Drain Cleaning Services and Specials

Cleaning the drains in your home is more than a side item on your spring-cleaning to-do list. While a deep clean once a year is definitely advised, regularly cleaning your drains also has multiple additional benefits and prevents more potentially serious issues.

There are several DIY drain cleaning processes such as using Drano or Liquid Plumber, which work well for helping your drains stay clear of certain debris. There are numerous types of clogs and issues these quality products are not able to handle effectively, however.                                                                  

Hiring professional drain cleaning services helps your drains function efficiently and cleanly. Many of these nationwide services also run pricing specials, making it affordable to have your drains cleaned the best way possible. There is a lot more involved in a professional drain cleaning process than most homeowners realize. There are also emergencies requiring fast, professional service in order to repair the issue before serious damage occurs. Read ahead for important information about drain cleaning services and the types of package and pricing specials they run.


Why Cleaning Your Drains is Important    

Cleaning your drains is important when your drains are clogged, but also on a regular basis. The ultimate reason is the same for both, which is to ensure your drains are clear and working effectively. There are also different but equally important reasons for having both types of services performed.

Clogged drains are a nuisance. Over the counter drain cleaners are effective to a certain degree, but some clogs require professional services to be completely removed. Do you have a nasty odor emanating from your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet or tub? Residue and debris left in your drains over time creates a toxic smell, which can be absorbed into your carpets, walls, towels, furniture and more. This is also potentially embarrassing when company is present. Clogged drains also prevent water from flowing properly, and sometimes at all, creating pressure leading to burst pipes and hoses. This type of situation becomes rapidly expensive to repair, especially when compared to the more affordable cost of hiring a regular drain cleaning service.

Scheduling regular drain cleaning services prevents buildup leading to clogs and foul odors. These foul odors are also dangerous, containing mold, mildew and bacteria. Having regularly cleaned drains helps keep you and your family healthy and secure from allergies, headaches, colds or worse. It also helps maintain the condition of your pipes and hoses. This reduces expenses and prevents costly emergencies from occurring. The price of hiring regular drain cleaning services, especially when they run package and pricing specials, is much lower than repairing burst pipes and water damage to your walls, floors, carpets and furniture.

What the Drain Cleaning Process Involves

The professional drain cleaning process involves elements of service not thought of by most homeowners. The first step combines the inspection of your plumbing and assessment of the severity of the clog, including any damage done. Some drain cleaning services even use advanced video screening of your drains to literally see the extent of the clog and condition of the walls of your pipes and other plumbing materials. Once the assessment is complete, the type of service and treatment needed to handle the problem is discussed and determined. Common tools used to unclog your pipes, hoses and drains include the following:

  • Pipe wrench

  • Basin

  • Snake Augers

  • Tube cutters

  • Pliers

  • Plunger

  • Drain snake

The more severe clogs might not respond to these common tools. Hydro-jetting is a method used to remove the worst of clogs when needed. Hydro-jetting shoots a significantly high-pressure stream of water into your tubes, hoses and plumbing. The highly pressurized water flushes through the entirety of your plumbing system at forceful, rapid rates. This is almost always enough to force out the worst of clogs and clean out all reside and buildup in your plumbing.

Types of Drain Cleaning Emergencies

There are various degrees of drain cleaning emergencies. The most common type involves basic clogs, which are unable to be cleared via over the counter or DIY products. Following those clogs is a backup of water leading to being unable to use needed sinks, tubs and toilets. All clogs can of course lead to nasty and even toxic odors and fumes, which need to be removed immediately before illnesses occur. The next most severe drain cleaning emergencies are clogs resulting in leaking and flooding. Both create more odors and risk of illness. Both also cause expensive water damage to cherished items and structural components of your housing. 

The worst type of drain cleaning emergency involves broken and burst pipes. These damaging situations are frequently created by clogs left untended to for long periods of time. This builds pressure, resulting in cracks in your plumbing, which eventually explode. This type of drain cleaning emergency is also the most expensive because it combines water damage combined with the need to replace elements of your plumbing and more. 

Average Costs for Drain Cleaning Services           

The cost of hiring drain cleaning services varies per service provider and the type and severity of the issue being repaired. Some snake drain fees cost $195 when servicing kitchen sinks, and $170 when servicing bathroom sinks/tubs. The average costs when clearing bathroom drains, tubs or kitchen sinks runs from more than $100 to just over $200. The average cost of clearing clogs from laundry machines ranges between $150 and a little over $200 as well. Clearing serious toilet clogs costs approximately $100 to over $270, and almost all drain clearing services charge an additional service fee. 

Main stoppage issue clearing services also charge a service fee. Average prices on top of the service fee range from approximately $180 to $400. Hydro-jetting is the second most expensive service, starting around just under $400. The removal and replacement of broken or burst plumbing is the most expensive service provided and potentially costs into the thousands of dollars depending on the extent of the damage and materials being replaced. This does not include replacing damaged carpets, drywall, furniture and other items destroyed by flooding.

Nationwide Drain Cleaning Services & Specials

There are many nationwide drain cleaning services with years of experience and positive consumer reviews. Mr. Rooter Plumber handles both residential and commercial plumbing issues across the country. ROTO-ROOTER is perhaps the most well known nationwide drain cleaning service in the United States. Additional and reliable nationwide drain cleaning service include:

Drain cleaning services also offer occasional pricing and package specials. Discounted spring cleaning specials are common. Some companies also offer discounted prices to first-time customers. Customers signing up for regularly scheduled drain cleanings are also offered repeat-customer discounts when applicable.