Finding A Cloud Architect Job

Cloud architects manage aspects of cloud computing infrastructure for a business. Learn how to find a job as a cloud architect by reading the guide below.

Cloud computing has been a primary element of the information technology (IT) industry for numerous years. Businesses and corporations of all types and sizes are now assimilating cloud computing into their overall technology, IT infrastructure and marketing data strategies. To complete this assimilation successfully, however, a company needs to hire a cloud architect.

Cloud architects are trained to manage all aspects of the cloud computing infrastructure inside a business, including new and increasingly complex technological advancements. Because the adoption of cloud computing is now vital to the success of modern corporations and businesses, finding a cloud architect job is easier to do than ever before. Gain valuable insight into finding a job as a cloud architect by reading the resources and guide below.

Cloud Computing Origins (and their importance to cloud architect jobs today)

In 1963, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) commissioned MIT to build a computer capable of use by two or more people simultaneously. This event is widely accepted by experts and analysts alike as the origin of cloud computing in the United States. Jumping ahead multiple decades, Amazon established its web-based retail marketing services in 2002. This was the first time in corporate history when a U.S. business aggressively pursued utilizing more than ten percent of its capacity via cloud computing infrastructure models. Although Amazon largely pioneered the concept, both Google and Microsoft followed it quickly in-kind. Beginning in the mid-2000s, traditional IT fields also began assimilating cloud computing as one of its primary functions. Today, nearly every successful business model now includes a cloud computing infrastructure and a corresponding cloud architect to manage it. 

What Does a Cloud Architect Job Entail?

A cloud architect is trained to manage every aspect of an organization’s cloud computing infrastructure. The job of a cloud architect also entails management and oversight of all new technology introduced to said infrastructure, regardless of how complex and advanced it becomes. To acquire a thorough understanding of what a cloud architect job entails, however, it is perhaps best to study certain aspects categorically.  

What Is a Cloud Architect?

A cloud architect is a professional employee of the umbrella field of IT. The broader job description of a cloud architect refers to a person “responsible for oversight and management of cloud computing strategy and cloud computing infrastructure” for a business. A cloud architect also consults with his or her employer to help the company maintain compliance and a functional awareness of current cloud computing-based changes, issues, and trends. Additionally, a cloud architect is responsible for:

  • Developing and implementing cloud adoption plans.

  • Cloud application design.

  • Cloud monitoring.

  • Public, private and hybrid cloud environment deployments.

  • Converting technical requirements of projects into usable architecture/design to guide final products.

  • Creating cloud-based solutions for complex tangible business problems.

Typical Duties for a Cloud Architect Job

Duties assigned to a cloud architect vary to some degree depending on employer requirements and the business type acclimating to cloud computing. For example, businesses only recently beginning to develop cloud-based operations might hire cloud architects to design and implement strategies and actionable plans. Once developed, however, those same companies will need their cloud architects to manage their newly implemented infrastructures.

A cloud architect position partly functions in a managerial capacity. Therefore, locating and acquiring high-level talent to assist in the operation of the cloud architecture is part of the job. Application, hardware, and software assessments are also common duties, as-is the creation of a cloud broker (aggregator) team. Innovation, scalability, and cost-efficiency are three primary reasons the adoption of cloud computing is highly valued by corporations today. Creating and staying within a budget, operating at scale, and constantly evolving the best new cloud practices company-wide are therefore prioritized duties for cloud architects. Additional duties for a cloud architect job include:

  • Risk assessment and mitigation

  • Vetting all third-party services (via cloud broker team).

  • Interdepartmental privacy monitoring and incident response oversight.

  • Estimating surpluses and costs.

  • DevOps.

  • Frontend, backend and full-stack development.

Cloud Architect Careers - Average Pay

Pursuing a job as a cloud architect opens the door to a highly lucrative career opportunity. As it is with most jobs, the salary you receive is based on your training and experience combined with regional and economic factors and employer policies. The salary range for cloud architects is therefore wide. The national median salary for a cloud architect is $116,780 per year or $56.14 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level positions average around $76,500 per year. The high-end of cloud architect annual salaries averages at approximately $121,600.

Why Cloud Computing Adoption Is Important (and what it means for cloud architect careers)

When evaluating the importance of cloud computing adoption and its relevance to career opportunities, one needs look no further than Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Those three companies are not only responsible for the cloud computing surge of the mid-2000s, but they are also three of the most successful corporations on the planet. Countless other companies emulate or attempt to emulate the strategies employed by these three trend-setting industry giants every day. Additionally, the business world has changed to the point where an online presence and cloud-based infrastructure are necessary for success. If you are educated and trained to become a cloud architect, companies around the U.S. and beyond need your services now.

What Types of Companies Hire a Cloud Architects?

Companies using private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructures need a cloud architect to manage their systems. Companies using Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS) or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems also need a cloud architect. Technology, manufacturing, and design companies all need a cloud architect on-staff. Consulting firms, financial institutions, medical institutions, and educational organizations also need cloud architects. A few examples of companies currently hiring cloud architects includes:

Top Ways to Find Cloud Architect Jobs

Online searches provide the best results when seeking a cloud architect job today. Before applying, however, you need obtain a certification or degree. Typically, companies only hire applicants who possess a minimum of a bachelor's degree in computer science or another related field or discipline. Companies such as Google, IBM and Microsoft each offer certification programs, which are accepted by certain employers as well. Becoming a member of the Cloud Computing Association (CCA) is another effective method of networking and obtaining information on cloud architect job opportunities nationwide.

More Resources for Finding a Cloud Architect Job

When conducting online searches for cloud architect jobs it is best to use the most reliable resources available. Online job boards post available positions around the U.S. and internationally alike. A few of the most reliable online resources for searching cloud architect job postings include: