Find A Construction Job in 5 Easy Ways

With the ups and downs of current living situations right now, it is always good to have jobs to fall back on. Luckily, if you were employed in any type of construction or possess the skills, it can be rather easy to find a job right now. With more and more construction projects being deemed essential, there is no shortage of construction jobs. However, it is best to make sure you’re looking for the right things in a job. Whether it is part time, full time or just a freelance construction job you’re looking for, there are quite a few resources to use.

Construction jobs can be easy to find, you just need to know where to look. Check out these 5 ways to locate a construction job near you.

  1. Utilize a Staffing Service: There are many staffing companies that cater to the construction industry. Most of these services can provide resources to find both part-time and full time (long-term) construction projects to work on. These positions can be for both skilled or even unskilled trades. Many have found that this is the fastest way to find a construction job. Some staffing services to utilize when looking for a construction job are included in the following list:

  2. Networking: One of the best ways to find a construction job is by networking. Nothing is better than hearing first hand from companies or employees at companies that are hiring for construction jobs. You can get specific adviser on the work environment, pay and more. It is always important to build long-term relationships with those in the industry as you never know how a connection could benefit you later on in life.

  3. Keep a Relevant Resume: Your resume tells a story about you to employers. In other words, make sure you’re keeping it updated as you gain new skills and work experience. Make sure you tailor your resume to the job position you are applying for. An easy way to do this is by including some of the job description language in your resume.

  4. Know the Industry: It is important to learn the industry you’re working in. In the construction industry, it’s always best to know the big players as well as the smaller businesses. As with any industry, construction is always experiencing change. Make sure to stay up to date on industry changes and current trends. Your knowledge of the industry will impress potential construction job employers.

  5. Remain Patient: As with any uncertain times, finding a job could take weeks, months or just a few short days. Make sure to stay patient and send out as many resumes as you can. The right position will show up for you with the right amount of patience and persistence.

Best Places to Look For Construction Job Positions

Average Salary of Construction Jobs

The average salary of current construction jobs can vary quite a bit by location, type of construction jobs, duration of a project and much more. Check out the average construction work hourly wages in some of the biggest cities in the country.

  • New York City: $12- $48/hour

  • San Francisco: $17- $32/hour

  • Los Angeles: $13 - $38/hour

  • Chicago: $13 - $27/hour

  • Dallas: $12 - $20/hour

  • Miami: $10 - $34/hour

  • Seattle: $14 - $37/hour

For more information about hourly wages for construction wages by state, check out this helpful resource

There are a variety of ways to find a construction job these days, but these tips mentioned above have proven to be the most successful way.