Tips to Finding A Frontend Developer Job

Front-end developer jobs are lucrative and rewarding in modern times. Read ahead for important tips on finding a frontend developer job today.

Creating and building a quality website involves three main processes and corresponding types of developers. Front-end and back-end website developers each handle different phases and tasks pursuant to website creation, while full-stack developers manage the entire process. Each phase of website development is important but the job of the front-end developer involves a unique connection to online viewers. Front-end developer jobs are lucrative and rewarding once you take the proper steps to get hired. The field is highly competitive, which means obtaining the best education possible is a necessity for winning jobs over potentially hundreds of competing candidates. Read ahead for important tips on finding a frontend developer job today.

Understanding Frontend Developer Jobs

Professional website development is often a deeply technical process meant for people who have a strong ability to focus on details for extended periods of time. Developing a website also requires specific training/education and knowledge of coding. Front-end developers are responsible for blending coding skills with a keen sense of artistic development and creativity. The front end of a website is what online viewers see when they visit a site. The links and features with which viewers interact are also designed by front-end developers.

Coding languages used in front-end website development includes JavaScript, CSS and HTML. These languages are utilized to integrate all surface-level visual aspects seen and reacted to by site visitors. Front-end developer work is commonly integrated with tasks handled by support server-side programs and back-end developers. This cooperative effort creates a seamless overall experience for everyone viewing the site. Essentially, a front-end developer is required to possess multi-faceted training/skillsets in computer programming and artistic-based fields.

Frontend Developer Job Responsibilities

Front-end developers take on multiple responsibilities under one job title. Visual elements seen by viewers are referred to as user-facing features. A front-end developer is responsible for designing the user-facing features of a website in addition to writing reusable libraries and code. Online visitors expect speed and convenience with all interactive experiences. A front-end developer is also responsible for enhancing top-level scalability and application speed. The goal of a company is to grow and increase business. A front-end developer is required to implement a framework utilized for developing user apps, which can grow alongside company needs. Additional front-end developer job responsibilities include:

  • Translation of UI/UX design wireframes into legitimate code.
  • Decreasing differentials between technical implementation and graphic design requirements.
  • Collaboration with team members and site controllers/owners.
  • Website upkeep and performance (preventing dropouts; sustaining site usability; problem-solving).
  • Multi-platform translation/usability of site.
  • Developing responsive design functionality for user-facing features.
  • Input-data validation prior to allowing back end submissions to go through.
  • Balancing website aesthetics with operational functionality.
  • Quality control over feature coding, site applications and necessary upgrades (in coordination with a development team).

Education Requirements

Ideal front-end developers are commonly required to hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, web design or another related field. Experience working in the same or similar field for a minimum of three years is also commonly required. A firm grasp of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies along with expert-level skills in macOS and code visioning tools is necessary. Strong front-end developer candidates also need education in Gimp and Photoshop programs.

Proficient training in various programming languages is also required. For example, CSS is the coding language used to design HTML documents and dictate how various HTML elements are displayed. Therefore, a detailed education in the use of both CSS and HTML is required for all front-end developer candidates in 2021. Additional education and other requirements need to get a front-end developer job include:

  • Thorough comprehension of image authoring tools and web markup
  • Proficiency with JQuery (part of a JavaScript library)
  • Strong work ethic and goal completion percentages in unsupervised conditions

Best Online Schools for Frontend Developer Learning

Many free certificate (and nanodegree) courses are available online for front-end developer learning in 2021. Depending on the provider, certificate programs are designed to either get you into the workforce fast or bolster your current job position/salary. If you are pursuing more than an entry-level position and expect a higher salary it is best to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree, however. CareerExplorer provides a free career test as a means for you to ascertain your true career goals and objectives.

Top accredited online schools are available to teach you what you need to know about front-end developing. Employers hold certificates and degrees earned from accredited programs in higher regard than those obtained from unaccredited schools. The best online schools for front-end developer learning in 2021 are:

Tuition Costs and Financial Aid Options

The cost of earning a front-end developer education varies based on your in-state/out-of-state status as well as individual school policies. Tuition for certificate programs range from a few hundred dollars up to approximately $10,000 per program. Associate degree programs cost approximately $3,000-$4,000/yr and tuition for bachelor’s degree programs cost an average of $7,000 through $30,000+/yr.

Financial aid to help pay for some of all your tuition costs might be available when you submit a completed Free Federal Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) form online or via the U.S. mail. Federal Pell Grants from the U.S. federal government and scholarships from individual schools help students with financial need or outstanding academic achievements respectively. Additional financial aid information is available at

Average Starting Salaries

Average starting salaries for front-end developers ranges between $50,000 and $60,000/yr. The median salary for web developers and digital designers is $77,200/yr with an eight percent job growth rate through 2029. Top and/or more experienced candidates potentially earn above $100,000/yr, however.

Top Tools for Finding Frontend Developer Jobs Today

Multiple websites and top online resource tools are available to help find front-end developer jobs. is one of the most popular job-board sites online today. Additional top tools/resources for finding front-end developer jobs today include: