Lingerie to Feel Great

If you have ever had a tight pair of underwear that rides up or a bra that has gaped around your cleavage, you know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in your lingerie. Your intimate apparel is the clothing that sits closest to your skin, and it should reflect who you are at your heart. Dingy, old, and cringeworthy intimate apparel is destined to make you feel embarrassed of your own body and may even pull down your confidence. However, the right undergarments that are designed to fit you perfectly and that flaunt your assets can make you feel positive and self-assured all day long.

Create the Perfect Intimates Wardrobe

If you have almost no pieces in your intimates wardrobe that you feel fit your current body shape, personality and comfort level, it is time to start building your underwear drawer from the ground up. While comfortable, everyday pieces may feel as if they are the best places to start, never underestimate the power of even a single wow piece. That lacy black bra or red panties can work perfectly for special events or even difficult days at work when your confidence needs a bit of a boost.

Once you are ready to branch out, you will want to focus on a wide range of intimates that can meet all of your everyday needs. Comfortable bras that fit you like a glove, panties that do not leave you with permanent wedgies and stretchy bralettes that function just as well as loungewear are all important to include in your intimates drawer. Remember that not every piece has to look incredibly sexy for it to make you feel great. However, it is important to choose a top brand known for high-quality pieces, such as Victoria’s Secret.

Find Pieces that Suit You

You will also want to find lingerie that fits your body type if you want to feel your best. For example, if you have a very narrow waist with a generous bust and hips, you will want to focus on thongs and v-cut panties.

  • If you want to draw attention to your hips, consider a sassy teddy.

  • If you want to add a bit to your bust, consider a push-up bra to fill out your blouses perfectly.

  • Women with rectangular-shaped bodies who do not have highly defined wastes will want to consider corsets to bring additional shape along with lacy or ruffled bras to add more definition on top.

Of course, matching sets from Victoria’s Secret are can take out much of the stress of finding underwear and bras that look great together. If you are ready to step a bit more out of your comfort zone, you could also add some camisoles, boy shorts, rompers and bodysuits to your wardrobe.

Get the Right Sizes

Even if you find the perfect design for your undergarments, you may still not feel amazing in your undergarments if they are not the right size. Panties are easiest to get right as you will mainly want to ensure that the waistband is comfortable and that the fabric in the back does not ride up.

However, choosing the right size for your bras is another story. To get an incredible fit, make an appointment with a sizing expert from Victoria’s Secret. She will be able to measure your bust, discuss your goals and understand your likes and dislikes to find a bra that will fit you perfectly while drawing attention to your best features.

Never Give Up

It can be difficult to find the right pieces and sizes when beginning this journey. Remember that you can always enlist the help of a sizing professional to guide you to the right pieces. You may also be surprised by some of the things that you end up loving after trying them on. By being daring, you can learn more about yourself while creating a gorgeous intimates wardrobe.

Whether you are struggling with the shape, size or overall look of your body or have lost the feeling of sexiness in your own skin, investing in the right lingerie can be the boost you need to feel great about yourself, push your boundaries and improve your confidence. Even if you do not start with a big step, picking out that first perfectly fitting bra or that sexy set of special occasion undergarments is a fabulous first step to taking back the way that you view your body. Start today by adding some daring new pieces to your intimates wardrobe.