Benefits of Peer To Peer Shipping and Moving Services

Does it seem like professional moving costs are much too high for your budget? Try peer to peer shipping as a money-saving alternative.

Moving can cause you a lot of stress. There are several aspects of the moving process that are bothersome, at best. At worst, the process can seem physically impossible at times, especially if you have a lot of possessions to pack and transport. In addition to the stress of the move itself, there are also the costs to consider. You may need help to transport fragile or large items. If you are moving a long distance, you also may not have the resources to do so on your own. Yet, hiring a company to help you is a costly prospect.

If you need help moving, your first thought is probably to call a traditional moving service to do the job. However, there are other ways to get through the moving process. Many of them can save you time and money without sacrificing the care required to get your precious possessions from point A to point B. One such option is to look into using a peer to peer shipping and moving service.

What is Peer to Peer Shipping?

When a traveler is already planning to visit a certain destination, he or she often has space in the vehicle that goes unused. Peer to peer shipping allows such a traveler to perform a moving service using his or her personal vehicle for a fee. For example, if a person is already planning to vacation in a certain U.S. state, he or she can sign up to bring goods there for someone else. The fee paid for the delivery service can help that traveler cover some of his or her vacation costs.

There are several peer to peer shipping websites and apps available. They connect individuals who are moving or need goods shipped with travelers. Travelers can select from multiple available jobs. Selections are typically made based on the size and scope of the goods requiring transport. Transport fees provided also affect job selection. After jobs are selected, the travelers must pick up the items and deliver them to their final destinations within the time frames required. 

Peer to peer shipping services are available to help you move. However, they also have other potential benefits. You can ship almost any item with the right peer to peer service. For instance, the traveler you hire through such a company can transport items to you like bottled or canned beverages or special foods from other states that are difficult or impossible to find in your area. You might also choose to send items to loved ones as gifts using such a service.

Who Uses Peer to Peer Shipping?

Peer to peer shipping is often used by individuals. People who are moving find it particularly useful because it is often cheaper than hiring professionals. However, the service is not limited to individual use. Many businesses also use peer to peer shipping to meet moving needs or send items to clients and business partners. The peer to peer method is even used frequently by businesses to transport items internationally.

What Are Some Benefits of Peer to Peer Shipping?

Peer to peer shipping saves travelers and the individuals who hire them money. Individuals requesting the shipping service do not have to pay high professional moving or delivery fees. Meanwhile, those transporting the goods save money on their travel expenses by partially funding them with fees earned for deliveries. Professional moving services also often require scheduling weeks in advance. Peer to peer services typically allow last-minute job requests. That flexibility benefits all parties involved. Other advantages of peer to peer shipping include having none of the following, which are often present when using professional movers:

  • Minimum or Maximum Distance Requirements

  • Item Quantity Limits

  • Item Size Limits

  • Item Weight Limits

What Are Some Top Peer to Peer Shipping Companies?

If you want to use a peer to peer shipping service, you have many options. Each company has its own unique setup and features. You may need to look at a few to find one suitable for your purpose. For example, only certain companies handle international shipping. Others only handle local moving within a small geographic area. Here are some top peer to peer shipping companies that may offer the specific type of help you need:

  • Shiply connects users with vetted shipping companies of various sizes. Users can have all sorts of items shipped, including vehicles. It is preferred by many users for cross-country moves. Shipping in the U.S. or U.K. is available.

  • GoShare provides shipping services for businesses and individuals. The company has locations in approximately 45 cities throughout the United States. Customers who use GoShare can hire multiple professionals to assist at once for projects like moving bulky furniture. All GoShare Drivers are insured.

  • Roadie provides local and cross-country delivery services. Business clients use Roadie to ship such items as artisan foods and fine art. Personal shipping options are available for all possessions, including house plants.

  • Dolly provides moving assistance and various other types of delivery services for individuals. Its available services include delivering goods from certain top retailers, such as Costco, to customers. Individuals can request item delivery using small or large vehicles to accommodate any need.

  • Grabr is a company specializing in international peer to peer delivery. Travelers deliver goods to clients in various countries who are seeking better deals than they can get locally or products not available in their countries.

How Do Peer to Peer Shipping and Traditional Moving Costs Compare?

Traditional moving companies can charge thousands of dollars to move goods, especially if you need to move the contents of an entire home or apartment. Distance of travel can also increase those rates, as can other complications. For example, certain moving companies charge more to move goods to or from an upper floor apartment than they charge for ground floor services. Most peer to peer shipping companies offer much lower custom estimates. For example, Shiply charges an average of $75 to $250 for local furniture moving services. Using peer to peer, you can compare companies and individual offers to find the best peer to meet your needs within your budget.