Home Care Services for Seniors

Many families have to come to the daunting decision of deciding what to do with their elderly loved ones when they are no longer able to care for themselves 100%. It can be incredibly disheartening to have to send your senior or elderly loved one to an assisted living facility or a nursing home. Luckily, there are alternative options for making sure your elderly loved ones are cared for in their own home.

Millions of Americans simply just want their elderly loved ones to be happy and comfortable in their own home so senior in-home care services because the best solution! In home care services for seniors provides a safe and more enjoyable for your elderly loved one. In home care services makes it easier to care for your senior loved one and helps family be able to spend more quality time together.


Types of In-Home Care Services for Seniors 

Once you’ve decided to go with in-home care for your senior, the next step is to evaluate what type of in-home care services will be needed for your loved one. The most common options for senior in home care services include companion care, personal care, respite care, and specialized home care. Learn more about the different types available below.

  • Specialized Home Care: Specialized Home Care is normally recommended for seniors who have specific health conditions that may require extra attention. Some specialized types of care are for elderly or seniors with Alzheimer’s dementia, or ones that require a hospital to home transitional care.

  • Personal Care: Personal care is the best choice for seniors who have advanced care needs. Personal care services include assistance with daily activities like grooming, dressing, bathing, and moving around. It can also be helpful for seniors with diabetes, COPD and Parkinson’s.

  • Respite Care: Respite care is suggested for those who require a primary caregiver. Respite care helps give family members who are primary caregivers the option to get some relief from their caregiving duties. Respite care is short term care for seniors that helps reduce the risk of burnout among primary caregivers.

  • Companion Care: Companion care is recommended for seniors who need help with basic tasks such as housekeeping, running errands, and cooking meals. This allows elderly loved ones to live at their home safely without requiring advanced care.

Every family’s situation is different so it is best to discuss what type of home care services your loved one may need. When deciding to look for senior care services, it is best first evaluating your elderly loved one’s daily routine so you can better compile a schedule and requirements for in home care services. You’ll want to make sure you pick a senior care service that best suits your loved one’s personal routine.

Costs for Senior Home Care Service Providers

According to a recent study conducted in 2020, the average cost for in home senior care is around $4,200 – 4,500 a month. This can be a huge cost for primary caregivers or even elderly who need the care. This type of care can be expensive as sometimes it involved advanced care such as nursing services. The cost of senior home care services can also vary quite a bit depending on where you live. For example, in home care services in one region of the United States could average around $3,200 and not be quite as high as previously stated here. If you're unsure what service to check out, compare some nationwide senior home care providers like A Place for Mom or Visiting Angels.

  • A Place for Mom: A Place for Mom is a nationwide service that provides a variety of services. Some of these include assisted living, memory care, home care, independent living, senior apartments and more. They offer a free service to use to locate an advisor near you to discuss options for your loved one. 

  • Visiting Angels: Visiting Angels provide custom home care for your loved one. This provider offers a variety of services related to senior home care services, companion care, palliative care, alzheimer's care, and dementia care. Visiting Angels strives to take the stress away from worried caregivers with the relief of knowing their senior loved one is properly cared for.

  • Seniors Helping Seniors: This is another organization that provides in home senior care services by seniors themselves. The focus on compassionate care in the comfort of your home.

Paying for Senior Home Care Services

As explained, senior in home care services comes with quite a high price tag for advanced care for your loved one. Luckily, there are some options to consider when determining how to pay for these types of services. Private insurance can cover some of the in-home care costs, but normally long-term care insurance is utilized to pay for these types of services as they may not be covered by regular insurance policies. Long term care insurance was created to help the elderly with costs such as senior care and in-home care.

Medicaid and Medicare can pay for in-home care for seniors who qualify. However, in order to have it covered, seniors must meet certain requirements for medical and financial need. In some cases, a medical evaluation may be needed to prove the level of care needed or currently receiving. While Medicare does not cover home care services, it can help with other types of senior care services such as companion care and personal care help.

Deciding the best care for your elderly loved one can be difficult, but there are a variety of options to choose from!