Earn Your IT Degree Online

Looking for an exciting career change? It's never too late to go back and complete the schooling you need for your dream job! Why not consider a job in IT? Check out some of the online programs you can do to earn your IT degree.

The acronym “IT,” is heard on a daily basis in many office and technology-based company settings. Commonly misunderstood as meaning “internet technology,” Information Technology (IT) jobs are experiencing an increasing demand compared to recent previous years. The COVID-19 pandemic hit almost every job sector hard in 2020, including the tech industry. The IT profession is doing better than many other professions, however. Jobs in the IT field are not only increasing but also paying well in 2021. Not only were countless new technology-based video conferencing systems installed during 2020, the residual need to maintain and update them remains into 2021. What are the benefits of getting an IT degree? How long does it take to get an IT degree and what are the top online universities for earning one? Read on for important information about how to earn your IT degree online and what types of jobs you can get after graduation.


Benefits of Getting an IT Degree

There are multiple benefits of getting an IT degree online in 2021 or beyond. The increased used of technology-based video conferencing systems as installed during 2020 need maintenance and updates in 2021 and beyond. COVID-19 has changed the way many companies, especially medical and education-based companies do business. Working remotely is also the preferred method for approximately two-thirds of U.S. workers now.

Many companies were already largely relying on computer systems prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) predicts computer support specialists, computer systems analysts and information security analysis to experience ten, nine and a whopping thirty-two percent job growth rate through 2028 respectively. The rapid increased use of Telehealth services for many medical, therapy and other clinical appointments also paints a beneficial picture for upcoming IT graduates. An overall increase in IT-based job security and income for students graduating with an IT degree is expected. Jobs in the IT field pay an average of over $55,000 per year at entry level. Top earners bring in over $122,000 per year, however. 

Costs of Going to School for an IT Degree

The costs of going to school for an IT degree vary greatly with the school of your choice, the state in which it is located, the type of degree being earned and additional costs beyond tuition. The average costs of going to school for an IT degree range between $4,000 and $30,000 per tuition year. The lesser costs might apply to a certificate degree program. An Associate degree in Information Technology costs an average of $18,000 per year, while a Bachelor’s degree program costs more. Books are capable of costing approximately $1,000 through $4,000+ additional money each year. Housing, health care, travel expenses, food and other costs are capable of averaging between $10,000 and $20,000 each school year when studying on campus. Many of those costs are negligible or non-existent when studying online, however. 

How Long Does It Take to Complete an IT Degree?

The length of time if takes to complete an IT degree online varies based on the type of degree being earned, your scheduling capabilities and the availability of an accelerated degree program at your school. For example, most IT Bachelor’s degree programs take four years to complete. An associate degree program generally takes two years to complete. Certain accelerated Bachelor’s degree programs are capable of being completed in 2.5 years online. Some cyber security companies require all their employees to obtain Master’s degrees as prerequisites to being hired. Master’s and doctoral degrees generally take two to four years longer to obtain beyond the time it takes to earn a Bachelor’s.

Completing an IT Degree In Less Than 24 Months - See Program Availability Near You

There are many types of online degree programs that can be completed in less than 24 months. That's only 2 years of hard work and studying to earn the degree you want! Luckily, if you're considering a career in IT, there are numerous nationwide programs that offer IT degree completion in less than 2 years! Some of these nationwide programs include Capella, GCU, WGU, and UMGC. The best part about some of these programs that offer completion in less than 2 years is 100% online classroom. Due to this, you have more flexibility to complete your assignments within the 24 months program schedule. Check for IT programs near you.

Types of Jobs You Can Get with an IT Degree

The IT job market contains numerous career choices and vocational options. Salary ranges and job availability vary based on each type of position as well as the type of degree you earned. Jobs as a software developer, data analyst and IT consultant are commonly placed post-graduation. Telecommunications, IT management and programming development positions are also frequently available. High-profile intense positions such as cyber security analyst for the CIA are also available for qualified candidates possessing the right degree. Additional jobs you can get with an IT degree include:

  • Network Architect

  • Forensic Analyst

  • Website Developer

  • Software & App Developer

  • Computer Support Specialist

  • Database Administrator 

Top Nationwide Online Schools for Earning an IT Degree Online

While many online colleges and universities offer high quality degree programs, some specialize in facilitating the best online IT programs available today. The top programs offer a combination of a high quality education, flexibility, solid job placement opportunities and more. The top nationwide online schools for earning an IT degree online are:

  1. Southern New Hampshire University

  2. Colorado State University

  3. University of Phoenix

  4. National American University

  5. University of Arizona Global Campus

1. Southern New Hampshire University

The Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) IT degree program offers five specialized areas of program concentration. Credits cost $320 per credit with ninety credits transferable into the program. SNHU projects an average salary of over $88,000 per year for its graduates.

2. Colorado State University

Colorado State University Global teaches business skills, advanced computer and mathematics courses integrated into IT-based solutions. Your post-graduate career outlook includes an approximated $77,000 entry-level salary. Top placement positions include IT Help Desk Specialist, Systems Administrator, Network Engineer and more.

3. University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is one of the most commonly known online colleges available. Its IT degree programs include the Associate of Arts with a Concentration in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Master of Information Systems programs. The accredited University of Phoenix guarantees your tuition will not increase the entire time you are a student. The majority of available programs are also based on industry-relevant material and exams as provided by major tech companies such as Microsoft and Cisco.

4. National American University

The IT Bachelor’s degree program at National American University incorporates various fundamental elements of specific technology with specialized training. The main purpose is to educate and prepare students to the highest possible levels with regard to management advancement potential in their career fields of choice. The National American University IT Bachelor’s degree is also designed to compliment previous degrees and applicable training in IT-related areas. Implementation and maintenance of relational databases, solution and procurement strategies, system analysis, the application of structured program analysis and ethical decision-making in the modern IT environment are all included.

5. University of Arizona Global Campus

The University of Arizona Global Campus Information Science and Technology Bachelor of Science degree is a comprehensive program. Courses include computer/information science, data science, engineering, psychology, human behavior, mathematics, statistics and more. Careers in web development, information architecture/security, data analysis, UX design and data science are all common post-graduate placements.