2021 Ford Ranger Pricing and Trims

Prices for the 2021 Ranger lineup have yet to be released. They are expected to be similar or slightly higher than the 2020 prices. There are three 2020 Ranger trims, which are priced starting as follows:

All three trims have a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds and gas mileage of 21 MPG in the city and 26 MPG on the highway. The XLT offers larger tire options, a reverse sensing system, adaptive cruise control and more over the XL model. The Lariat offers improved interior features such as heated seats and an advanced sound system. The Lariat is Ford’s luxury Ranger model for drivers placing comfort, appeal and entertainment on equal footing with handling, towing and off-road possibilities.

There are SuperCab and SuperCrew options, seating four and five adults respectively. The SuperCab option has a six-foot bed. The SuperCrew, however, has a five-foot bed to allow for the extra seating space. All 2021 models are expected to be 210.8-inches in length, similar to or the same as the 2020 lineup. Transmission on all models, including the Ranger Tremor package, will be automatic 10-speed. Ford Rangers come standard with Wi-Fi hot spots, USB ports for charging and powering devices and Bluetooth. Some improvements and advances to the interior systems are expected in the 2021 Ranger trims.