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Is your business in need of better organization? Learn how task management software and to do list apps can keep your company on track.

When you own or manage a business, there are many reasons you need to stay organized and on task. For example, you must make sure the employees you hire are working efficiently. Organization can also help you avoid business pitfalls like spending money unnecessarily. If you happen to have a small or brand new business, every dollar spent is a hit to your profits. Additionally, you need to keep the company organized to make sure all tasks are performed properly and efficiently for safety, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Keeping all of the tasks associated with running a business organized efficiently was formerly a daunting, often nearly impossible task. That is because businesses were managed using complex paper filing systems and old technologies. Today, there are many technological advancements designed to make business operations easier. Among those advancements is the invention of task management software. Here are some top types of task management software and reasons to use it.

What Will Help Me Stay Organized?

Task management and to do list programs utilize the process of seeing a task through from beginning to end. In the business world, it also encompasses the process of analyzing and micro-managing tasks. Task management software allows you, as the business manager, to organize, schedule, and analyze tasks from start to finish. Those tasks may vary based on your business type and model. Some possible examples include:

  • Scheduling Equipment Testing

  • Planning Equipment Repairs

  • Monitoring of Progress on Specific Long-Term or Short-Term Projects

  • Delegation of Tasks to Specific Teams or Individual Employees 

  • Managing Inventories

  • Ordering Materials

  • Scheduling Routine Maintenance Tasks

What Types of Jobs Require Task Management Software and To Do List Apps?

Workers and business owners in almost any field can benefit from task management software. However, in some industries it is almost essential. For instance, construction is a multi-faceted undertaking. It requires many workers to coordinate their efforts for a common goal. When parts of the process are lacking, time and money are wasted. Safety risks also increase. Other industries that benefit from task management software include:

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Information Technology

  • Marketing

  • Healthcare Administration

  • Finance

What Are Some Types of Task Management Softwares and Mobile To Do List Apps to Use?

Task management software comes in several forms. It is important to choose the software that works best for your industry or company. Each type has certain limitations, but also has beneficial features. Top types of software are described below:

  • Individual task management software is designed for use by a project manager without any sort of group access. It is ideal for single, self-employed business owners or those who need to create and manage tasks alone, despite working within larger companies.

  • Collaborative task management software is specifically designed for use by teams. It allows all team members to stay informed of project progress and make updates regarding projects, as needed. However, it is typically only designed to support one ongoing group task at a time.

  • Integrated task management software provides full task integration and tracking for multiple tasks at once. It also allows teams to work together and track or update their progress on multiple specific projects. Additionally, integrated software keeps records of previous completed task. That record keeping allows project managers to use the data to streamline future task management processes.

Another important distinction between task management software is desktop versus web-based software. Web-based software typically uses a cloud-based system. That allows all employees, business owners, or managers to track project progress and make real-time updates. Desktop software is solely available to whoever is currently using the computer on which it is installed. It is ideal for single project leaders who do not have to frequently coordinate with their team members. When updates are required, managers must print documents or share them by other means, such as email or instant messaging services.

Which Checklist or To Do List App is the Best to Use? 

Using task management software only benefits your company when the software has the features you need. Every task management software brand is different. You must compare brands to locate the one best suited for your specific types and volume of projects. Often, a few features can make the difference between a mediocre task management experience and an ideal task management system. Here are some of the top task management software brands to consider:

  • ClickUp is one of the most popular task management brands today. It is routinely used by such well-known companies as Google and Airbnb. The ClickUp app is available on all devices. It includes platform integration and varied membership tiers for all company and team sizes.

  • Asana provides multiple tools to make every part of project management easier. Calendars, charts, and real-time progress reports are available to help teams fully automate task tracking.

  • Hive was created using a unique system that allowed Facebook contributors to determine features of the system. Since it was created by its users, it has unique, well-developed features. Among them are the ability to automatically schedule recurring tasks and automatic meeting scheduling.

  • Wrike is a fully scalable task management program users can customize. It includes many task management templates already created for specific industries as well. Its AI system includes automatic project risk prediction capabilities.

  • 7Shifts is a task management software focused primarily on employee monitoring and efficient time use. It allows easy task tracking and project assignments. Managers can easily use the software for real-time communication and feedback as well. 

Cost Breakdown for Task Management Softwares - Free Trial Options

The cost of task management software depends on the desired features and the scope of the tasks requiring management. It also depends on the level of membership selected. For example, ClickUp offers a completely free version, but that version only allows 11MB of storage. Paid memberships start at $5 per person per month and include unlimited storage. Wrike and many other task management software brands also offer either free membership or free trial options. All to do list apps and checklist apps offer a free no obligation trial. Make sure to check out and compare the benefits of each before committing.

Is Task Management Software Easy to Set Up?

Initially, setting up task management software might seem daunting. You cannot automate every process within your company immediately. Begin by only automating one or two tasks. Focus on the tasks that seem most intensive or appear to waste the most time when not automated. Slowly integrate more tasks into the new system as you get comfortable. Also, you can take advantage of tutorials and support provided by the company that supplies your task management software to move the process along.

To Do List Apps vs Checklist Apps? Compare Top 2 Brands

The to do list app is becoming increasingly popular, as people look for ways to become more organized and efficient. There are many benefits to using a to do list app, including the ability to keep track of tasks, set deadlines, and share tasks with others. There are also numerous free to do list apps available, so you can try one out without commitment. If you decide you like it, most to do list apps have basic versions that are free to use, with additional features available for a monthly or yearly fee. Clickup and Asana are two popular options, both of which offer free trials. Mobile apps are also available for both Clickup and Asana, so you can access your to do list from anywhere. With so many options available, there is sure to be a to do list app that meets your needs.

In today's fast-paced world, it's more important than ever to stay organized and on top of your to-do list. That's where to do list apps come in. These apps allow you to create a customized list of tasks, set reminders, and track your progress. And with the increasing popularity of smartphones, there are now many different to do list apps available for free. While some of these apps are simple and straightforward, others offer more advanced features such as task collaboration and real-time syncing. To try a to do list app for free, simply search for "to do list" in your app store and select the free version of your app of choice. If you're looking for a more premium experience, most to do list apps offer paid plans with additional features starting at around $5 per month.