Detox Centers: Types of Centers & Benefits

Treatment options for addiction vary as the type of treatment that will work for those struggling with addiction can be extremely different from one individual to the next.

Inpatient Detox Treatment Centers

This type of treatment center allows the patient to have around-the-clock supervision in order to ensure that the detox process is completed safely with doctors and nurses around. During the time at an inpatient treatment program, the patient will be given the opportunity to have medical interventions if deemed necessary, drug detoxification, and in-depth therapy and counseling. Inpatient detox treatment programs normally last anywhere from 30-90 days. They sometimes go longer, depending on the location of the facility and the severity of the patient's addiction. For someone who needs extensive support and personal care, this type of detox treatment is an excellent solution.

Outpatient Detox Treatment Centers

This option can be beneficial for those individuals who have children or still need to work. Unfortunately, this option does not offer the same amount of direct support and care as inpatient treatment, but it is still an important option that people should consider. Outpatient detox treatment centers normally include routine and supervised medication handouts, direct counseling, and different addiction-based groups. Most of these types of centers do not usually have a fixed time frame in which the patient is released from the program. Instead, the detox program is set at the patient's own pace, and how willing they are to enter into recovery.

Rapid Drug Detox Treatment Centers

This type of treatment center is only or people that are addicted to opiates and heroin. The reason this type of treatment center is so selected is because the process of detoxing from these things could be dangerous. The patient is put into a medically induced coma in order for the process of detox to start. Before selecting this type of detox treatment, it's necessary to keep in mind the risks it includes compared to other detox treatments.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Drug Abuse Detox Treatment?

  • Peace of Mind - Once the patient is finally able to settle in to an alcohol detox treatment or drug treatment center, their mind will then start to ease as they are taking the first step towards recovery 

  • A Bigger Support System - Once a patient has proven that they are committed to recover, they may begin to noticed loved ones coming around again. Not only has the patient's recovery helped themselves, but it also allows your family to stop worrying so much.

  • A Healthier Life - After being in the detox treatment centers for a period of time, the patient will begin to noticed their health improving. Whether it is as simple as their stomach finally settling or their immune system beginning to go back to normal, every little thing is considered important when it comes to the patient's health.

  • A Clearer Mind - When the patient has been sober for even as little time as just a few days, they will begin to notice improvements in their mental awareness. Rather than the brain having to take longer than normal to process a situation, being sober will make the brain able to think through situations thoroughly without hassle.

  • Living a More Productive Life - Becoming sober by going to drug abuse detox treatment will allow you to spend more time organizing your life and less time searching for your next fix or drink. Being able to have this extra time will help you accomplish the goals you have always had for yourself.