Affordable Cleaning Services Near Me

Affordable professional cleaning services are available near you now. Learn about finding the most affordable pro cleaning services near you today.

Affordable professional cleaning services are available near you now. Hiring a professional cleaning service allows you to enjoy more of life’s benefits without forcing you to compromise on your home’s cleanliness. Employees of residential cleaning companies are experienced professionals who are trained to use only the safest chemicals and most effective supplies.

A wide variety of provider service packages and pricing options are available as well. This variety creates the flexibility for you to choose the best service based on your cleaning needs, budget, and rapport with the service. Continue reading to learn valuable information about finding the most affordable pro cleaning services near you today.

Residential Cleaning Services - Professional Options Near You

Residential cleaning services are available near you to perform many cleaning tasks in your home. All tasks are conducted in a professional manner, with company employees making use of only top-shelf cleaning chemicals and supplies. Many cleaning services offer versatile client packages as well. For example, basic cleaning services through to advanced, emergency, and specialized services are all available. Learning where and how to focus your research and prioritize your needs narrows down your provider options. Utilize this information to create a short-list of the providers best suited for your needs. First, however, it is necessary for you to understand the different types of residential cleaning services offered in your area.

Outline of Services Provided

Each provider sets its own pricing plans and schedule. Residential services are not commonly hired to clean the same home daily the way commercial cleaning services often clean offices. Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly schedules are much more common in the residential cleaning industry. Some companies also provide rush-job and/or emergency services. Emergency services generally include cleanup after a natural disaster, accident or fire leaves a home in shambles. Typically, such scenarios require remediation work in addition to cleaning. So many different types of residential cleaners are in business today it might feel confusing to know which one to choose. Selecting the best provider for your situation therefore involves asking direct questions before signing any service contracts.

Basic Residential Cleaning Services

Basic residential cleaning is the most common type of service needed by consumers today. This service includes dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. Many packages also include cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms. The wiping down of cabinet doors, in addition to all doorknobs and cabinet handles is also common. Basic/general cleanings sometimes include the gathering and removal of household garbage as well. Please note: Not all companies include trash removal as part of their basic cleaning packages. This type of task is sometimes included in deep cleaning or other types of specialty services. 

Deep-Cleaning Services for Your Home

Deep cleaning services include tasks like those provided in automotive detailing. Deep cleaning tasks are typically performed bi-annually (once in the spring and once more in fall). Employees performing this type of service clean microwaves (inside and out). They also clean the corners of rooms and along the edges of all accessible floor trimming. Dusting above doorways, clearing ceiling fans of cobwebs and Swiffer-ing along the edges of paintings is also included in most residential deep-cleaning services. Some providers include windows in their deep cleaning packages, although not all do. Additional tasks performed as part of certain deep cleaning packages include:

  • Washing/drying dishes.

  • Making beds.

  • Folding linens.

  • Washing/drying/folding laundry.

Residential Window and Specialty Item Cleaning

Cleaning your windows is often itemized as a separate service and charge on your bill. Cleaning windows properly and streak-free requires specific training, tools, and experience. Upholstery, window blinds and carpet shampooing are also considered specialized tasks and services by many residential cleaners today.

Residential Deep Disinfection Services

Deep disinfection services are usually only necessary in residential homes after a family member or members becomes sick due to a serious viral or bacterial outbreak. Deep disinfection services might also be required after flooding from heavy rains, leaking toilets or broken pipes occurs. Be prepared for these types of tasks to take up to several days to complete. This allows for any chemicals and disinfectants to completely dry before rooms become usable again.

Move Out Cleaning Services

Move-out cleaning services are available for moves from either direction. For example, you might hire a cleaning service after moving out and/or before moving in. Providers clean up your previous home or apartment so you can focus on unpacking and settling into your new residence. If your new home is a fixer-upper or has cleanliness issues you need resolved, a service provider will step in, disinfect, and render your new home livable. Some move out cleaning services also include trash disposal and hauling.

Residential vs. Commercial Cleaning Services

Affordable cleaning services are not limited to cleaning residential properties alone. Commercial cleaning companies perform many of the same types of tasks residential cleaners do, plus more. For example, commercial cleaners must often utilize larger specialized equipment to properly clean commercial properties. Because the number and types of commercial businesses in the U.S are so vast, commercial cleaning companies must be prepared for a huge variety of client needs.

What Types of Businesses Utilize Commercial Cleaning Services?

Secure commercial cleaners are staffed with employees who are cleared to enter and clean official government buildings. Green commercial cleaning reduces the number of harsh chemicals used during cleaning, which additionally reduces company water bills and extends the lives of all office flooring. Post-construction commercial cleaning handles post-renovation and/or construction cleanups. Sanitation audit services are required to ensure compliancy of most businesses where food is served. Finally, emergency response commercial cleaning responds to post-vandalism, fire, natural disaster, flood or malfunctioning sprinkler system issues. The following types of businesses utilize any number of the commercial cleaning services as listed above:

  • Nursing homes.

  • Multi-unit property landlords.

  • Medical/physical therapy facilities.

  • Bakeries.

  • Schools.

  • Libraries.

  • Theatres.

  • Retail stores such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

  • Grocery stores.

  • Auto dealerships/service centers.

How to Find Residential Cleaning Services Locally (and average costs)

Multiple online options are conveniently available to help you find local residential cleaners. Angi is one of the most popular and trusted of these options today. A few of the best nationwide residential cleaning services available near you (and more resources to find them) include:

Average Costs for Residential Cleaning Services

Professional residential cleaners charge an average of between $20 and $90 per hour. This totals to between approximately $150 and $250+ per visit. Deep cleaning, rush-job and other specialty cleaning services typically add between a minimum of 50 to $100 to your bill.

Best Tools to Use to Find Deals on Cleaning Services

Individual providers such as Molly Maid run occasional specials and promotions to lower their already-affordable prices even further. Specialized online-only discount websites such as Groupon and Honey offer coupon discount codes all year long for various providers. Multiple apps are also available such as AllBetter and Handy to help you find housecleaning services fast. Additional websites and apps to use for finding deals on cleaning services include: