Home Waxing Kits: Benefits, Costs and Brands

When you are unable to get to your regular beautician for your hot wax treatment you still have options. With the lower cost of doing it yourself at home and the privacy factor that this allows you may find yourself opting to ditch the professional hair removal salons and go full DIY. If you have never waxed before and are considering purchasing a kit you are going to love the results. Waxing is not as expensive as having hair removed with a laser treatment and does not use harsh chemicals like an epilating cream. The results last longer than any of those treatments as well.

The benefits of using a home waxing kit goes beyond the lowered cost. Warm wax is non-toxic and even soothing. Once you have performed hot wax treatment on various areas a few times you will find yourself able to go longer between applications. Not all brands are alike, however. Luckily, a specially curated list is provided so you can start your home waxing experience off with confidence.

Waxing vs Shaving

If you are like most shaving has been your go-to for hair removal. Shaving is definitely a impermanent treatment because it grows back in a short time. When you use a razor to remove hair it simply cuts the hair off at the surface of the skin. Wax, however, removes hair at the root. For this reason, hot wax treatments are considered semi-permanent. This is why it takes hair longer to regrow with a wax treatment. When shaving, expect to shave every week. With waxing you can go up to three weeks or more.

Shaving can often irritate skin, especially in delicate areas. The argument has long been that removing hair with hot wax is painful and can irritate skin as well. However, the new formulations and a good hot wax treatment removes some of the uncomfortable nature. Additionally, the hot wax soothes skin and moisturizes it, which shaving cream and razors do not. Most who experience hot wax treatments swear by it and will not use anything else. If you are a busy person and do not want to take the time to shave every week then hot wax may be your new best friend.

Home Waxing Kits vs Professional Waxing Services

Many have made the switch to home waxing kits because they find it offers considerable advantages. Not only is a home wax kit cheaper on the wallet, but it takes less time to apply and complete. You do not have to go to the bother of making an appointment and the results are very close to the same you would experience from an expensive salon. You know that slightly embarrassing moment when you have to disrobe and assume the position for the beautician to apply hot wax? That is gone when you perform your own hot wax treatments.

Top Home Waxing Brands

These brands have been curated for those who wish to start their own home wax kit experiences. All three of these companies have been in business for awhile and offer excellent products. With a wide range of products to choose from you are sure to find something to meet both your needs and your wallet. From one time treatments to entire luxury kits your personal hair removal treatment awaits.

Flamingo has been around for a long time and have specialized in products for women. Their personal care routine offers a high end experience for those who enjoy personal care rituals. They are also involved in women’s initiatives and part of the proceeds go to support domestic violence nonprofits and Period,  an organization that helps promote advocacy for young women. For an all over pampering session try Flamingo’s Head to Toe package. It is just one application and starts at only $19.

This company offers multiple types of waxing kits to choose from. Not sure which one is for you? No problem. They have a full set of resources to guide you through your selection and offer instructions for use. Their kits include the warmers and applicators. If you are a beginner opt for the Hard Wax Body Wax Kit. It will cost around $420.

One of the big kids on the home wax kit block, Satin Smooth has been in business for 50 years. As a result their offerings are lengthy and diverse. Pre and Post wax products such as Satin Hydrate and Satin Cleanser makes sure your hot wax goes on smoothly, removes cleanly, and leaves skin silky smooth. You can purchase only the items you need, allowing you to create your own home kit. Alternatively, you can opt to purchase a package already created for you such as the Select-a-temp starter kit ($66) or the Professional Double Warmer Wax Kit ($198.50).