Affordable Home Window Replacement Near You

Your home windows are an essential part of saving money all year long. Read about affordable home window repair and replacement services near you.

Winter, spring, summer and fall all bring certain challenges to keeping energy bills affordable while also maintaining comfort in your home. Saving money is important for every household in the U.S. today. The facts are in: Fully functioning home windows are an essential aspect of saving money all year long. Windows in need of repair or replacement, however, cause money to leak out of your bank account as much as they allow uncomfortable inclement weather inside your home. If your energy bills are higher than expected you might need to consider window repair or replacement services fast. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about affordable home window replacement services near you today.

Signs Your Home Windows Might Need to Be Replaced

One obvious sign your windows need to be replaced is if they become damaged. Not all damage is severe enough to warrant hiring a full window replacement service, but some is. How do you know the difference? The decision to have your windows repaired or replaced is discussed in more detail below. Essentially, however, small chips or cracks in the glass might be reparable using sealants or other basic solutions. If severe weather-related issues such as hail or windblown tree branches break holes in or shatter your window glass, however, you need to have the glass replaced fast. If the damage is to one or more window frames, sills, trim or other materials surrounding the glass, you likely need to consider a full frame window replacement.

Damage is not always caused by severe weather. Sometimes just normal year-round weather is enough to damage your home windows, especially when you live in harsher warm or cold climates. Age also plays a factor in the need to repair or replace your home windows. This is especially true for certain materials more than it is for others. Additional signs the materials in your windows are warped or otherwise damaged include:

  • Noticeable hot or cold drafts.

  • Sudden presence of fog or condensation on the glass.

  • Leaks.

  • Changes in color to wood frames or other applicable materials.

  • Presence of bugs or insects (especially on or near wood-based window materials).

  • Repeatedly increased monthly energy bills.

  • Increase in ability to hear outside noise.

  • Decreased curb appeal and home resale value due to damage or decay.

Choosing Between Repairing and Replacing Windows 

The choice between home window repair and replacement services is dependent upon numerous factors. All these factors are worthy of careful consideration and are perhaps more complicated than you might expect. Continue reading to learn about important factors to think about when choosing between repairing and replacing your home windows.


Budget is applicable to both time and money, each of which are important to you and your household. First, compare the costs of repairing your windows to replacing them. Most home window replacement jobs require you to hire an experienced professional service to complete them effectively. This means taking labor hours into consideration plus the costs of materials and parts. Even if you do have the skills to replace your own home windows, do you also have the time? The severity of the damage and age of your windows also impact the overall service costs. Often, it costs more to repair seriously damaged or older windows than it does to simply have them replaced.

Grants might be available to homeowners who meet Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) qualifications by purchasing ENERGY STAR certified windows. Applications for weatherization grants are available online at How much would you save by purchasing ENERGY STAR window products? On average, homeowners save between $100 and $600 per year on reduced energy bills after having these efficient windows installed.

Symptoms vs. Cause

Air leaks, water leaks and other issues with your windows are often symptoms and not root the root cause of the problem. Wood frames might have undetectable dry rot inside. The small crack you repair with a sealant might be caused by a damaged or warped frame or other issues you might have missed. Before making final decisions, it is advisable to hire a professional window service provider to supply a written estimate of damages and repair/replacement costs. This way you know what the real issue is before spending valuable money and time fixing symptoms but not the cause.

Cost vs. Performance

Your home windows are an investment into the value of your home and the comfort of all who live inside it. Once you know how much replacement services will cost you, it is further advisable to assess the long-term performance expectations of your preferred new windows. Compare warranties between various companies. Understand how long your new windows are expected to remain in a money-saving, functional condition. For example, saving money in the short-term might haunt you in the end if you end up replacing your brand new windows again in only another few years.

The Price Might Be Right - But How Do They Look?

Only you can determine how much to prioritize the external curb appeal and internal aesthetics of your new windows. Do your new windows match the overall décor of your home? Are you selling your home soon and looking to increase its market value and appeal to prospective buyers? Some homeowners are willing to pay more to maintain the aesthetics and décor of their homes. The need to replace one window might also necessitate replacing multiple windows if appearance is a priority to you for any number of reasons.

Types of Home Windows

Single and double-hung windows are the most common types of windows installed today. Slider windows are also common, while bay windows are found in homes with the architecture to accommodate their semi-rounded shape (otherwise a partial room remodel might also be required). Additional types of home windows (common and uncommon) include:

  • Picture.

  • Storm.

  • Casement.

  • Awning.

  • Arched.

  • Bow.

  • Basement.

  • Garden.

  • Skylight.

  • Transom.

How Often Should You Replace Your Home Windows?

Home windows need to be replaced approximately every fifteen to twenty years on average. This timeframe is also impacted by the climate where you live and the type of windows you purchase. Some newer window products and materials only last between five and ten years at most, while others last significantly longer. 

Average Costs and Top Nationwide Window Services

Replacing your home windows might save approximately fifteen percent on your energy bills each year. Therefore, assessing the costs of replacing windows compared to the money you will save long-term is important to consider. National averages for window replacements services range between $650 and $850 per window. Labor comprises approximately $100 to $300 of those costs. Depending on materials, window types purchased and other factors it might cost anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000 to replace all the windows in a three-bedroom home.

Best Nationwide Window Services Available Today

Trusted consumer-favorite companies such as Lowes and The Home Depot provide window replacement and installation services. Glass Doctor is perhaps the best in the U.S. for nationwide service area coverage. A few more of the best nationwide window services available today include: