Finding Legal Aid

Sometimes in life you may find yourself in a situation where you need legal assistance. Unfortunately, legal aid is not always affordable. Low income individuals may find it difficult to get a lawyer without absurd fees.

While you have the options to face a legal settlement on your own, it can be hard to properly represent yourself. Without the knowledge and experience of a lawyer, you may find that the case work is more expansive and difficult to oversee by yourself. People who struggle with this do not have access to legal help. Luckily, legal aid is available for low-income households who cannot afford a lawyer on their own. This free legal aid service can be used if your case is civil, rather than criminal and you live below the poverty line.

Legal Aid for Civil Cases

There are numerous types of categories for types of legal cases that require legal advice. These categories of cases include family law, consumer issues, veterans, compensation and housing.

Family Law

Family law is a type of law that is normally encompassed around domestic abuse or child custody cases. In the middle of a divorce, 2 individuals may find themselves unable to agree on a suitable child custody agreement. This is where a family law attorney can help. If one spouse is unable to afford legal assistance, a free legal aid attorney would be helpful for this type of case.

Consumer Law

Consumer law encompasses any type of financial issue. This can include one who was unable to manage debt properly and needs to file for bankruptcy. There are certain legal requirements that must be met to go through with a bankruptcy. Another consumer issue legal aid can protect against is lenders who are discriminating towards the elderly, people of color, and other groups who are usually subjected to victimization.

Legal Aid for Those Who Need It

As one might notice, there are various types of law that may require legal aid. Whatever the situation, you do not want to find yourself in trouble in court without the legal assistance you need or require.

Benefits of Getting Legal Aid

Before discussing personal benefits, it's important to mention a certain myth about legal aid: these advantages are bad for the economy. Many people believe that these services increase taxes and lower overall income in society. However, studies have debunked this myth and shown that legal aid does the exact opposite. Due to legal aid being connected to a general increase in income and decrease in taxes, certain government officials have looked to provide more capital to legal aid.

You, like many others, may shy away from these types of benefits because you may feel like you are taking away from society and the government. However, the government sees advantages like legal aid as an investment; returns have been greater than the initial investment and contribute to the local community rather than hinders it. In addition, these legal problems, if unresolved, can lead to larger legal issues. The problems can escalate and cause both the community and government to spend even more money. To summarize, legal aid not only helps you but the entirety of society as a whole.

Low Income Legal Aid

For those how come from a low-income household, have a civil issue and can’t afford a lawyer, legal aid is available for you. There are a variety of cases that you can get legal aid for. Coming to a resolution with your particular case with legal aid can both help you financially and also give you access to the resources you need to win.