Glucose Monitors for Home Use

Glucose monitors for home use help monitor blood sugar & manage diabetes. Read information about the best-rated glucose monitors for home use in 2021. 

An estimated total of thirty-four million people in the U.S. have diabetes and diagnosed cases are increasing at a concerning rate. Diabetes is categorized as Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, the former of which is primarily more severe. Glucose monitors for home use are available to help monitor blood sugar and manage diabetes more effectively. What are some other benefits of having a glucose monitor (glucometer) for home use? What are some best-rated glucose monitor brands and where are the best locations to purchase one?

The majority of home glucose monitors cost approximately $50 although machines with more features and higher ratings are likely to also have higher price tags. High-quality glucose monitors are available online, at major retailers, discount stores and pharmacies across the nation. Why is the importance of maintaining healthy blood pressure emphasized so heavily in recent times? Read ahead for important information about the best-rated glucose monitors for home use in 2021. 

Benefits of Having a Glucose Monitor for Home Use

It is possible to have high blood sugar without having diabetes (medically known as nondiabetic hyperglycemia), although high blood sugar is a proven precursor to diabetes if not monitored and controlled. One of the primary benefits of having a glucose monitor for home use is the ability to prevent the onset of diabetes by monitoring and therefore controlling your glucose levels. Using a home glucose monitor helps improve your quality of life, but more importantly is also potentially capable of saving your life.

Convenience & Ease-of Use

What are some other benefits of having a glucose monitor for home use? Using a home glucose monitor is generally convenient and easy to do. This benefit is important to many U.S. senior citizens afflicted with high blood sugar and/or diabetes as well as people with disabilities or limitations caused by diabetes complications. Convenience and simplicity of use also make it more plausible (and likely) for a person to check his or her glucose levels than if the process was complicated and/or time-consuming.


Safety was perhaps an overlooked convenience of home-use glucose monitors prior to 2021. Checking your glucose/blood sugar levels at home reduces the amount of visits you make to doctor’s offices and hospitals. This is especially important during times of the global COVID-19 pandemic, even though vaccinations are reported as effective in reducing the spread of the virus. Simply put, people with diabetes have an underlying condition making them more at-risk of further complications if they contract the novel coronavirus. The ability to regularly check your blood sugar levels also contributes to the other overall safety and quality of life you experience.


Modern glucose monitors are highly accurate. Sensitive strips/electronics made of specific chemicals/materials help detect all elements and components of your blood with extreme detail. Home-use glucose monitors might not provide the same accuracy as a professional laboratory but the best-rated devices manage to get surprisingly close.

Ability to Make Medical-Level Decisions

Home-use glucose monitors allow you to make crucial medical-level decisions. For example, awareness of your blood sugar levels helps you to alter your diet in real-time to prevent sickness, weakness or an otherwise worsening or your symptoms. A rapid increase in glucose levels is also a possible sign of something more medically serious about to occur. Discovering such an increase early allows you to seek professional medical help in time to mitigate the consequences.

Senior Citizen Friendly

U.S. senior citizens are becoming more and more independent every year. Still, many seniors in the time of COVID-19 are forced to remain at home. Home-use glucose monitors allow senior citizens with high blood sugar and/or diabetes to check glucose levels without leaving home. This reduces the collective senior risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus, while also simultaneously increasing overall health levels and medical safety.

Affordable Money-Saving Pricing

Purchasing a glucose monitor for use at home is commonly a purchase a person makes only once in his or her lifetime. Owning one of these devices eliminates the majority of expenses associated with glucose tests conducted at medical facilities and/or laboratories. Commuting expenses to/from doctor’s offices pursuant specifically to blood sugar testing are also almost entirely eliminated. Finally, most home-based glucose monitoring devices range in price from $40-$60 and are therefore quite affordable overall.

Valuable Features

Glucose monitors for use at home are packed with multiple valuable features. The ability to track your insulin is one valuable feature. Additional valuable features associated with modern home-use glucose monitors include:

  • Data-syncing w/websites & apps

  • Data recording capabilities

  • Diet & exercise note-taking & guidance

  • Shareable information w/applicable family members & physicians (as per HIPPA guidelines)

  • Progress reports in graph/pie chart formats

  • Voice readout capabilities (when available)

  • Carry-size/portable units are commonly available

  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices

Top-Rated Home Glucose Machines for 2021 (including prices & purchase options)

Finding the best home glucose machine is simple to do with a bit of research. Make certain to compare accuracy and features as well as prices. 5 top-rated home glucose machines for 2021, including prices, best qualities & purchase options are:

  • AUVON DS-W Blood Sugar Kit (best overall for home; from $22.99 @

  • Contour NEXT EZ Diabetes Testing Kit (best for fast/accurate results; from $29.99 @ Amazon)

  • AccuChek Aviva Plus Meter (best budget device; $14.99 directly from

  • One Touch Ultra2 System (best for large display; $31.49 @ CVS Pharmacies)

  • Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System (best data management & iPhone connectivity; $69.99 @

The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Glucose Level

Approximately sixty-six percent of U.S. residents with high blood sugar/glucose levels never fully relieve or even improve their symptoms. Diabetes can be fatal if left untreated and owning a home glucose monitoring device helps increase the quality of your life and possibly even save it. Americans are unfortunately more prone to diabetes today than ever before. Slightly over ten percent of the U.S. populous is diagnosed with diabetes and cases are rapidly increasing. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems (home glucose monitors) provide the best change to manage high blood sugar & diabetes and live as normal a life as possible.