Best Mattress Prices To Find Near You

Mattress stores offer great deals on top brands all year long. Continue reading to learn all about the best mattress prices to find near you right now.

Your mattress is like your secret - or not so secret - best friend. It might take second place next to your budget, but both are highly important to your overall health and quality of life. To find the best mattress prices near you it is necessary to spend some time comparison-shopping deals offered online, in-store and through third-party offers. Fortunately for you, most mattress suppliers offer deals at different times throughout the year. These deals often include sales on even the biggest brand names available. Continue reading to learn all about the best mattress prices to find near you right now.

How Buying a Great Mattress Impacts Your Health

Many people question how much sleeping on a great mattress might impact their health in a positive way. Most of this skepticism disappears the first morning they wake up with more energy and reduced or eliminated pain, however. Scientific studies show how proper rest improves the ability to function emotionally, mentally, and physically. Faculties are increased, including basic but vital physiological and biological functions such as digesting and processing food. Even the digestive system benefits from better rest, which in turn gives you more energy with which to fuel your day. Not every mattress type is best suited for every type of body, however. To learn about the best type of mattress for your needs, continue reading below.

Mattress Types 101

Most consumers are aware of the different sizes of mattresses available on the market today. Not everyone is aware of the multiple types of styles of mattresses for sale, or the comfort-based materials used to make them. A great mattress for you might not be even remotely comfortable for another sleeper. What helps you feel the most rested each day might also leave your partner feeling stiff or sore in the morning. What are the different types of mattresses available?


Innerspring mattresses are the most common types of mattresses purchased in the U.S. today. Innerspring mattresses, also commonly referred to as spring mattresses, contain spring coils to support the weight of sleepers on top. The springs are spread out around the mattress to provide even comfort and support across the entire sleeping area. The number of spring coils used depends on both the manufacturer and the size and model of the mattress. The metal used to make the coils is steel, which is chosen for its combination of strength, flexibility, and endurance. The steel coils are generally padded with either flexible latex, memory foam or pillow fabric to maximize comfort. A coil count of up to 390 coils (approximately) provides maximum comfort, with no evidence of higher coil counts increasing either comfort or support.


Latex mattresses provide support and noticeable comfort. The latex in mattresses is made from either natural or synthetic rubber materials. These materials are designed to provide a firmness mixed with just enough elasticity to get you the best sleep possible. This is especially helpful for sleepers prone to changing positions several times each night, and sleepers with back pain or other physical complications.

Memory Foam

Each body is unique and needs different comfort and support systems to get the best night’s rest possible. Consumers love memory foam mattresses because of their ability to contour their support to the shape of each sleeper’s body, which allows for maximum flexibility and stability every night. Some consumers have a hard time falling asleep in warmer temperatures. Memory foam also absorbs body heat, helping create a cooler sleeping experience overall. In addition to contoured comfort and cooling effects, memory foam mattresses also help reduce chronic fatigue and muscle pain issues.

Air Mattresses and Hybrid Designs

Hybrid mattresses combine memory foam and innerspring systems for exceptional support and contoured comfort. Air mattresses are not the kind you inflate and use for younger overnight guests or while traveling. Top-quality air mattresses contain chambers of air instead of spring coils. The chambers are still padded the way coils are padded, however. The best air mattresses are known to provide the best overnight support for sleepers dealing with spinal cord or spine-based injuries due to their adjustable tension and support features.

Big Name Brand Mattresses Today

TEMPUR-PEDIC might be the best-known name brand mattress on the market today. The company does manufacture luxury model mattresses at higher prices, but its mattresses combine a unique smart climate system for cooling, and various options for creating what might be the strongest possible night-long support available. TEMPUR-PEDIC prices range from $1,399 through $4,299 per mattress, but deals are made available throughout the year.

The Avocado Green Mattress won the 2020 Consumer Reports top mattress award. In 2021 the company continues to manufacture top competitive products rivaling any other mattress available. Avocado Green mattresses are hand-made and environmentally safe. Models offer some of the best quality edge support on the market and use innerspring coils and Dunlop latex for added comfort and flexibility. Prices range from $279 through $3,399 for crib mattresses all the way to luxury hybrid models.

WinkBed mattresses are designed to help sleepers who suffer from back pain. WinkBed models are priced starting at approximately $1,499 and combine supportive innerspring coils with a pressure-relieving pillow top. In addition to providing some of the best mattresses available to relive back pain, the WinkBed, GravityLux and EcoCloud models are also excellent choices for combination sleepers and sleepers in need of spinal alignment support. A few more of the top brand name mattresses on the market today include:

How to Find the Best Mattress Deals Near You

Mattress companies run both online and in-store sales all year long, albeit often at random times. Fortunately, as a consumer looking for the best mattresses at the lowest prices possible, you can count on each mattress company to also run specific holiday sales. For example, Presidents Day and New Year’s Day sales are common among mattress manufacturers. Independence, Labor and Memorial Day sales are also typical. Deals include extended zero percent financing and price-matching competitions. Sales from fifteen to fifty percent off and more are found, as well as buy-one-get-one free (BOGO) promotions. Some companies also include free mattress toppers, pillows and other accessories during their sales. Mattress deals and discounts are also available through companies such as: