Finding Affordable Cruises This Summer

The cruise industry took a huge hit as a whole for the majority of 2020 and part of 2021. Luckily, as things have improved, cruise ships are ready to set sail again. Many cruise ships are hoping to fill up their summer tours so are offering quite a few deals and sales that you don't want to miss!

If you are looking to take a cruise, you may find yourself overwhelmed by all the different options you have available to you. There are dozens of different cruise lines, each with multiple ships in their fleets and different destinations, itineraries, costs, themes, and amenities. With all these different options, how are you supposed to begin to choose which cruise is right for you?  How do you avoid spending a fortune on vacation when you could get a similar or better cruise experience for cheap? Check out some of the popular cruise ship companies and tours that we've highlighted below to make the best choice!

Finding A Cruise To Take This Year

Cruises are often classified by interest, destination, and price. Once you’ve settled on your price range, what interests you, and where you want to go your options will become fewer and your choice easier. And if you are worried that no cruise line will cater to your interests, you may be surprised as to the vast array of different cruises available to you.  There are cruise lines that cater to singles, couples, families with infants, tweens, and teens. You can find culinary cruises, adventure cruises, themed cruises, and destination cruises. If you desire to travel with premium room packages, wifi, alcohol pages then a luxury cruise may also be the ticket for you!

Choosing The Cruise Line to Go With

In years past, you may have been able to score a cheap last minute cruise with no worry about what port you go out of. However, make sure to do you due diligence when booking a cruise this year as some cruise ships are either unable to or have chosen to embark from different ports than they're used to. There are so many cruise lines to choose from so let us help with this detailed breakdown below.
  • Princess Cruises: Princess Cruise ships are the industry leader in building safe and immaculate cruise ships. The strive to provide the on board luxury that so many cruise goers seek out. Princess Cruises has a long list of destinations they visit including but not limited to the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Mexico, South America, and so many more fun locations. The pricing of a Princess Cruise varies greatly by the type of room you select, packages chosen, and of course the destination. Princess Cruises is currently offering a wide range of offers such as "Drinks, Wifi, and Crew Incentive all for one low price! Check out current Princess Cruise offers here.
  • Holland America Cruises: Holland America offers exciting cruises to all over the world. Their most popular cruise tours include Alaska, Europe and the Mediterranean. As one of the recognized leaders in the cruise industry, it's no surprise that passengers have nothing but good things to say about this cruise line. Some packages currently offered include 50% off cruises, all inclusive cruises that include drinks, wifi, dining, and excursions. Learn more here about current deals offered by Holland America Cruise Lines.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Lines is excited to get people out traveling and cruising again. Due to this, there are a variety of offers you don't want to miss out on with deals like 30% off, free second guest, and even all inclusive premium packages on board. Norwegian is known for running highly desired deals on a seasonal basis such as $200 on board credit! Make sure to check what deals they have currently before booking. Known as the premier innovator in the cruise industry, you can enjoy many premium, luxurious amenities on board. Norwegian cruise lines currently have tours going to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska and many more! Don't miss out on Norwegian Cruises deals so check out more here.

  • Carnival Cruises: Carnival Cruises is the most popular cruise line due to the affordable rates, numerous available destinations and the abundance of cruise ships this line possesses. With Carnival, there is a cruise for everyone! Carnival has trips to many locations such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, the Bahamas, Europe, Hawaii, The Great Barrier Reef and so many more! Due to hopefully continue sailing in summer July 2021, Carnival has announced current deals you can check out here.

  • Royal Caribbean Cruises: Royal Caribbean Cruises provides cruises to unforgettable locations such as the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Australia, New Zealand and so many more! Royal Caribbean wants to get everybody back out cruising so they're offering amazing deals now such as $450 off and even 60% off a second guest. Check here for more current deals offered by Royal Caribbean.

  • Celebrity Cruises: Celebrity Cruises are consistently touted as one of the best luxury cruise lines to choose from right now. With destinations to places like Galapagos Islands, Europe, Caribbean, you're sure to broaden your horizons. For the most up to date information on Celebrity Cruise deals, check out more here.

It can be very overwhelming to choose the best cruise line so make sure to find one that fits all your needs!

Cruises For the Family

For those who are looking for a family-oriented cruise vacation there are several lines you might consider. For those families with children in a broad range of ages, your top choice might be Disney Cruises, especially if your family is partial to any of the various Disney movies.  Disney cruise lines has plenty of activities for the whole family and is one of the few cruise lines available that makes the extra effort to accommodate young children, even providing for the needs of babies and toddlers, an uncommon practice in the cruise industry.

Types of Cruises to Choose From

Not only is it important to find a cruise line you'll enjoy, it is just as important to make sure you choose a type of cruise that fits your vacationing needs. Check out different types of cruises to take below.

  • Luxury Cruises: Luxury cruise ships offer premium amenities in board as well as generous packages to use on the boat. Some luxury cruise lines available today are Regent Cruises, Oceania, Crystal, and Seaborn. It is important to note that while these are luxurious, they may also be smaller ships then you're used to seeing.

  • All Inclusive Cruises: An all inclusive cruise offers completely unlimited food, beverage, excurisons, activities and more! Most cruise lines today offer an all inclusive package but with varying rules and costs. Make sure to find a cruise that has a package that includes what you'll want on your trip.

  • Lifestyle Cruises: There are many types of cruises that cater to a certain age group, lifestyle or even those who are single. Some of these include cruises for seniors, couples, singles, families and more!

Nervous to book a cruise right now, make sure to get cruise insurance to protect your trip. TravelGuard, AARDY, SquareMouth, and BHTP are among the most popular to use. Don't miss out on the best cruise deals available now. Still unsure where to find a deal, check out AAA or travel clubs like that offering cruise deals now. Start shopping!