Equipment Rentals Near Me

If you are working on a personal landscaping project, transforming your lawn into an extensive garden, or working on some home repairs, you may need access to hefty equipment to get the job done. This guide will tell you all you need to know about renting equipment today.

Whether you are retired or are a project person, many people like to take on DIY tasks in landscaping, agriculture, and home gardening, or even home construction projects. For these tasks, you may need expensive equipment that you do not own personally to complete your goal. This is where equipment rentals come into play. There are equipment rental companies out there ready to help you complete your project in an efficient manner, and this article will guide you in where to look for equipment rentals, cost of rentals, and types of rentals available. 

Ways to Rent Equipment 

When looking to rent equipment for a personal project, there are many nationwide options to choose from when renting equipment. Home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes often offer equipment rentals, and some other companies exist that exclusively rent industrial equipment for personal projects. Here is a comprehensive list of companies you can seek out if you are looking to make equipment rentals. 

  • Home Depot Home Depot offers rental equipment for farming, gardening, construction, or landscaping needs, whether for your business or a DIY project. Home Depot has locations throughout the nation ready to help you with a rental today. 
  • Lowes Lowes offers a wide variety of tool rentals for all kinds of projects, from welding, to scaffolding, to climate control. Lowes has nationwide locations where you can rent the equipment you need easily. 
  • Big Rentz Big Rentz offers nationwide rentals, with a special of $250 off your first equipment rental. Big Rentz is good for businesses or big projects, as they have a team on hand which handles all the fine details of your rentals, including delivery and returns, and has an employee assigned to your file to make sure you are always taken care of in a timely fashion. 
  • Herc Rentals Herc Rentals is a great option if you are working on a construction project. With nationwide locations, they offer extensive construction equipment rentals ready to help you complete your home improvements today. 
  • Tractor Supply Co Tractor Supply Co is a good option if you are looking to work on a landscaping or farming and gardening project, or to support your farming business. With extensive nationwide locations, they are available to help you bump up your business or get started on your lawn makeover. 

Types of Equipment Available for Rent 

Different companies offer different types of equipment for rent, but you will assuredly be able to find what you need for your personal project or business. At Home Depot, you can rent a variety of equipment including a skid steer, a tractor, a mini excavator, scaffolding, different types of lifts - scissor and boom lifts, chippers and stump grinders, air comps and tools, floor care machinery, power and lighting tools, trenchers, and more. 

At Lowes you can rent much of the same selection as at Home Depot, but in addition you can rent lawn care tools, fasteners, concrete tools, paint and drywall tools, portable power machinery, plumbing tools, rotos, chainsaws and tree care tools, rotos, and a variety of power tools. 

Big Rentz has a variety of equipment you can rent for all your construction needs, including many kinds of lifts, earthmoving machinery, vehicles for construction, compaction equipment, and temperature control equipment. Similarly, at Herc Rentals you can rent equipment for all your construction needs including aerial machinery, paving machinery, floor care equipment, masonry and concrete machinery, and vehicles. 

Tractor Supply Co, or TSC, offers equipment for all your farming and gardening needs. Their offerings include several different types of mowers, tilling and cultivating tools, mower attachments, chainsaws, 3-point equipment, log splitters, trimmers, leaf blowers, generators, sprayers, and even ATVs. 

If you're looking to rent a skid steer, there are a few things you'll need to know. First, skid steers are available for rent at many different locations, so you'll need to find a rental company that's convenient for you. Second, skid steer rental costs can vary depending on the size and type of skid steer you're renting, as well as the length of the rental period. Finally, skid steers can be used for a variety of tasks, so you'll need to make sure you're familiar with the controls and operation of the skid steer before you begin your project.

Average Cost of Equipment Rentals 

The cost of your equipment rental will vary depending on the size and complexity of the machinery you rent. Excavators are often rented by businesses because they are only needed for a short time. Rental equipment is usually priced on a per day basis, and for excavators the daily cost can range anywhere from $3000 to $900 per day. Bulldozers vary anywhere from $1000 to $200 per day. Forklifts can vary from around $600 to $100 per day. 

Smaller or less complex equipment such as scissor lifts will vary at a lower price point from $250 to $100 per day. At Home Depot you can rent a trailer for about $100 per day, where the cost to buy the same trailer is about $800. Home Depot offers a great tool to calculate how often you will need to rent a piece of equipment and how your price point will compare to buying the equipment outright. 

The average cost for renting a woodchipper or a trencher is about $200 per day. All in all, you can save a lot of money through renting equipment rather than buying if you only need equipment for short-term use. 

Average Time Limit of Renting Equipment 

With most rental equipment, the average time limit will vary depending upon availability. Many equipment rental companies offer rentals in segments of 4-hour rentals, daily rentals, weekly rentals, or some even offer long-term rentals. When you are looking to make a rental, it is good to book in advance because the closer to your date of necessity, the more likely the equipment you need will already be booked out to somebody else. 

You will determine the length of your rental before you confirm and pay for your rental. Most often the maximum amount of time you can secure a rental for will be a week, but in that case, you can book multiple weeks individually in advance if you will need the equipment for longer than a week but shorter term than a long term rental. Luckily, if you only need to rent equipment for a few hours, most companies offer a very short term hourly or four-hour rental price point that will allow you to save money instead of paying for an entire day’s rental.