Create Your Own Video Game

Video game makers have multiple top app options to choose from. Read a guide on top-rated-apps available to help create your own video game in 2021.

Video games are experiencing an ongoing surge in popularity, which means more opportunities exist for video game creators to advance development objectives. Modern technology supports fun, intuitive and creative programming platforms, but what are the top-rated video game creation programs available online today? Each app has its own special features, pricing and experience-necessary requirements. Some of the top game creation apps are also available for free download and commercial use. Why are video game creation apps so popular in modern times and what programs are the best available today? Read ahead for a fun and interesting guide on some top-rated-apps available to help you create your own video game in 2021.


Video Game Creation Apps – Why the Surge in Popularity?

People use mobile apps an average of nine times every day for multiple purposes. With approximately eighty+ apps installed on each of the 3.2 billion smartphones in use in 2021the likelihood of at least one video game app making the install list on every smartphone is significantly high. Mobile app creation is a substantially lucrative business across the board. What is the reason behind the surge in popularity in video game creation apps? 

Video games are a pleasant and indulgently empowering escape for both player and creator. Billions of people around the world likely wish they had a restart button for the year 2020. Video games give the player the chance to start over until he or she wins. They give the creator the chance to profit, while simultaneously providing a joyful means of entertainment and escape coveted by many Americans today. Additionally (and perhaps more importantly) advances in software & technology give creators faster and more convenient abilities to create video games with or without formal training.

Top-Rated Video Game Creation Programs Online

Every video game creation app has its own set of lingo/terminology, programming style and functionality. The goal for all is to help creators develop the best games possible, but which apps are the best available today? The best video game creation apps provide user-friendly experiences for designers of all skill levels and yield stellar results at affordable prices. The top-rated video game creation programs available online in 2021 are:

  1. GDevelop

  2. Flowlab

  3. Buildbox

  4. Manu

  5. Game Maker Studio 2 (by YoYoGames)

  6. Godot

1. GDevelop

GDevelop video game creation software is both open-source and cross-platform compatible. This free program requires no previous development skills or experience to use, meaning no coding is needed. GDevelop is written in C++, JavaScript and is compatible with MacOS, Windows and current Linux platforms. Free online trials are also available using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other modern browsers. Popular GDevelop features include:

  • One-click exports for Facebook Instant Games (for messenger) & Android

  • Multiple gaming site publishing options

  • Dozens of visual effects

  • Customizable visual effects

  • Support for multiple screen types & sizes

  • Resource expensive spot monitoring

  • Unique ability to create powerful reusable event functions

2. Flowlab

Flowlab is compatible with most current online browsers and iPhone systems. This beta game software requires no coding or previous experience to use, and provides a free version including three games and fifty objects. Flowlab also includes a teacher dashboard and is popular for educational/class use. Paid version pricing tiers are available as both monthly and annual billing. Indie, Teacher and School plans cost $9-$29-$99/mo or $59-$199-$599/yr respectively. Top features include no downloads required, separate teacher/student accounts and multiple export/publishing options. Additional features include team collaboration, uploadable customized sounds, cloud save access and much more.

3. Buildbox

Buildbox video game creation software was designed for use by developers of any skill/experience level, which means no coding is necessary. This software utilizes cloud hosted, and open API deployment and is compatible with MacOS, Windows Linux, web-based, Android and iPhone-iPad systems. Buildbox supports 2D and 3D game creation and allows creators to begin for free. Paid plans are available in monthly and annual pricing tiers. The Plus plan costs $9.99/mo or $89.99/yr. The Pro plan is only available annually and costs $244.99/yr. Popular Buildbox features include:

  • User-friendly starter templates

  • Real-time game preview capability

  • Multi-player network

  • Customizable visual effects

  • Multiple customer support options

  • Numerous helpful online resources provided free-of-charge

  • Physics simulation capabilities

4. Manu

Manu is compatible with MacOS and Windows, although Windows 10 is strongly recommended over Windows 7. Linux is not currently supported. Manu’s 3D game engine was initially geared toward platformer games, but changes to this are in planning stages or beyond. This free alpha software is developed with C++, C# and QT framework and requires no coding or previous skills/experience to use. Top features include customizable launch animations, simple creation tools and reusable animation sequences. Additional features include enhanced visual creation, customizable main characters, easy export options, unlimited 3D models and many more.

5. Game Maker Studio 2

Game Maker Studio 2 video game creation software is a cross-platform program requiring coding of a unique and proprietary nature. Its proprietary language is referred to as Game Maker Language (GML) and allows creators to make finely tuned adjustments to end products/results. Game Maker Studio 2 also provides a Drag and Drop (DnD) programming language, which is simpler in nature and more suitable for beginners. This program is compatible with MacOS, Windows, Linux, PlayStation 4-5, current web browsers, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. Game Maker Studio 2 pricing starts at $39/yr and popular features include:

  • Text and visual-oriented programming languages

  • Export capability to mobile, web, PC and game console platforms

  • Options to purchase a permanent license

  • Customizable visual effects

  • Large, comprehensive marketplace

  • Game development in 2D & 3D

  • High-quality free tutorials & game examples

6. Godot

Godot is compatible with MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). 2D and 3D game creation is available in this free, open-source multi-purpose program. Deployment is open API. Coding is required, so a learning curve should be expected by beginners (although on-site training is provided). Top features include player management, quality assurance, in-app purchase capabilities and prototyping. Additional features include physics simulation, whitepaper resources and a multi-player network.