GED Test Online: How to Prepare

If you were unable to finish high school, then passing the GED test online or at your local educational center can help you earn more. As a worker with a GED, you are a more desirable candidate for jobs requiring a basic level of education. 

Taking a GED practice test or enrolling in classes to help you prepare as well as illustrate what to expect on the real test and what material to study. It will also help you get used to the structure and formatting of the test, which may make you feel more comfortable and at ease when taking the real exam. The GED test is long, and practicing can help you stay focused during your testing appointment.

Benefits of GED Schooling Programs:

Successfully completing GED classes and passing the test is beneficial for work- and income-related reasons. Having a GED is the equivalent of a high school diploma. Companies typically favor prospective employees with high school diplomas over high school dropouts. Individuals who dropped out are more likely to be unemployed.

Similarly, the more educated workers are, the more they earn annually and over their lifetimes. Workers without high school diplomas earn about $20,000 a year on average, whereas the high school graduates make $28,000 annually on average. College graduates go on to earn an average of $51,000 a year.

A GED is also a preliminary step towards going to college. Universities and trade schools alike require you to have a high school diploma or GED to obtain further education. Like completing GED schooling programs, obtaining a two- or four-year degree or a certificate can improve your odds of being hired for a position and increase your income potential. 

Types of GED Testing Near Me:

Each state has different requirements for GED classes and testing, so it is important to research age limits, testing fees and policies before enrolling. For instance, many states require applicants to be at least 16 or 18 years of age. 

GED prep courses will cover topics that are on the test including the following:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Life science
  • Algebra and geometry
  • Sentence structure
Questions may seem more formal and, therefore, more difficult to understand. GED classes and practice tests can make you more familiar with the testing language. For instance, a question may ask which of the multiple-choice answers is the most correct instead of just one correct answer out of several incorrect options.  

Many GED schooling programs are available through adult education facilities, community colleges and technical schools. Classes may take place over several weeks, multiple days a week and typically at night when adults are no longer at work. 

Online GED classes are also available to help you prepare for the exam at home, as are online practice tests and other prep material. Online classes allow you to cover material during a schedule that works for you through prerecorded videos. Many online class providers also have instructors communicate by email. 

Free study and preparation material may be found at local libraries and online. Likewise, you may be able to use free sample tests to practice a portion of the test.

What to Know About a GED Practice Test:

Taking a GED test online is the most convenient way to practice for the real exam. Practice can help you review the material and illustrate where you may need to study more. 

It typically takes participants seven-and-a-half hours to complete all four sections of the test, which include:

  • Language arts (reading and writing)
  • Math
  • Social studies
  • Science
You complete each section separately within the specific allotted time-frame. The language arts section limit is 150 minutes, the math limit is 115 minutes and the social studies and science sections each have a 90-minute limit. However, you can complete as many or as few sections in one or multiple sessions as you like. 

Like the real exam, a GED practice test requires a score of 410 to pass. The test includes multiple-choice questions, an essay and open-ended questions depending on the section. For instance, the writing portion is essay-based so graders can review your ability to summarize and convey thoughts in written communication.

A GED practice test can help prepare you for taking many parts of the exam and seeing your results. Classes assist students in studying for the exam by covering specific information as well as instructing you on how to strategize and use reason to pass the test.