Top 5 Language Learning Programs

If you want to travel and learn how to speak like a native, there are several online resources to choose from. Apps allow you to learn on the go with the best language learning programs and have comprehensive language lessons in your pocket. If you take advantage of language learning programs online, you will be able to learn a new language in time for your trip.

Listed below are the 5 best language learning programs on the internet. These apps bring a variety of methods to the table, so users enjoy their learning experience. Read the following sections to find out what these unique language learning apps have to offer.

Rosetta Stone Learning Program

Rosetta Stone is a favorite among many language learners. Lauded as the best language learning software for seven years by, many Rosetta Stone aspects creates layers for a rewarding user experience. This software has been used to teach employees in professional institutions such as NASA. 

One benefit of the program is the mobility. When you subscribe to Rosetta Stone, you get access to their mobile app and computer software. You can also download audio lessons to learn offline. Thus, you can learn your favorite language anywhere in any format. 

Rosetta Stone learning program also uses a pronunciation software called TruAccent to improve pronunciation. They provide stories for you to read so you can become familiar with new vocabulary. Furthermore, the program provides live native-speaking tutors to help you practice. Their subscription service is tiered by the number of months you want to have access to the program. Prices range from $35.97 to $124.50.

Babbel Language Learning Program

The Babbel language learning program is pioneered online language programs. Babbel has an app with lessons to help you learn a language one step at a time. Each lesson flows into the next, allowing for easy advancement. This language software provides pre-made dialogue so you can practice casual conversations. Additionally, the courses are built based on personal interests, which allows you to customize lessons towards your language goals. The program even capitalizes on your first language by building grammatical concepts around them.

Babbel also uses scientifically proven cognitive techniques to optimize learning and enhance long-term memory. Some of these techniques include communicative didactics, behaviorism and constructivism. This is known as one of the best language learning programs because implementing six memory stages to remember vocabulary.

MemRise Language Learning Program

MemRise is a company that offers lessons on variety of school subjects including languages. This is one of the strongest language learning programs for beginners. This software may not make you fluent in a foreign language, but it is a remarkable study aid. Because MemRise is built to be a study app, users can create their own course material for others. 

When learning a language on MemRise, you can take quizzes to test your memory. But the lessons mainly include flashcards for studying. Furthermore, MemRise does have a free option with an adequate amount of lessons for language learners. When you obtain the premium in the MemRise language learning program, you get access to chatbots to learn casual conversation. There is also adaptive technology, which means the app adapts based on your performance. 

uTalk Language Learning Program

This is another language study aid used to study a variety of languages. Their language library includes 130 popular languages, minority languages and endangered languages. They will also categorize these languages in this way to make them easier to find. 

The app is useful for learning phrases and vocabulary and provides an image with each one. uTalk believes this creates a stronger memory.  The program also encourages learners to judge for themselves how their pronunciation compares to the native speaker. 

Additionally, the uTalk language learning program has adaptive technology and reintroduces words you need to improve upon. The language program also implements gamification in their lessons. This makes it fun and the language easier to recall. The program is also affordable, with a cost of just $19.99 for a lifetime subscription.

DuoLingo Language Learning Software

DuoLingo is a popular learning app that also applies gamification into their learning system. This is one of the 5 best language learning programs because of their reward system. When a user finishes a lesson, they earn in-app currency called bits. With those bits, a user can purchase extra lessons that allow them to communicate with locals better. 

The app also has adaptive technology and immediately grades you to see which answers you got correct. When you answer incorrectly, DuoLingo shows you how you can improve. One benefit of DuoLingo is that it is an app with a browser version, so you can also learn on a bigger screen. 

Another benefit is that it is completely free. All of their lessons are available to users and come in the form of unlockable content. There is a premium version of the app DuoLingo Plus that provides some perks. For instance, you can use the app without ads and learn your courses offline.