Finding Affordable Cruises

If you are looking to take a cruise, you may find yourself overwhelmed by all the different options you have available to you. There are dozens of different cruise lines, each with multiple ships in their fleets and different destinations, itineraries, costs, themes, and amenities. With all these different options, how are you supposed to begin to choose which cruise is right for you?  And how do you avoid spending a fortune on vacation when you could get a similar or better cruise experience for cheap? The only way to find the right cruise deal is to do your research.  Fortunately, we’ve started that research for you and have highlighted some of the best cruise lines for those seeking to take a cruise!

The Right Cruise for You

Cruises are often classified by interest, destination, and price. Once you’ve settled on your price range, what interests you, and where you want to go your options will become fewer and your choice easier. And if you are worried that no cruise line will cater to your interests, you may be surprised as to the vast array of different cruises available to you.  There are cruise lines that cater to singles, couples, families with infants, tweens, and teens.  You can find culinary cruises, adventure cruises, themed cruises, and destination cruises.  Warry of ocean travel?  There are many river cruises available to you.  If you desire the high life and the nostalgia of the past, luxury cruises may be perfect for you! As you can see the options are nearly endless!

There are many cruise lines out there as well.  You may have heard of some, such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, and Disney Cruises, but there are other cruise lines out there for you to book a vacation on. Silversea Cruises, Holland America, Oceania, Seabourn, Cunard, Crystal Cruises, Lindblad, and Viking River Cruises are just a few of the cruise lines that operate around the world. Each excels in various aspects of cruising, with some catering to families with large passenger boats, plenty of daily activities, and destinations in many major ports, where other cruise lines focus on smaller passenger count, luxury, and fine dining. Some cruise lines offer different experiences on different boats.  Depending on what you are looking for, one cruise line may stand out over the others.

If you are looking for a cruise vacation that won’t break the bank, then your best option may be to book a trip with the Carnival Cruise line. While Carnival is not as specialized as other cruise lines, they do have some of the cheapest options.  This is because of their large fleet of ships, with at least 25 different Cruise Liners operating around the world, and the large capacity of those ships. They maintain an emphasis on the so-called ‘traditional’ cruise destinations, focusing on the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Mexico, although they do sail to additional destinations.

Most cruises are in short 3-day trips or week long voyages.  You can expect prices as low as $80 a head per night. With Carnival’s frequent promotional deals, you can get prices even lower! Carnival, like all cruises, does have on-board extras but it doesn’t charge fees for access to many of the extras, like restaurants or shows.  Prices can spike in peak cruise and vacation seasons, so plan accordingly.

Cruises For the Family

For those who are looking for a family-oriented cruise vacation there are several lines you might consider. For those families with children in a broad range of ages, your top choice might be Disney Cruises, especially if your family is partial to any of the various Disney movies.  Disney cruise lines has plenty of activities for the whole family and is one of the few cruise lines available that makes the extra effort to accommodate young children, even providing for the needs of babies and toddlers, an uncommon practice in the cruise industry.

Many of the well-known Disney characters can be found on board the cruise, perfect for the Disney fanatic in your family. With multiple shows, great food, and plenty of activities Disney Cruises are an incredible choice. They do tend to cost more than other comparable cruises, but the magic is worth it. If you have teenagers, you may want to consider a Royal Caribbean cruise. Many Royal Caribbean cruises have plenty of high energy activities, such as water parks, rock climbing walls, and athletic courts for basketball and volleyball. There are also chaperoned teens only activities that give your teen some much needed independence while remaining safe and entertained.

For those of you who are without a family and looking to go on a solo cruise, a couples’ cruise, or an adventure cruise, you also have options.  Many cruise Lines offer singles cruises, which offer either single rooms (rarely, and at increased costs) or partnered rooms.  Holland America actually has a ‘roommate matching service’ for travelers of the same sex. For couples’ cruises you can’t do much better than a Paul Gaugin Cruises with special offers for honeymoon cruises, or anniversary/special occasion cruises.

The focus of these cruises is romance, and no expense is spared in giving you the perfect romantic vacation. Finally, if you are looking for exotic destinations and hands-on adventure you should consider a cruise with Lindblad Expeditions.  With exotic and far flung destinations in the Artic, Amazon, and even Galapagos islands, you’ll be sure to find adventure at every port. Many of the cruises are accompanied by professional photographers and even naturalists who give valuable information for the duration of the cruise.

If you are considering a cruise you will have no end of options when choosing a cruise line. The most difficult experience of the vacation will be selecting the perfect cruise for you (and your family!)