Hiring A Cruise Ship Attorney

We all love a good cruise that can take us away and allow us to leave worries behind. The ocean can give us a chance to reflect on our lives or give us the rest we've longed for. Cruise ships are no doubt fun to be on. Everyone is packed on board playing games, swimming or at the bar. However, no cruise ship is without their accidents that can happen in the blink of an eye. The owners will often be liable if someone falls overboard or eats something that didn't agree with them.

Here are some things to consider when hiring a cruise ship attorney.

Accidents Will Happen

There is no way to get around any cruise ship from an on-board accident. You will need a good cruise ship attorney in place to handle all incidents. Accidents can go from small to big in a matter of minutes. The cruise ship staff must act fast so there isn't a widespread of panic to all travelers.

A cruise ship accident attorney either is on board for each cruise or can be reached electronically. They need to be apprised to what is going on. Any accident needs to be reported to the on-board attorney if possible. They will be the ones to tell the owners or management what to collect and do next. Accidents are horrible when they happen on a cruise ship because you can't escape them. You are stuck on the boat waiting for staff to handle the problem.

Reporting of Incidents

Most attorneys will tell you that evidence is key into winning any case. When you hire a cruise line attorney to represent you in court, they need all information to effectively present your case. You must train all staff members on how to report accidents, slip and falls and overboard issues. Never have staff trying to intervene with a legal case that could end were the cruise ship gets sued and face more costs. They need to know when something serious happens on the boat.

Don't find yourself allowing staff to trample over crime scenes or move things that shouldn't be touched. The hired attorney needs to hold a meeting with all staff to inform them how to behave when something tragic happens. This can cut done on confusion and create proper protocol.

Experience Needed

You might be asking what does a cruise ship attorney do? For one, they need to have a list of experiences in the cruise line area. It makes no sense to hire a general attorney who has little experience dealing with situations that can occur on a boat way out in the ocean. The attorney needs to have the skills to act fast or create policies for cruise ship owners they can use. Their experience should be impressive in the industry and offer benefits for legal help regarding your boat. Their peers should also have a lot of respect for them as well. You can find out the rating for an attorney by calling the local bar association.

Read all cases on the website from the attorney you are thinking about hiring. You need to make sure they win their cases and have done so in the last three to five years. This is important as cruise ship lawsuits can run in the millions of dollars and you will be paying some of the bill.

Punctual & Prompt

We all want an attorney that is available to assist us when times are bad. Pick the cruise ship attorney that is reliable and returns you calls when something is happening. Even if things are quiet on the boat, the owners or staff should be able to reach the attorney for needed questions. Punctuality is a must in your hiring needs and your next attorney needs to have this. It makes no sense to pay anyone who doesn't call you back until the next day.

Things that occur on a boat can be crucial as they can happen so fast. Staff need a contact person who can give them the best legal advice and not leave them lost on what to do. It's those first few moments in any accident that staff must act quickly. Legal staff need to have all paperwork ready for any witnesses to sign and collect a list of statements. This can save the entire cruise ship from either being sued in court or being accused of not doing enough. Ask the attorney what their turnaround time is for any documents you need them to create.