Best Interior Design Tools and Apps

Is redesigning your home difficult and challenging for you? Download an interior design app to help you visualize and manipulate each space virtually.

Interior design is not a simple task. It requires creativity and patience, among other skills. If you want to redesign a space in your home or office, the seemingly easiest option to simplify the process is to hire an interior designer to do the job. You may think doing so can save you a lot of time. However, that designer still needs to meet with you to go over your preferences. He or she may not make the same style choices you might make.

An alternative is to handle your interior design project yourself. You may not feel capable of doing so, but modern technology is available to help. There are many interior design tools and apps you can use to create redesigned spaces virtually before making drastic changes to a space. You can find such tools to fit any budget. Here is what you need to know about interior design tools before making up your mind.

What is an Interior Design Tool, and What Does it Do?

An interior design tool or app is a virtual tool used to make the interior design process easier. It provides a means for professional interior designers or other individuals to explore various design choices. The ability to explore options virtually saves time and effort. For example, an app might allow the user to view various paint colors as they would appear on walls. Then users can select the colors they want without having to test paints on actual walls in their homes or offices.

What Types of Interior Design Tools Are Available?

Interior design tools come in a wide range of types. They each have their own unique features. When choosing one, you must look for the features that appeal to you the most. Common interior design tool features include:

  • The Ability to Take and Store Measurements of Room Features, Furniture, and More
  • Drawing Tools to Allow Users to Sketch Ideas
  • 3-D Imaging Tools That Allow Users to View Rooms Virtually
  • Tools That Allow Users to Place Virtual Objects, Such as Artwork in Virtual Rooms to Create Room Replicas and Map Ideas
  • Apps That Offer Images of Completed Room Designs to Provide Inspiration for Users Just Starting Their Own Design Projects

How Much Education or Experience is Required to Use Interior Design Tools?

There are no educational or experience-related requirements to use interior design tools. However, there are certain interior design tools that are specifically designed for professionals. One such example is Morpholio Board. Such tools usually include more complicated and in-depth features than those designed for personal use by homeowners.

Professional interior design tools also often include features designed to make working on multiple projects at once easier. For instance, they might feature the ability to save and store multiple color palettes for easy access. Such apps also often feature large cloud storage space capacity. If you are only intending to do a single redecorating or redesigning project in your own home or office, select a simpler interior design tool that still offers the functions you want.

What Are Some of the Best Free Interior Design Apps?

Interior design apps do not just differ in terms of function. They can also differ vastly in price. If your budget is tight, your best option is to use a free interior design app. It may have fewer features than paid apps, but often you do not need elaborate features for small or one-time interior design projects. Here are a few top free interior design apps to consider:

  • ProjectColor by Home Depot is one of the best free apps for paint color selection. It allows users to share color selections with family members and friends for collaborative designing. Users can also upload images of furniture or other objects to find fast color matches.
  • Design Home was originally created as a gaming app with an interior design theme. However, users can now design rooms within the app and shop for real items to match their room designs. The game also includes design challenges to expand design skills and creativity.
  • Keyplan 3D is an iPhone app that offers a range of design features, including 2D and 3D editing options. Over 300 decorative objects are included in the app. Users can use Keyplan 3D to create floor plans or full 3D room models.

What Are Some of the Best Paid Interior Design Apps?

If you intend to design several spaces, either personally or as a professional interior designer, you may need more in-depth tools. There are several paid interior design apps that can help. Many of them provide tools for all aspects of the process, from layout plans to furniture and accessory designs. Here are some top options, along with their costs:

  • SketchUp is used by architects, urban planners, and interior designers. Its features are primarily useful for large commercial interior and exterior design projects. It includes collaborative tools for design teams. SketchUp offers multiple membership levels. A free version is available, but it has very limited features. Paid memberships range from $119 to $699 annually.
  • HomeByMe Pro is the paid version of the HomeByMe app. The free version allows users to get inspiration for their design projects from thousands of user-uploaded images. The images are sorted into categories, such as “kitchen” and “office” lists. HomeByMe Pro allows users to purchase one of various memberships or one-time packages. The packages include options to create multiple 2D and 3D home designs. Users must contact HomeByMe for custom pricing.
  • Easyhome Homestyler allows users to virtually select from thousands or products to add to their virtual home designs. Those products range from paint to artwork and furnishings. Product images are based on real products, which users can order after they are satisfied with their virtual designs. Homestyler offers a free version and several paid memberships ranging from approximately $5 to $40 per month.

Is Using an Interior Design App Better Than Hiring an Interior Designer?

You may wonder if using an interior design app is better than hiring an interior designer. It is certainly less expensive. As of 2022, the average cost to hire an interior designer in the U.S. is approximately $5,400. However, only you can decide if an interior design app is best for your project. If so, you may find it useful to use an app that also offers optional consultation with real interior designers. That way you can enjoy the best of both worlds and make sure your final design meets the highest standards.