Best Selling Electronic Signature Options

E-signature software plays a prominent role in daily business operations. Read a guide to the best selling electronic signature options available in 2021.

Using electronic signature software, also referred to as e-signature software, eliminates the need for time-consuming collections of physical signatures on important documents. E-signature software has recently taken a more prominent role in daily business operations. The COVID-19 virus forced businesses to convert (at least partially) to virtual working environments. E-signatures became necessary to complete contracts, hire new employees, change policies and more.

What are the benefits of having an electronic signature program to use versus paper? What are the average costs of such programs and what businesses benefit the most from their use? Read ahead for an informative guide to the best selling electronic signature options available in 2021.

Electronic Signatures 101

Electronic signatures have been around since approximately 1976 when two pioneer Stanford cryptographers brought its viability to the attention of business people worldwide. By 1988 an elementary digital signature package called Lotus Notes 1.0 was placed for sale on the public market. E-signatures were eventually embedded into PDF format and (via a slightly winding path) became the time-saving beneficial tool they are today.

The primary function of an electronic signature program is to electronically enter signatures onto documents in place of hand-written, physical signatures. Signed documents are subsequently shared electronically, with each program using proprietary encryption methods to secure the privacy of all transferred information. E-signature programs also commonly integrate with outside applications/programs such as HR Management Suites and CRM software for the purpose of securing additional information. Encryption used in e-signature programs meets local/federal standards to expedite document exchange processes and protect the legality and credibility of all signatures/data run through each software program.

Electronic Signatures - Who Benefits & How?

Many benefits of electronic signature programs extend beyond the expedited completion of important documents. Certainly, obtaining signatures quickly using electronic methods helps your business move forward with less delays. In turn, this helps increase your bottom line and profits. E-signature programs save money but also time. Waiting on hard copies of important documents to be delivered via mail is expensive, wasteful and often expensive. Electronic signature programs prevent the use and/or waste of paper products and ink, while also eliminating expenses from courier or overnight/rush deliveries. 

E-signatures also benefit customers & clients. The same timesaving and convenience-based benefits experienced by businesses are extended to customers/clients as well. No one has to travel or take time mailing documents when e-signatures are used. Digital signatures also provide tamper-evident watermarked security protocols and track the source(s) of every single downloaded document. Finally, scalability allows businesses to handle increased document volumes with no impedance upon daily performance/scheduling. Additional benefits of using e-signature programs include:

  • Large cloud-based storage capabilities

  • Collaboration features to avoid delays/miscommunications

  • Recall features to prevent mistakes/time-consuming lost data

  • Secure/centralized storage locations via SmartVault or similar programs

  • Private virtual meeting rooms to personalize the secure signing of vital documents

3 Bestselling Electronic Signature Products Available Now

Multiple electronic signature software programs are available today. Each program serves the same primary purpose, which is to automate and simplify the process of quickly/securely obtaining signatures on your vital documents. Programs such as PandaDoc and Adobe Sign help businesses achieve all-in-one document workflow automation and 100% paperless processes respectively. offers an additional forty percent discount to nonprofits. SignNow and EverSign are also popular e-signature products on the market today. Still, a few electronic signature programs rise above the others for their top-rated customer service and excellent features. The 3 best selling electronic signature products available now are:

  1. DocuSign

  2. HelloSign

  3. Formstack Sign

1. DocuSign

DocuSign conveniently permits customers to sign up free of charge prior to charging a subsequent low entry-level subscription fee of $10/mo. DocuSign is widely considered the best e-signature program available due to its comprehensive cloud agreement and flagship DocuSign eSignature features. Eighty-two percent of agreements signed using DocuSign are completed within twenty-four hours. Better yet, fifty percent of agreements signed using DocuSign are completed within a mere fifteen minutes, making DocuSign hugely beneficial for businesses needing to move forward with contracts and other agreements fast. DocuSign features over 350 APIs/integrations and its top-rated customer support is available 24/7. Personal, Standard and Business Pro plans are $10, $25 and $40/mo respectively. Customizable advanced solutions are available via private quote by calling 1-877-720-2040.

2. HelloSign

HelloSign is perhaps the simplest and most convenient way to obtain (or deliver) legally binding signatures for any business in 2021. E-signatures obtained using HelloSign are compliant with the highest required security standards/regulations and offer large-business-quality custom branding at a small/mid-size business price. Top features include a robust workflow, automatic email reminders and team management capabilities. Return on Investment (ROI) is increased by using HelloSign’s flexible and efficient software and integration with Slack, Salesforce and multiple other popular business apps makes HelloSign a tool your business cannot do without. HelloSign offers $0, $15, $20 & custom-pricing options for its monthly plans and provides a free mobile app compatible with Android and iPhone smart-technology devices.

3. Formstack Sign

Formstack Sign is popular in large part due to its simple, expeditious and highly secure process of collecting electronic signatures. The Formstack Sign brand name might seem unfamiliar to some consumers because the program was previously marketed as InsureSign. Documents are signable from multiple devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. E-signatures are also procurable using text message services, making Formstack Sign one of the fastest and most convenient programs to use for signatures you need without delay. Customer service is provided 24/7 via various methods. Formstack Sign pricing is available in three services plans, each billed in monthly or annual payments. The Starter and Pro plans are $20 & $32/mo billed when billed monthly. Monthly prices are reduced by twenty percent when billed annually, however. An Enterprise plan is available via custom quote and Formstack Sign also offers a free trial prior to purchasing the program.