Grandpad Tablets for Seniors

The GrandPad is a smart technology-equipped table for seniors. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about GrandPad tablets for seniors today.

Smart technology has advanced rapidly even over the last several years. Staying connected with friends and loved ones is easier to do than ever because of these advancements. Accessing and learning how to use devices equipped with this advanced technology is easier to do for some demographics than it is for others, however. Introducing the GrandPad, a smart technology-equipped tablet with a stylus pen, setup guidance and charging cradle for seniors. The GrandPad also comes with a monthly subscription, which includes unlimited streaming, data and browsing capabilities. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about GrandPad tablets for seniors today.

Introducing the GrandPad Tablet - What Is It?

The GrandPad is a smart technology-enabled tablet device akin to an Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface Pro or Samsung Galaxy Tab. One primary difference between the GrandPad and these other popular tablet devices is the GrandPad is designed specifically for use by the senior citizen demographic. Another difference is the GrandPad is also designed for convenience of use, with necessary functions included, and superfluous bells-and-whistles functions omitted. Essentially, the GrandPad is a grandma, grandpa and all around senior-friendly smart technology-based tablet designed to keep families safely and conveniently connected.

GrandPad Features, Functions and Specifications

Features and functions included on the GrandPad are effective and generally convenient to use. While they lack some of the elaborate functionality found on the Microsoft Surface Pro (capable of intense professional creative work) and the Apple iPad (full-service tablet capable of multiple levels of functions), they also include some excellent features perfectly designed for seniors. Crossover features found in the GrandPad and other tablets include video chatting, high-definition displays, dual speakers, internet browsing and email. Streaming is of course also part of the GrandPad package, as are photo-sharing options, games, curatable news and voice and email messaging.


GrandPad specifications include 4G LTE service with no third-party Wi-Fi connection required. The display is 1920 x 1200 full definition, with a 5.0MP camera facing in two individual directions (front and rear). The battery lasts between one and three days, depending on intensity and type of usage. The GrandPad also ships with a wireless charging cradle, which not only charges the tablet but also functions as a holding tray when in use.

What Makes the GrandPad Different?

So far, the GrandPad seems quite similar to other tablets on the market. Even some of its additional features, including social media feeds connections, photo and post-commenting and a free iOS/Android app download, are not unique to tablet devices. So, what makes the GrandPad different?

The Included Service

Part of what makes the GrandPad unique is the way it facilities these types of features. Another aspect setting it apart is the fact it is not only a tablet - it is also a full service. The included service negates the need for an outside Wi-Fi connection to make the GrandPad features work. The tablet and service are subscription-based and include a private, family network. What does connect to a private family network mean for your GrandPad experience? In summary, the GrandPad allows you to privately connect to people in a personalized and assignable network without the concerns of outside access from unknown or unwanted parties.

The service includes unlimited streaming, data and browsing capabilities. Voice and email messaging are available, all inside your secure, private network. The same level of security also applies to your high-definition video conferencing, photo-sharing, and phone calls. Yes, this is correct: The GrandPad allows calls to go in and out, like Facebook Messenger calls, albeit from inside your private network. Top service features include the ability of family members to update phone numbers and physical and email addresses securely. The only people who have access to the updated information are the ones permitted to access your network. The GrandPad Companion app (also inside your safe private and customizable network) makes staying in touch even more convenient.

Included Accessories and Devices

The GrandPad tablet is equipped with a smart case to protect its high-definition display. The case does its job protecting the case, while remaining soft enough to not restrict any touch-screen usability. The wireless charging cradle emphasizes portability and convenience. The stylus pen is durable and comfortable to hold, making online and overall tablet interaction fun and convenient. The size and ergonomic shape of the GrandPad is both designed with senior users in mind. The tablet is comfortable and natural to hold, which helps prevent drops. Finally, user preferences and contacts are pre-installed by the manufacturer pre-delivery. Owners fill out and submit applicable forms online, which include details about the people permitted to access the network and other relevant information. In general, most types of tablets arrive in blank, or factory states. The GrandPad, however, arrives fully loaded and ready to work right out of the box with no tedious setup processes required.

How Much Does It Cost?

The GrandPad tablet and related services are provided by Consumer Cellular, a popular low-cost cellular service provider for seniors and budget cellphone users. Consumer Cellular began offering cell phone plans designed specifically for seniors in 1995, around the time cellular service prices began their climb to unaffordability for certain demographics and households. The company is known for its transparent pricing and simple plan structures. Consumer Cellular has continued this trend with its GrandPad pricing and services as well.

Tablet Prices

Factory-new and RFG certified return GrandPad tablets are both for sale (although at the time of this writing the RFG certified return products were out-of-stock). Different pricing plans are also available. A factory-new GrandPad costs $299 as a one-time payment, or $12 per month (24 installments; $11 down payment; zero interest). The zero-interest financing and low monthly installment price are huge perks, especially for seniors on a budget who cannot afford the one-time payment.

Service Plan Prices

Monthly cellular service plans with Consumer Cellular range in price from $20 to $37.50 per month, with the latter price plan including unlimited shared data. The GrandPad monthly service plan is a little higher, and costs you $40 per month for all features. An optional $5 per month protection plan is also available, which essentially functions as insurance coverage against certain damages and faulty craftmanship.


Purchasing a GrandPad for an elderly loved one has many advantages. The tablet and service combination are unique and more than reasonably priced. The network is customizable and secure and the tablet is easy to use. Primarily, however, getting a Grandpad for your loved one(s) allows you to safely stay in touch with the people you care about most, at a price you can afford.