Handicap Vans: Models, Costs and More

Handicap vans, or wheelchair vans, are typically used by older individuals who find themselves wanting to maintain their mobility despite them being in a wheelchair. They are also used by some younger people who have suffered from some sort of spinal cord injury. People tend to either purchase these handicap vans, or if they need one on a temporary basis, they decide to rent one of these vans.

A local car rental company should offer handicap vans to rent. If you want to try some of the more popular name brand car rental companies such as Enterprise or Hertz, there is likely some of the best handicap vans available. In terms of budget, if you purchase a more expensive van, it will likely be more durable and have more features than if you were to buy a cheaper van.

Best Handicap Vans: Models Compared

Some of the best handicap vans available offer the individual the option to be either passenger or driver of the van. There are many different dealerships with handicap vans that offer these purchases to be a partial tax write off for the customer’s benefit. When purchasing a wheelchair van, you have to consider several factors such as price, vehicle features, vehicle warranty, and customer service. You need to think about what type of entrance to the vehicle you prefer, such as a side entrance or the rear entrance. Next, it’s important to test drive the vehicle to make sure that it’s the best fit for you.

The BraunAbility company has the best handicap vans available to purchase, and for rent as well. The reason BraunAbility is considered the best handicap van is because they are available to consumers nationwide, they have a vast selection of vans, and they are very reasonably priced. BraunAbility vans come in five different models: Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Ford Explorer.

  • The Dodge Grand Caravan has a starting price at $43,179 and it gives customers the option of using either rear entry or side entry doors. The Dodge Caravan also comes equipped with flip-n-fold seats so that there is more room available if needed. This van also comes with power doors.

  • The Chrysler Pacifica is another handicap van option where you can get rear entry or side entry doors. This handicap van has a starting price of about $50,480. This vehicle also has a power 8-way driver’s seat which comes with premium level fog lights.

  • The Toyota Sienna has a starting price at $58,495. This option also offers individuals the choice between rear entry or side entry doors. Also, like the Pacifica, it also comes equipped with a power 8-way driver’s seat. There is also a blind spot monitoring safety feature included. 

There are a few other vehicles offered for handicap van services. If the individual is a veteran, this is also a special veteran brand available to consumers. These models are known to the market as Vantage Mobility International and this brand is offered in four different models. Veterans can also get a $2,000 rebate if they make a purchase of a handicap van.