Find Foundation Repair Services

Are you looking for foundation inspection or foundation repair services? Find out everything you need to know about foundation inspection and repair, including the average costs of these services and locating your nearest repair contractor.

As a homeowner or business owner, you may perform regular repairs on your building, or you may even have invested in renovations. Yet, you may be amongst the many who overlook a critical area of their home or business, the foundation. The foundation is essential for a stable, even or level home. If your foundation was not built properly, or if your foundation has incurred damage or been neglected over time, you may have serious problems that threaten the stability and structure of the building.

Accordingly, it is important to have a professional inspect your foundation and repair any problems on a routine basis. This brief guide will help you understand foundation inspection and repair services, common foundations that require repairs, benefits of foundation inspection and repair, average costs for foundation repair, and locating repair contractors near you.

What Are Foundation Inspection and Repair Services?

Foundation inspection services are crucial to catching small problems before they become extensive or expensive issues. When you receive a foundation inspection, a qualified and licensed professional will come to your home or building to assess the integrity of your foundation. They are not only trained to notice serious problems, they know exactly what causes these problems, if they can be repaired, and how they can be repaired.  

A foundation inspector may not perform the repairs themselves, but they can refer you to a professional and experienced repair expert within their company or a repair contractor within the community. A foundation repair may involve:

  • Sealants and masonry patches for minor cracks

  • Mudjacking for small job uneven foundations

  • Piering or piling or resettling a foundation 

  • Soil modification or stabilization for creating a stable, even foundation 

Common Types of Foundations

Although many people may believe there is only one type of foundation, there are actually multiple types of foundations. The most common type of foundation is a crawlspace foundation, where there is several feet of room under the building before you reach the ground. Another popular type of foundation is a basement foundation, where homes or businesses have a basement and foundation under the ground. A third type of foundation is a pier foundation, where the house or business is raised high off the ground with poles and stakes. Notably, some buildings that had renovations or additions may have two types of foundations, such as a basement and a crawlspace, or a basement and piers. 

Furthermore, you may also have foundations for multiple structures on a property. A foundation may be required for walkways, steps, decks, porches, garages, and sheds. Inspections and repairs for these small jobs are typically cracked foundation repair. As such, they are usually quicker and require less extensive work than basement foundation repair, crawl space foundation repair, or pier foundation repair. 

Benefits of Foundation Inspection and Repair

Many homeowners and business owners may overlook the necessity of receiving routine inspections and repairs, leading to major problems in their foundation that threaten the structure of their home and the safety of their family or employees and clients. On the other hand, if you opt to receive inspection and repair on a regular basis, you can reap many benefits such as:

  • Adding comfort to your home with even floors, stable floors, and sticking doors and windows.

  • Providing aesthetic value to your property’s structures by leveling steps, decks, and sheds

  • Improving your home or business value 

  • Providing necessary information for a potential buyer

  • Preventing structural damage to the home by catching problems early

  • Reducing the risk of dangerous health issues such as mold growth

  • Minimizing future flooding risks through cracked foundation repair or drainage solutions

Average Costs for Foundation Inspection and Repair 

Foundation inspection and repair costs will depend on many factors in your home or business, such as the type of foundation, the size of the building, the materials that compose the foundation, and the last time the foundation was inspected or repaired. Since this is the case, the cost of your inspection and repairs may vary from the average. 

The typical cost for a foundation inspection ranges between $300 to $1000. If you receive the inspection from a reputable company, you should receive an on-site inspection, a certified report detailing any problem areas and recommendations for repairs, and photos of issues or damages. Furthermore, if there are any serious or emergency issues, they may recommend a particular structural engineer or repair expert to come assess the foundation farther. 

It is important to keep in mind that inspections do not involve repairs, and so, repairs will be an additional cost. Repair costs can cost up to $10,000 depending on the state of your foundation and the repairs that need to be completed. In particularly complex jobs, costs include preparing the foundation for work to be done, excavating around the perimeter of the foundation, repairing the foundation on either side, and restoring the perimeter around the foundation. If you receive regular inspections and repairs, you may have lower cost and less extensive repairs because issues will be caught early on.

Find a Professional Repair Contractor Near You 

When searching for a repair contractor near you, it is essential to find a certified or licensed professional. A cracked foundation repair, uneven foundation repair, or crooked or bulging foundation walls are not jobs that should be taken lightly, as repairs need to be precise and well-done to prevent serious problems. For this reason, it is imperative to perform sufficient research on your intended foundation repair contractor prior to hiring them. You may wish to look into associations that hold businesses to high repair foundation standards such as National Foundation Repair Association or BBB. You can reach out to such organizations to find businesses in your area that are members. Another way of finding credible businesses is through referral from reliable Inspectors or Building Contractors. 

One of the best practices to follow when looking into a specific foundation repair contractor is to read their reviews from other clients, review how long they have been in business, and ensure they have the proper licenses, certifications, and insurance.