Customer Feedback Tools

Looking to integrate customer feedback and analysis into your business? Find out everything you need to know about customer feedback tools in this helpful guide.

From your position, your business may be delivering the exact products and services your customers need. However, you may be missing key elements that would drive customer satisfaction, lead to customer loyalty, and scale your business. By integrating customer feedback options and listening to what your customers have to say, you can gain the ability to see your business through their eyes. Yet, how can you do this in the most effective and efficient way? 

Customer feedback tools, and customer review management software programs, are solutions helping businesses collect and analyze customer feedback. They do not only streamline the process of receiving feedback, but they also organize it neatly which makes it easier to utilize the data to make important decisions. Find out everything you need to know about customer feedback tools in this handy guide, including their main advantages, the different types available and the best platform providers, and the associated costs. 

How Can Customer Review Platforms Help Your Business? 

Customer feedback is important for your business, in two main ways. The first way is it provides your clients opportunities to air their grievances and sing your praises. It is not only beneficial to you, but it also directly allows your customers to feel as though they are a part of a strong brand relationship. If they have a space to share their true thoughts and feelings, and that feedback is actively taken into consideration, they are more likely to stay loyal to your company despite any negative experiences. 

The second way customer feedback is helpful is through the collected data. Negative and positive information will allow you to:

  • Identify areas of your business that can be improved

  • Add products or services that would increase customer satisfaction

  • Highlight products or services that your clients love

  • Discontinue products or services that not performing well

  • Change service hours to suit customer needs 

  • Open new venues or implement new modes of serving clients 

  • Decrease wasted stock by altering orders to suit customer demands

  • Reduce customer churn and increase customer loyalty 

  • Scale your business 

Customer Feedback Tools

There are many different customer feedback tools on the market today. It can be difficult to know which one to choose, as many of them offer distinct ways of collecting, analyzing, and delivering information. Fortunately, knowing the types of customer feedback tools can help significantly in choosing the right one for your business: 

Voice of the Customer Tools (VoC Tools)

VoC tools are excellent options. They gather information about behavior, opinions, views, and feedback. They can use multiple methods of collection including insightful surveys, live chats, social media, website behavior, and online reviews. 

The most popular VoC tools are:

  • Medallia: Medellia is an experience management program, allowing you to focus on customer, employee, vendor, and stakeholder satisfaction. 
  • Confirmit: Confirmit offers a multi-stage process to designing and implementing the perfect VoC program for your specific needs. It also combines analytics and market research for a more accurate result. 
  • XM Discover: XM Discover collects information concerning customer effort, engagement, and emotion. If you want more in-depth feedback than simply negative and positive, this may be the perfect program for you.

Online Survey Tools

With customizable online survey tools, you can create surveys for your customer base with feedback buttons on your website or through email links. Some platforms even offer exporting and analysis of collected survey data. 

A few of the best online surgery tools include:

  • Survicate: Trigger targeted surgerys on different pages throughout your website with Survivate. You’ll also benefit from exporting options and analysis. 
  • SurveyMonkey: SurveyMonkey is a popular survey tool for one-time, short surveys.
  • Typeform: Create your own surveys, export collected data and generate reports with Typeform. 

Online Review Platforms

Online review platforms are another popular way of collecting customer feedback. Since the reviews are public, it can also influence potential customer buying behavior as many people look up ratings and reviews before using a particular company.

The most frequented review platforms are:

User Testing Tools

User testing tools are a great option if you need data concerning user interaction with your website. These tools collect information regarding clicks, views, interactions with links, interactions with surveys, forms, or polls, and when they abandon certain pages. These collections can be very helpful to website optimization. 

For comprehensive user testing tools, consider:

  • Mouseflow: With Mouseflow you can enable heatmaps, session replays, and visitor recordings to analyze customer behavior. It even has a unique feature to see why customers abandon the website. 

  • FullStory: FullStory provides broad views of customer behavior and lets you zone in on certain elements. For instance, you can even see how many times a customer has clicked on a certain link. 

  • Userlytics: Experiencing problems with your website or drops in customer activity? Userlytics can help with multiple services. You can customize the approach you want to use for your specific website. 

Community Feedback Tools

Community feedback tools allow you to collect information from your surveys or websites and can publish them in your community forms or public forms (such as Meta). In this way, your customers can also interact with the feedback and start discussions. Community feedback tools boost transparency, improve customer relations, and open dialogues between you and customers.

Looking for a great community feedback tool? Look into:

  • IdeaScale: IdeaScale is an excellent tool for polls, feedback, and discussions. It can be integrated with Meta which is an easy way to produce organic discussions. 

  • UserEcho: UserEcho allows customers to provide feedback, browse FAQs and guides, browse, and engage in discussions via a forum, access the help desk and live chat, and vote. 

Costs to Set Up a Customer Feedback Programs

Interested in customer feedback tools and customer review management software? One of your main priorities may be to ensure it fits in your business’s budget.