Low Cost Cell Phone Plans Worth Looking Into

Searching for an affordable cell phone service can be difficult when there are so many features to consider. Compare the best options for low cost cell phone plans here.

In 2021, you are almost required to own a cell phone. Even if you are not interested in the social elements, there are many jobs where you need a cell phone. Despite being a necessity, it is not always easy to get a cell phone. For many, the biggest struggle is finding an affordable plan. Finding a good cell phone plan becomes harder when you are shopping for multiple people in your household. One plan may initially appear good, but the costs skyrocket when you attempt to add other phones onto the plan.

Fortunately, there are several affordable cell phone plans available in 2021. While you are looking for plans, there are several factors to consider. The most important part of the plan is the monthly price. You also want to look at what perks are included in the plan, such as data usage, if there are any limitations on texting and the overall speed of the network. Listed below are five of the most affordable cell phone plans for 2021.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile provides an affordable plan, with a $30 monthly rate. It is compatible with the majority of cell phones, and it is compatible with the 5G network. The basic plan comes with unlimited talk, text and data. Mint also offers excellent discount packages, on top of the already low price. There are several stipulations to receive these discounted plans. First, you must pay for the first three months of your plan in advance. This gives you a trial period to see if you enjoy the plan. After the three months, you are given the option to renew your plan, but you must agree to a full year of service. Otherwise, the price reverts back to $30. The exact discount varies based on when you apply, but in many cases, you can reduce your monthly payments by $10 to $15 each month.

Google Fi

Google Fi is one of the newest plans available. In terms of service, it has one of the best networks, partnering with other carriers to provide high speed internet access. Unfortunately, not all phones are compatible with Google Fi. If you are buying a new phone, you can purchase one directly from the Google Fi website, to ensure compatibility. The first line costs $20, with additional phones costing an additional $15.

Unlike other carriers, your data plan is determined by how much data you use. As of writing, data costs $10 for each gigabyte. You can utilize bill protection to set limits to keep yourself from accidentally going over your desired data limit.

Boost Mobile

In terms of affordable plans, Boost Mobile is considered one of the best options. Boost has always boasted some of the lowest cell phone plans available, often providing better perks than other affordable alternatives. As of writing, the lowest cost plan available costs $15 a month, but only provides 2 Gb worth of data. If you wait for a sale, you may be able to get a reduced price, with Boost often going as low as $10 per month.

If you want a larger data plan, Boost has several options available. One of the better options is the Shrink-it plan. This plan costs $45 a month and provides 15 GB data. However, you get $5 reduced from your monthly cost after three months, and then again at six months. There is also a $35 plan that provides 10 GB worth of data, if you want more data but do not want to wait for the discounts from the Shrink-it plan to kick in.

AT&T Prepaid

AT&T has multiple plans to choose from, but in terms of cost, the prepaid plan is the most affordable option. AT&T’s prepaid plan starts at $25 a month, providing 8 GB of data. Unlike other affordable plans, it includes rollover data, allowing you to transfer whatever data you do not use into future months. The plan also includes unlimited text and talking. While the price is good, you must agree to a full year when you sign up for the plan. The plan is compatible with the majority of phones, using a special SIM card to activate.


In previous years, T-Mobile had limited affordable plans. After merging with Sprint, T-Mobile released several new plans, including low-cost options. The first plan is T-Mobile Connect. With Connect, you only pay $15 each month. Connect comes with unlimited talk and text, but it has stricter data limits. You begin with only 2 GB of data, but each year you have the plan, you receive an additional 500 MB. If you want to add multiple phones onto your plan, you may go through your data quickly. If you are the only person on the plan, and you intend to use it solely for work, the smaller data plan is not an issue.

Another low-cost plan from T-Mobile is Metro. Metro is most expensive, costing $40 a month, but you get 10 GB worth of data. Metro also uses a different, faster network than Connect. Metro is compatible with fewer phones than Connect, but it works with the more popular plans, including recent iPhone releases.