Mobile Dent Repair and Auto Body Services Near You

Mobile mechanic services now include dent, ding, scratch and paint repair. Learn about the best mobile dent repair and auto body services near you today.

Hiring a mobile mechanic is an increasingly popular choice among U.S. drivers today. Such services combine convenience with professional-grade experience, which is especially helpful for people who travel long distances or experience a breakdown or accident en route to work. Mobile dent repair and auto body services are also now available for people in need of fast repairs after dinging, denting, or banging up their vehicles. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about the best mobile dent repair and auto body services near you today.

Mobile Auto Mechanics 101

Mobile auto mechanics provide many of the same types and quality of services one would normally receive at a garage or service center. One primary difference between the two types of services is the way mobile mechanics travel to your location to assess and repair your vehicle. A second significant difference involves the limitations associated with mobile mechanic operations. For example, a mobile mechanic is not able to perform certain services requiring a motorized lift or other specialized types of equipment found only in service center buildings and garages. Conceptually, the mission statement of this mobile repair industry centralizes its services around the perspectives of its customers. Regular mechanic services traditionally have not embraced this type of perspective in the past.

Regular Mobile Mechanics vs. Mobile Dent and Auto Body Repair Mechanics 

Regular mobile mechanics provide basic repairs and routine maintenance services. These types of services include simple tasks such as necessary repairs and estimates of expenses. Other basic tasks such as replacing light bulbs (turn signal, brake, headlight, taillight, etc.), filters and belts are also provided. Changing tires, changing oil, replacing spark plugs and performing various fluid changes are also available items on most mobile mechanics’ service lists. Intensive and even unexpected services are also available. For example, it is possible to have a mobile mechanic inspect your vehicle.

A mobile dent repair and auto body mechanic service is offers more specialized services. Dents, dings, scratches, and damaged paint jobs are all prioritized. Basic maintenance and repairs such as oil changes and flat tire fixes are not typically provided unless the service provider is a multi-faceted operation. What are some of the unique types of services offered by a mobile dent repair and auto body mechanic service?

  • Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) - PDR services involve the removal of dents or dings in a fast, affordable, and non-intrusive manner. This environmentally friendly procedure restores your automobile’s body to its new-car/factory condition using a specialized lightboard and high-technology pressure system. This process elevates indented areas on your vehicle without damaging your current paint job. Between eighty and ninety percent of all dents are fixable using the PDR system. In fact, this system is so successful and affordable, it has become the number-one recommended dent repair procedure by auto insurance companies today.

  • Bumper Repair - Damaged bumpers are important to repair quickly. Not only is the damage visible and likely to attract attention from police, but it also risks potential damage to your tires and/or silencer. The primary purpose of a bumper is to protect certain fragile elements of your vehicle from damage. If your bumper is flawed, it puts those fragile components at increased risk. Hiring a mobile auto body service to repair your damaged bumper is a fast and efficient way to prevent spending even more money on extended damage in the future.

  • Computer-Matched PPG Paint - Using your vehicle’s vehicle identification number (VIN) helps mobile auto body mechanics locate the exact original paint color used when your automobile was manufactured. When touch-up repainting of your vehicle is necessary around the dented area(s), computer-matched PPG paint services handle the job without discoloration, unattractive patches, or mismatched shades.

Need a Mobile Dent Repair Mechanic? Here Are the Requirements

To hire a mobile dent repair or auto body mechanic, your vehicle needs to meet a few basic requirements. First, the damage must be repairable by a mobile-capable service unit. This means your automobile must not require the use of a motorized lift for repairs to successfully be completed. Second, your vehicle must be in a safe location. What is a safe location pursuant to mobile auto body repairs? A safe location refers to a flat location where the mechanic can operate safely and without risks of danger due to oncoming traffic, cliffs, or other dangerous elements.

Third, your location must be within your mechanic’s designated service area. Most mobile mechanics only travel within a specified geographic perimeter to keep travel-based expenses down. Finally, your mobile mechanic must be in-network with your automobile insurance provider. If your insurance does not cover applicable mobile repair expense, you must be able to afford the full costs out-of-pocket or establish a payment plan in-advance of hiring the service.

Top Nationwide Mobile Dent Repair Companies (and their average costs)

Different types of damages cost a wide variety of prices for repairs. Repairing a chipped windshield might involve a base price of only $50 (if the damage is minor). Small cracks might be fixed for approximately $100. Some windshields need to be replaced, which involves higher costs. Essentially, windshield repair and replacement services might charge base prices ranging between $50 and $900.

Plastic bumper repairs have the potential to cost you between $400 and $1,500 base-price depending on the extent of the damages. Scratched or chipped paint repairs cost between $50 and $1,500 (base) on average, whereas dented doors or fenders might be fixed for only $50 to $150. Please note: These figures are all estimated base prices and do not include additional charges applicable to mobile services and labor hours. Mobile mechanics charge between $80 and $125 per hour for labor during normal service calls. Holiday, rush, or emergency service calls might cost $50 or more on top of normal labor fees. Additional charges for parts and components will also be added to your bill.

Best Nationwide Mobile Auto Body Repair Services Near You

Bumper Buddies is one of the top mobile bumper and dent repair companies in business today. Convenient online damage assessment options are available. Bumper Buddies also provides a three-year warranty on its services. Additional top nationwide dent repair companies operating in your area today include: