Best Home Surveillance Systems for Your Home

Best-rated home surveillance systems today protect your home at maximum levels. Read a guide on the best home surveillance systems for your home in 2021.

Your home is likely the most financially valuable asset you own. It also houses you, your family, your pets and many other valuable possessions. Protecting the people and items you cherish and love with one of the best home surveillance systems available today makes perfect sense. What different types of home surveillance systems are available in 2021? What are the best-rated home surveillance system brands available nationwide?

The best-rated home surveillance systems today include features and benefits to protect your home at maximum priority levels. What materials are needed for home surveillance system installation? How good statistically are home surveillance systems at preventing burglary, theft and more? Read ahead for an informative guide on the best home surveillance systems for your home in 2021.

Home Surveillance Systems – Do They Work?

Prior to purchasing a home surveillance system many consumers want to know the facts. Do home surveillance systems actually work to deter crime and protect people living in their homes? Numerous studies and reports show statistically how the visible presence of some aspect of a home security system does indeed deter criminals from victimizing your home and/or family. For example, a University of North Carolina (UNC) at Charlotte research team surveyed over four hundred convicted felons to get information directly from the sources. Approximately eighty-three percent of burglars stated they looked for the visible presence of an alarm system and sixty percent of those discovering one would choose a different home to enter. Fifty percent of burglars who discovered the presence of an alarm system after entering a home stated they would abort their attempts, while thirty-one percent said they might possibly retreat. A primary fact to consider is how only thirteen percent of burglars in the process of committing a crime would definitely continue once a home surveillance system was discovered.

This means potentially eighty-seven percent of home burglaries are at least partially thwarted/slowed down by home surveillance systems. Cameras are not the only part of a home security system causing a deterrent to crime, however. Additional statistics in support of how home surveillance systems work include:

  • Outdoor lighting deters sixteen percent of home invasions/break-ins
  • The majority of burglars enter through already-open windows/doors, followed by forcing open windows/doors in that order
  • Only approximately 12.5 percent of burglars enter homes by picking locks or with stolen keys
  • The majority of burglars leave immediately when audible/visible alarm systems are triggered
  • Even inexpensive security cameras are effective deterrents as per FBI Uniform Crime Reporting

Features, Pricing & Benefits

Home surveillance systems all have various features and pricing. The benefit of crime deterrence is applicable to all systems but some additional features, which vary per system, also create additional benefits. A primary after-the-fact benefit of home surveillance footage is burglaries caught on video help bolster your claims with insurance companies. Even the more expensive systems pay for themselves when crimes are deterred and your valuables, life and the lives of your family are protected. Essentially home surveillance systems function similar to insurance polices. You pay money up front, which (when successful) prevents you from paying/losing more money due to significant losses in the end.

Pricing for different home surveillance systems varies greatly from system to system. Price ranges start at approximately $20 and increase into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. For example, the average amount spent on a full system is approximately $1,500 per home. Various features provided by different home surveillance systems include:

  • Window & door sensors

  • Central control panel

  • Exterior & interior motion detectors

  • Visible yard signs/window stickers

  • Loud, piercing alarm/siren

  • Options for wireless or wired cameras

  • Ability to record crimes in-progress

  • 24/7 home monitoring/visuals even when at work, on vacation, etc.

DIY Installation & Materials

The first part of installing a home surveillance system DIY-style is categorized as three steps/processes. Step one is to choose the type of system to be installed based on thorough research and the needs of your home. Do you need a wired or wireless system? How many cameras do you need? Step two is to decide the installation location of all interior/exterior cameras & lighting. Step three is to purchase all necessary tools & materials such as drills, anchors, screws, nails, a hammer, applicable power adaptor/receiver and any additional cables needed.

During the installation remember to check for locations where all cameras have an unobstructed view & range. Also locate and use a reliable source of power. Mount all your cameras then arrange the wires and cables as needed. Connect the cameras and turn on the power. Follow the instructions as provided to set up your system using digital/remote features. The price of professional paid installation services ranges from $50 to $200 and more. The benefits of hiring a paid installation service include saving you time and assurance the system is functioning properly.

Best Rated Home Surveillance Systems

Certain brands of home surveillance systems combine high proficiency ratings with consumer popularity. The top brands have established market credibility across their entire lines of products. The best-selling systems are popular based on price points combined with level of functionality. 

Top Brands:

  1. Vivint

  2. SimpliSafe

  3. ADT

  4. Cove

  5. Ring

  6. Wyze

Best-Selling Systems:

  1. Blue Starter Home Security System ($219.95 by ADT)

  2. Ring 2nd Gen 5-Piece Alarm Security Kit ($159.99)

  3. Frontpoint – The Safehouse ($294.30 in full or $9.49/mo)

  4. Brinks Smart Security Essentials ($199 up front plus $39.99/mo monitoring service)