Best At Home Hair Coloring Products

Saving money on hair color is possible by using at home products. Read a fun & informative guide on the best at-home hair coloring products in 2021.

Weddings, anniversaries, and job interviews all require your hair to look its best. How about a global pandemic coming to an end allowing you to date, dance and socialize in public again? The COVID-19 pandemic might have closed the doors on most U.S. hair salons, but it did not stop you from asserting your unique personal sense of style. What are the benefits of changing your hair color at home? What are some of the best at-home hair coloring products on the market today?

Going to a hair salon for coloring is generally expensive and time-consuming. Current times might require you save money and time wherever possible. Affordable hair delivery kits and popular over-the-counter options are available today. What are the average prices for at-home hair coloring products in 2021? Are all products the same or do they each have unique features & qualities? Read ahead for a fun & informative guide on the best at-home hair coloring products in 2021.

At Home Hair Coloring - Benefits

Your style and appearance are important to you. So is your money and it is crucial to save as much as possible in a world still experiencing a global pandemic. Hair salons are opening back up quickly as COVID-19 vaccinations reduce case amounts and infection risks. Spending extra money at a salon might not be an affordable option in a country still recovering from a major recession.

Visiting a hair salon for coloring purposes is generally time-consuming and often expensive. Prices might also have increased since your last pre-COVID-19 visit because of the amount of business salon owners lost during mandatory shutdowns. A primary benefit of changing your hair color at home is the money-saving affordability of popular high-quality products. Additional benefits of changing your hair color at home include:

  • Scheduling flexibility

  • No commutes/scheduling conflicts

  • No masks/social distancing issues to consider

  • Mistakes are easy & affordable to fix

  • Countless products & feature options are available on the open market

  • Options to change your color for any occasion at any time

Multiple Hair Color Choices

Do you want the best at-home hair coloring product in 2021? Are you new to DIY hair color jobs and need gentle, user-friendly ingredients? Products for highlights and major color changes are available. Some hair kit companies even deliver coloring products to your door on a reoccurring basis. All at-home hair coloring products are available in retail stores and some are even sold at your favorite salon.

Best Delivery Hair Kits

Having high-quality and affordable hair coloring kits delivered to your door is a popular and convenient way of keeping your style maintained in 2021. The Madison Reed hair color kit delivery service is one of the most popular delivery services available today. The website provides a fun and convenient 30-second quiz to help you find your perfect color choice. More than fifty shades of hair colors are available from which to choose, and all gluten, ammonia, phthalates, titanium dioxide, PPD, parabens, SLS and resorcinol-free. Madison Reed color products also all contain ginseng root extract, argan oil & keratin. Every Madison Reed color kit cost $22 with the option of purchasing $5 Pro Boost Treatment add-ons. Various kits include permanent hair coloring, root reboot/touch-up and color reviving features.

The eSalon home hair color kits are also deliverable to your door and cost an average of $22 per kit. This service provides competitive features to Madison Reed, while adding the ability for you create a custom color. Are you a man looking for top home-delivered hair coloring products? ColorSmith provides a customizable home hair color service delivered straight to your door. ColorSmith guarantees your satisfaction with their proprietary Gray Reduction Program and overall service/products. Prices start at $29.95 per Color Case (with free shipping) but signing up for the ColorSmith autoship Plan deducts twenty percent off your orders.

Best Hair Color Products Purchasable at Salons

Your local and/or favorite salon usually only sells hair coloring products it would use on clients and/or otherwise recommend. Does this mean the products sold at salons are more expensive? Some of the same high-quality hair coloring kits and individual products available online or in retail stores are also sold at salons. Some of the best salon-worthy hair coloring kits available in 2021 includes:

Best Hair Color to Buy at the Store/Online

Many of the top quality and most popular hair coloring brands are available at local grocery stores, dollar stores and pharmacies. Nearly every option available in stores is also for sale online. Choosing the best hair color product for you involves finding an affordable color you trust. The color must match your needs or be able to change your hair to the color you desire/envision.

The ingredients in the coloring product are also important. Some dyes are harsher than others, while others are and gentler and user-friendly. For example, Kenra Permanent Color Crème (sold by for only $11.99) is perfect for beginners due to its formula consistency and ease of use. Goldwell Nectaya (sold by for only $19.25) is ammonia-free. Some more of the best hair color products to buy at the store/online in 2021 are:

  • Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color Creme (best overall; from $6.97 at Amazon)

  • Clairol Nice 'n Easy Root Touch-Up (best for root coloring; from $6.92 at WalMart)

  • L’Oreal Paris Excellence (best for triple protection; from $7.99 at Target)