Best Rated Apps for Home Maintenance

Running a home includes a lot of moving parts, such as keeping track of appliances and repairs. The good news is, there are applications that simplify and organize your home upkeep tasks. Read here to find out the best applications for you today.

The upkeep of your home is crucial, but it can be time consuming to keep track of all the moving parts of running a home. The good news is, there are applications you can download straight to your smartphone that help you consolidate all your home maintenance tasks into a single location. 

Home maintenance applications allow you to store information about your home’s appliances, including warranties, make to-do lists, coordinate with your home’s security system, and more. Some applications offer information guides to home improvement specialists in your area, such as lists of maid services in your area, and contracting services. Read on to find a list of home maintenance apps and their specs to help you decide which home maintenance app is best for you. 

Best Home Maintenance Apps 

Taking care of a home is hard work, but the good news is home maintenance apps exist to help simplify the task of taking care of your home and help you keep track of every detail easily and quickly. Read here to find a list of the best home maintenance apps, and details about each app to help you decide which is best for you today. 


HomeZada HomeZada is a home maintenance app that is customized to serve both homeowners and real estate professionals who oversee upkeep for large numbers of properties. HomeZada is great for consolidating financial information for your home upkeep such as mortgage funds and payment dates, insurance financial dates and information, and repair cost schedules. It also includes a maintenance calendar allowing you to schedule and track big renovations or small repairs with your contractor or handyman. HomeZada also allows you to keep track of your home inventory, consolidating information about your home and appliances and giving you an estimate on your home’s value. Your home inventory is necessary to have when you are applying for insurance. HomeZada costs $59 annually to install to your iPhone or Android or $10 per month. 


HouseHappy is an app that allows you to consolidate all your home maintenance information, including appliance warranties, home finance records and schedules, and repair and upkeep information. HouseHappy allows you to keep a calendar within the app of home maintenance tasks such as an appliance repair, a renovation schedule, or the pest control appointment, and sends you email reminders of your scheduled appointments. HouseHappy also includes directories of home repair professionals, such as contractors, painters, maids, and pest control professionals. HouseHappy is a free application you can download at any time, with available upgrades within the app for purchase. 


HomeStyler is a home maintenance application that focuses on interior design. HomeStyler helps you plan design projects for your home and map out your dream design layout for the inside of your home, helping you plan DIY projects or find professionals to help you complete interior design projects for your home. This app includes directories of furniture that allows you to take a photo of any room in your home and have a photorealistic image of a selected piece of furniture in your home. There are different levels of HomeStyler that are available for download. The first level of HomeStyler is free and allows limited photorealistic drag and drop image creation with a watermark. The second level costs about $240 per year or $20 per month and allows for more photo rendering options. The third level costs about $500 per year or $40 per month and allows for unlimited photo creation and rendering. 


UpKept is a home maintenance application that focuses on helping you maintain your home on both the inside and out. In Upkept you create your own appliance library that allows you to track your appliance warranties and keep track of their functionality. It also helps you schedule repairs and make sure you get to take advantage of your warranties if you have an appliance break before time runs out. You can also include things like your floor and roof status, wall paint and wallpaper status and anything else that you need to keep track of in your home to this list. UpKept creates an automated schedule for you to maintain the function, cleanliness, and value of every aspect of your home. This schedule recommends repair dates, rain-gutter cleanings, paint schedules, floor cleanings, and more for you so you do not have to worry about figuring out the fine details. UpKept also provides lengthy instructions for DIY approaches to home upkeep projects. UpKept is affordable as well, offering a free 30-day trial, and costing only $5 per month afterwards. 


Sortly is a home maintenance application that specializes in helping you keep track of all your financial documents and schedules for your home’s appliances and repairs. Sortly helps you schedule your warranties in a calendar, so you do not miss out if you have an appliance malfunction. Additionally, Sortly allows you to keep a library of your receipts for home materials and maintenance tools so you can keep track of warranties for smaller ticket items as well. Sortly also allows you to keep track of information for multiple homes, so this app is great for realtors or people who own multiple properties. Sortly offers a limited version of the app which is available on both iPhone and Android for free, and then three more levels above that for advanced maintenance tracking, ultra-maintenance tracking, and enterprise maintenance tracking which is customized for realtors. Right now, Sortly is having a 40% off sale for their top three tiers, making the advanced level, which is usually $50 monthly, only $30 monthly. 


Centriq is an application that helps you keep track of your appliances, their upkeep and warranty dates all in one place. Centriq helps you estimate your home’s value through uploading photos of your home and each room in your home and organizing a database for your appliance. Centriq also provides lengthy instruction guides for DIY repairs and projects, and they offer a basic tier of the app for free where you can keep track of up to five appliances.